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1997-03-13 00:00:00 - 1.44 Floppy Problem - (reuben@mailhost.ksnews.com)

BW@>I've decided I've got a bad floppy drive and am going to replace it, BW@>but I'd be interested in others' ideas as to what might be wrong with BW@>it. BW@>When written to on this drive, cylinders in roughly the "last half" BW@>of the disk under only head 0 come up "bad," whether the writing's BW@>the result of reformatting the disk or done by diagnostics software. BW@>There's no problem when read-only surface analysis is done on a good BW@>disk (not formatted with this drive); and never a problem with the BW@>surface under head 1. Cylinders 0 through about 45 or 50 under head BW@>0 never have any problems either. The first thing I think of is the wire and/or connections that connect that head to the drive.

1997-03-18 00:00:00 - Re: 1.44 Floppy Problem - (allondro <allondro@erinet.com>)

reuben <reuben@homershut.sys1net.com> wrote in article <96100063.3906@homershut.sys1net.com>... > > MM@>Head 0 is the lower head, under the diskette, and head 1 is the upper head. > MM@>Head 1 is spring loaded, and can always maintain "reasonable" contact with > MM@>diskette. Head 0 depends upon the sliding/dropping loading tray to place > MM@>pressure against the head. I would suspect the tray is locking in place at > MM@>slight angle so that the outer tracks contact the head, but the inner track > MM@>near the motor are raised a bit. Check for bent "tabs", rollers, or whatev > MM@>that brand uses to lock the rear of the loading tray down. Also remotely > MM@>possible to have a dirt buildup, but not as likely as worn mechanism, or ev > MM@>"parts" from a previously jammed floppy stuck in there, especially that tin > MM@>spring that closes the diskette shutter. > > > Isn't the force equal and oposite, much like disk brakes? > > OK, this is even MORE original. -- Remember, no matter where you go, there you are. Buckaroo Banzai