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1997-02-23 00:00:00 - more on "The Exodus, Part One" - minor SPOILERS - (jboe@efn.org)

After making my initial comments on "The Exodus, Part One" from my other account, I did some further thinking. I realize that I didn't touch on something as foolish as the Giant Human and Flesh-Eating Rabbit World. In retrospect, I just saw it as a throw-away world; something that they just introduced without giving it too much thought. However, on further reflection, I now realize that the content of this episode fairly sums up Sliders as a show to date and probably indicates a trend in much the same direction. This episode contains moments as good as any seen in episodes to date as well as moments as ludicrous as any seen to date. It is this lack of consistency which bothers me. If the show contained only the inexcusably silly, the mindnumbing, and the thoughtless, it would be easy to simply stop watching. However, it has its moments; most are in episodes from the first season such as "Fever" and "Eggheads", some are in others such as "The Guardian". These are what keep me watching - to see it start to live up to its potential. I guess I will probably continue to hang around in hopes of catching these seldom glimpses. James -- De Gustibus ----\ "Some Entities Send any e-mail to BOTH: Non Est -----> Prefer Excrement jaboe@nyx.nyx.net Disputandum ----/ To Filet Mignon." jboe@mailhost.efn.org