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1997-03-18 00:00:00 - One Man's Opinion: Kari Wuhrer - (cgonderz@alpha1.csd.uwm.edu)

Hello again, Well, I have been reserving judgment of the new Beckett character until I could better assess her scope and role. The first episode I saw her in was the week after Arturo's death. I thought she was fairly awful, but I reserved judgment thinking that it was because she was new, and I was disappointed with the loss of the prof. Then I saw this past week's episode. Ladies and Gentlemen, I have seen a lot of bad TV in my life. "Cop Rock" was bad TV. "The Price is Right" sans Bob Barker was bad TV. "Baywatch" was/is/will always be bad TV. ... But this last week's Sliders was awful. Abysmal. The storyline wasn't the problem. I know (and I have said before) that the plot in this show may not always be original, and I'm OK with that. It always seems that Sliders has really corny stupid looking promos but delivers with a good show. No, the reason that this ep was bad was Kari. The woman CANNOT act. I should qualify that: CANNOT act well. At least not up to the standard of the other actors on Sliders. Now this is my opinion. No, I am NOT an actor, nor do I study acting, nor do I profess to be an expert on acting in general. In my opinion, from watching many movies, TV shows, and seeing plays, KW can't cut it. The writers are also at fault. I believe that the "more sex is always better" directive has been handed down. Well, I don't mind a little jiggling as long as there is talent to back it up. Otherwise I'd be watching Baywatch. And to those of you that may say I merely pine for the professor, "get over it" I say this: When I say "get over it" after this show is cancelled midway through next season, will it be so easy? -Chris Gonderzik. * All opinions are my own. As usual, comments appreciated, flames tolerated.

1997-03-21 00:00:00 - Re: One Man's Opinion: Kari Wuhrer - (al51@cornell.edu)

In article <5gktmd$t11@uwm.edu>, cgonderz@alpha1.csd.uwm.edu (Christopher Gonderzik) wrote: >Ladies and Gentlemen, I have seen a lot of bad TV in my life. "Cop Rock" So YOU'RE the one who watched Cop Rock. I always wondered what your name was :-) ___________ Adam Littman / ^ \ AL51@cornell.edu /\ / \ /\ /__\__/___\__/__\ / \( ) ( )/ \ \ /\ o /\ / \ / \( )/ \ / "Four minutes twenty-two seconds, \/____\_/____\/ Baldric, you owe me a groat" \ \ / --Blackadder \ / \ / ---------