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1998-04-04 00:00:00 - my mistake (was "Re: Spoilers:Details on..") - (nobody@cyberspace.org)

--------------------------+ Time to change motifs. | On 4 Apr 1998 10:43:26, Michael Hmmmm, how about mental | Friedman <hrivnak@spamsux.eyrie.org> abberancy as a theme? I | from "The Eyrie" admonished me know that it's something | gently but ever so irreversibly with which I am familiar. | with: Should you want to con- | => tact me (someone actually | => James Boe <nobody@cyberspace.org> did - shock!) via e-mail, | => wrote: the address is (Hey! Wake | -----> SNIP <----- up and write this down.) | => > By posting info that is in a james.boe AT usa DOT net. | => > publication, aren't you kind of If you are going to com- | => > cheating the publisher out of plain to my ISP about | => > the revenues that would have come any derogatory content | => > from the sales of the particular from any of my posts, do | => > issue in question? This is termed be sure to tell them that | => > "copyright violation", and I be- it was in the Usenet News | => > lieve it is a crime. and NOT by e-mail. | => --------------------------+ => Sorry, Mr. Boe, but you're wrong on => this one. It is not possible to copyright ideas, therefore reporting => on what has already been reported is public domain. Now, if they had => just cut and pasted the entire article, that would be different. You are correct. I was mistaken. => I have no problem with what the original poster did (expect for the => lack of spoiler space). They are perfectly okay to do so. They might have been within their rights to do so. I just feel that somehow this person kind of cheated the publishers of the magazine (are they affiliated with the Sci-Fi Channel?). Oh, well. Also, it was redundant info as someone (the name escapes me at present) had already posted info about the article a few days ago. James ~~~~~ MENTAL | Natural childbirth | The man | And he will need them ABBERANCY | means no drugs will | can have | because of what the MOTIF | be introduced into | all he | woman does to him be- | the woman's body. | wants. | tween contractions.