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1998-04-20 00:00:00 - alt.tv.sliders FAQ Version 1.1 05/05 (Repost) - (shannennospam@alpha.wcoil.comxxx)

See part one for information regarding the posting intervals of the FAQ, and how to make additions to it. This section just deals with a few of the regulars of alt.tv.sliders--we really are a nice bunch! ;-D ********************** IV.Your Wacky Neighbors: An Intro to some of the regulars here at alt.tv.sliders Shannen--writer of the newsgroup FAQ. Has some disillusionment over Jerry O'Connell becoming a big star, but still kind of likes him anyway. Not known as a Kari fan. Secretly desires a trailer in the alt.showbiz.gossip trailer park. Nuts about Kevin Smith films. Hates to admit it, but suffers an addiction to MTV's Loveline. :-D James--Excels in taking newbies and cluebies to task. Will never reply to you in the same thread you posted in. Extremely disquieted by the thought of such an enormous amount of human weirdness concentrated into such a small area at Cons. ;-D AnnieM - Official Nice Person of alt.tv.sliders; hostess of the a.t.s. Cocktail Party. Favorite color is lime green. Also enjoys MST3K, BtVS, cats, bats, U2, and kitsch of all sorts. Will watch anything with Michael J. Fox. Semi-practicing Trekker. Responds well to chocolate and the music of Sting. Podkayne Fries-- James' right hand man(or is it the other way around) when it comes to setting newbies and cluebies straight. Mark Evans--One of those lucky Brits who will get season 4 first. Keeps those alt.sliders.binaries people in line. Gharlane--Oh no...I can't even begin. That's it. Now for a little diclaimer of sorts. This FAQ was written by me, but with much acknowledgement going to the many people from who I got some of the information--Expert's Ultimate Sliders Companion, The ERP Bridge website, Ed Hall's Sliders page, and all my buddies here at alt.tv.sliders, who gave me sugestions and ideas for the FAQ. This FAQ can be reposted, put on web pages(if you really want to do a web page on alt.tv.sliders), but it must be posted in it's entirety--meaning this part must remain intact, as well as the acknowledgements and disclaimers attached to the Arturo FAQ and the 4th season FAQ. I'll pretty much be doing the regular monthly posting of the FAQ to the newsgroup itself, but if the need arises for it to be posted more frequently, it can be reposted(or a repost can be requested if you don't have a copy). Thanks for reading--enjoy your stay at alt.tv.sliders! :-D Shannen