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1997-03-08 00:00:00 - Oh, God... A Newbie! - (tcurryfan@aol.com)

Greetings, one and all! I'm a newbie to this-here ng! I've ben a _Sliders_ fan off and on since the beginning, but lately, it been more on than off. If you catch my meaning... <here, catch!> Anyhoo... As is my custom when jumping on a new ng, I always ask this question... Where's the FAQ, ma'am? I'm pretty familiar with the show, but a general _sliders_ FAQ wouldn't hurt, so I can catch stuff I might have missed in eps I didn't watch that are important to the show overall. But I'd also like a FAQ for this ng specifically, if there is one. As soon as I've taken care of that, I can start posting here. And seeing as I have no life, that could be A LOT... (-: "If you didn't want to play with the ants, why did you go over to their house?" -Servo, _MST3K_:_Phase_IV_. <KMTA> Catherine "Jody the Nanite" Johnson TCurryFan@aol.com MiSTie #75, 125