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1997-08-21 00:00:00 - keypounder's sex Spam (was "Pamela & Tommy Lee's Secret Video") - (jaboe@usa.net)

Any names included in this posting to the Usenet newsgroup, alt.tv.sliders, are there solely for purposes of properly attributing quoted material. On 20 Aug 97 22:11:31 GMT, asdlkfjsda@ljflasdjfs.com continued his/her/ its(?!) sex-spamming ways with the following bit of drool: => => Watch Babewatch Star Pamela Anderson Lee and Husband Tommy Lee's Secret => Sex tape that is from there Malibu House. This tape is the only orignal => copyrighten tape in existest that shows Pamela and Tommy Bare all. And you bought the rights to it?? Yeah. Right. => => Don't be fooled by others, this the one and only orignal tape around. => And you are the one and original sex spammer. Troglodyte. Masturbator. Meat-pad. James -- My manners? They have been disabled in the interests of efficiency and competency. I know, I know - "There's no need to be rude." Well, there's no need to be stupid, either. Tell you what - you make every effort to not be stupid and I will make every effort to not be rude.