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1997-03-16 00:00:00 - Kill of the Prof and Kari Wuhrer - (Paul Sullivan <sullivan@teleport.com>)

I'm heavily bummed about this whole change. I don't like Kari Wuhrer. Looks to me like they hired her to make the show appeal to a younger, hormone driven audience. How totally lame can you get. The prof - well - he was underutilized but I still prefer him over Kari. Another thing - Mallory needs to stop being so self-righteous. His two companions should be able to vote 2-1 and he should abide by that. He should not be able to simply say - well, I have the controller so I should be the one in charge. HE got them into this - he owes it to them to listen to what they want. The show is getting long in the tooth... -- Please check out my web pages on Rockamolie's Lair. Cigars, Games, Kali, X-Files, Highlander, Travel and more! http://www.teleport.com/~sullivan