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1998-01-11 00:00:00 - $25 personal valentines webpage for your baby :) - (Boe <doubleact@bigfoot.com>)

YOUR BABY DESERVES THEIR VERY OWN WEBPAGE VALENTINE iT'S time to Let TWCI build a personal Valentines Day WebPage for your Sweetheart, Lover, or unrequited love. For $25 ( usually $40) we will create a personalised WebPage with 68 animated beating hearts and your own romantic or sexy message scrolling across the screen. The page will have a dedicated web address and will be placed on our servers from the day you order it until the end of February 98. It can be accessed on the web from anywhere on the planet, so you can surprise your long distance international lovers or the girl nextdoor, 24 hours per day, seven days a week. Take a look at the Preview page at www.twci.com/heart/ and then email us boe@twci.com or call 972 289 6791 or mail TWCI P.O.Box 814202 Farmers Branch (Dallas) Texas 75381 for more info. Then just sit back and watch your sweetheart smile. It's a Valentine for the 21st Century to be sure. Your's TWCI