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1997-10-13 00:00:00 - Misunderstandings (was "Re: Free speech?..") - (jaboe@XXX.YYY)

On 13 Oct 1997 00:37:22 GMT, radwelliii@aol.com | Any names men- (RADWELLIII) muddied the waters of an already | tioned in this overly tortured thread with the following chunks | posting to the of delirium: | Usenet newsgroup, => | alt.tv.sliders, => No, James, John, whoever, I don't want you to | are only included => cease speaking When I said >>"Go over there | to properly attri- => and do not speak again." | bute any quotes. => | To reply, replace => I was Quoting YOU, at the dns of your previous | XXX with usa and => letter. They were your word at the end of your | YYY with net. => other letter. Apparently, you are the kind of => man who'll let proplr speak their own opinions...as long as they => agree with yours. But you're right. I should stop debating with you. => In your own words:> I am not nearly rational enough to suffer fools => gladly. I think it only encourages them. Uh, Radwell the third (what REALLY scares me is the notion that there might be two more of you somewhere), those words at the end of a posting are called a signature, or sig for short. In this case, they were a quote from a comic book character. If you felt that they were directed at you personally, well, if the shoe fits... Okay, lady, love you, buh-bye. James -- The only people in life truly worth knowing are the assholes. They're usually smarter and more consistent, and you never have to waste any time wondering if they're just trying to be nice.