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1997-04-22 00:00:00 - Long time SF Fan has a comment - (Peggy Landt <peggyl@jps.net>)

Anyone notice that Sliders is becoming very unoriginal lately? The writers seems to be creating clones of every hit movie and massaging it into the Sliders venue. I like the show but would like to see some original work. -- Peggy Landt(Landt Family Computer Guru) web site: http://www.jps.net/~peggyl e-mail: peggy.landt@sacpcug.org peggyl9000@msn.com peggyl@jps.net ========================================== ANY un-solicited commercial e-mail sent to any above e-mail address requires the sender of the un-solicited e-mail to pay $100 to the e-mail addressee for proof reading services for each message. ==============================================