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1998-05-13 00:00:00 - an apology to Gareth (was "Re: Different types of fans") - (nobody@cyberspace.org)

--------------------------+ On Tue, 12 May 1998 23:07:43, "Gareth My e-mail address is: | Kitchener" <gareth.kitchener@easynet. james.boe AT usa DOT net. | co.uk> took me to task (and I probably If you are going to com- | deserved it) with: plain to my ISP about | => any derogatory content | => James Boe put his mouth into gear from any of my posts, do | => without first engaging his brain and be sure to tell them that | => bellowed... it was in the Usenet News | and NOT by e-mail. | I often do that. Shame on me. --------------------------+ => > => > Hmmmm, I guess the operative term here is "most". We have => > had (and will undoubtedly continute to have) folks coming => > in, touting the so-called acting ability of Kari "Woo-HOO!" => > simply because when they see her on the tube, all the blood => > drains from what brains they might (or might not) have down => > into their nether regions. => > => Wait until you've *seen* some of the new series - you might get => a pleasant surprise! Ah, but if you re-read the section which you quoted, you will note that its primary criticism is reserved for "Woo-HOO!"s legion of fans who, in the past, equated her physique with actual acting ability. As you point out, I have not seen her in action in this new batch of episodes. I have inferred from some of the other posts made about some of these eps, she just *might* show us something in the way of acting ability. => I'll bite my lip here as I have seen enough in other postings => to convince me that starting a war of words with Mr Boe is not => to be recommended. <rueful grin> True enough. However, I am not so narrow- minded so as to realize when I go overboard. More on this below. => However, my evenings viewing tonight was Voyager followed by => Sliders and I enjoyed both episodes. Just because I like Star => Trek doesn't mean that I go round wearing rubber pointy ears, => giving Vulcan-style hand-gestures and telling people to "live => long & prosper". Blanket attacks on Star Trek fans like that => are almost as bad as my blanket attack on Americans the other => week. <G> Yes, you are correct. I had intended to infer that the person who made the original post (lost in the mists of many posts) was quite possibly such an individual. I myself enjoyed both the original STAR TREK and the Next Generation shows as well as some of the DEEP SPACE NINE episodes. My apologies. I erred, I offended, and I am sorry. Mea culpa. Mea maxima culpa. (Now where did I put that sack-cloth robe??) James ~~~~~ And then? He tied her up. And then?? He had his way with her - for a long time. And then??? She married him. And then???? She had HER way with HIM - for a much longer time. And then????? they lived happily ever after. (well, at least SHE did)

1998-05-14 00:00:00 - Re: an apology to Gareth - (Gareth Kitchener <gareth.kitchener@easynet.co.uk>)

Awww.... I feel guilty for complaining now! :)) Gareth James Boe wrote in message <6jcsvi$63m@examiner.concentric.net>... > I erred, I offended, and I am sorry. Mea culpa. Mea maxima > culpa. (Now where did I put that sack-cloth robe??) >