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1997-03-26 00:00:00 - a simple apology (was "Re: ATTENTION, shannen") - (ja*boe@nyx.nyx.n*et)

< Any names included in this post to alt.tv.sliders are > < only there for purposes of attributing quoted material. > To respond to me via e-mail, just remove the splats (*'s) from the From address. 'Nuff said. On Tue, 25 Mar 1997 15:44:36, shannen@alpha.wcoil.com (Shannen Bodell) from West Central Ohio Internet Link got her feathers ruffled and posted the following: => ____ _ _ ___ ____ / ___|| \ | |_ _| _ \ \___ \| \| || || |_) | ___) | |\ || || __/ |____/|_| \_|___|_| => => I'm not meaning to sound bitchy, but I've come into this group => before and posted infor about airing dates and the like--which => have always proved to be accurate. I was the person who announced => whe "Last of Eden" aired--but apparently no one reads my posts => anyway, as there were several, "TV Guide says the Prof's back" => kind of posts, which indicate to me that people didn't even read => my post, in which I stated the reason that JRD would be featured => in the ep. Yeah, well, there are always going to be brain-deaders. We still have posts about "which Arturo slid at the end of Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome". If you feel that you are unread, unappreciated, or both, then per- haps you should stop posting such info. I am NOT telling you to stop posting, just making an observation. Another option is to send such info via e-mail to those who request it. Your call. => Once again--I'm sorry for not adding spoilers in the title--but => come on. It's not like spoiling a TV show is on the same level => as spoiling something else, like what sex someone's baby will be. => After all--it is just a TV Show. => Shannen Well, Shannen, after reviewing my original post, I personally did not think that I used abusive language nor abusive phrasing. There are people in Australia, for example, who are only just now getting episodes like "Dragonslide". Some of them don't want to have the content of episodes yet to come (for them) spoiled. Surely you could appreciate someone else wanting the choice of knowingly reading spoilers for upcoming episodes or declining the option. Yes, just a TV show. Sometimes I read "just books". That doesn't mean I want someone who has already read the one I am reading to blurt out how a particular situation is resolved. I was simply requesting some common courtesy. Please don't get upset with that. I will offer an olive branch. If, in your opinion, I am such an a$$%0L3, then by all means refuse it. I did not intend to insult you nor hurt your feelings. If either or both happened, I am sorry. (I still think a little consideration is NOT that much to ask for.) James ~~~~~ "I'm getting sick and tired of re-arranging my life because of what the STUPIDEST people _might_ do or how they _might_ react." ++ Bill Maher ++

1997-03-26 00:00:00 - Re: a simple apology (was "Re: ATTENTION, shannen") - (shannen@alpha.wcoil.com)

[snip,snip] Ok--I will accept your aplogy. I don't think what I posted involved spoilers persay--after all, Fox is famous for changing things around, so some of those eps may not even come out the way they were posted. Most of those eps aren't even completed yet. A good example of this is the script for "Stoker" which originally called for werewolves, but once production started it was changed to(if you don't wanna know--stop reading) : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : vampires. So as you can see, any aspect of those things I posted could change. As a matter of fact, the airdates have changed again, with the insertion of two more reruns(or possible preemptions) in May. What I didn't appreciate was the insinuation that my postings were just made up. If I couldn't verify it, I wouldn't post it. I don't go in for posting rumors or lies. Sure, we all have reason to be suspicious when someone posts claiming to be someone in the cast or crew, but I'm not claiming to be any of those. I am just someone who has access to people with information. I don't have the time to email all those who want the info, so I'll just do this. If anyone has questions regarding future episodes, I suggest they post the questions in a post addressed to me. I will so my best to find out the info and answer the questions. Anyone who doesn't wish to have this info should just skip posts addressed to me. No one is forcing us to read *all* the posts, ya know. :-) Shannen