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1995-04-20 00:00:00 - SFTV : SF TV Upcoming Episodes & News (April 19th) - (leew@bud.indirect.com)

Science Fiction TV Shows Upcoming Episodes (April 19th Edition) This posting contains titles of upcoming episodes for the following shows: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Star Trek: Voyager Babylon 5 Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman seaQuest DSV Earth 2 X-Files M.A.N.T.I.S. (On Hiatus) VR.5 Sliders Highlander Robocop: The Series (On Hiatus) Forever Knight Space Precinct 2040 Tek War Hercules: The Legendary Journeys Vanishing Son Sci-Fi Channel Highlights Plus other specials noted that I find out about in advance. NOTES: The latest edition of this listing is usually available at ftp.hyperion.com in the /pub/TV directory. A good archive for episode guides and information on all sorts of shows is the tardis archive at ftp.doc.ic.ac.uk in the directory /public/media/tv/collections/tardis/us/sci-fi (with these lists in the SFTV directory) Permission is granted to repost on other systems. If you excerpt it, please note this list as the info source. Send any questions you have to me at leew@indirect.com. SFTV Mailing list info is at the end of the file. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ SF TV News Tidbits Magrathea/SFTV Web Page! The SFTV lists are now available via my new Web Page at http://www.indirect.com/www/leew/index.html It is a very basic setup and will have links to a lot of other SFTV sites as I add more things to it. May Sweeps Start and repeats end! Almost all the SFTV shows will be back in new episodes starting this week or next. Forever Knight is a new episode this weekend and next weeks sees a return to new episodes for Babylon 5, Highlander, Space Precinct, Hercules, and Vanishing Son. Earth 2/seaQuest schedule confusion will continue... This week, NBC is running two NEW episodes of Earth 2 and pre-empting seaQuest. Next week, Earth 2 will be pre-empted by an NBA playoff game with a new episode of seaQuest (although it's start time could be delayed in the eastern half of the country if the game runs over. Lois & Clark pre-empted on 4/30 The last two episodes keep getting pushed back. It appears now that the next to last episode ("Whine, Whine, Whine") will not air until May 7th with the season finale "And the Answer Is" set for May 14th. April 30th sees ABC airing "The Bodyguard" in a three hour time slot, pre-empting any L&C. This weekend, a repeat airs ("That Old Gang of Mine"). -------------------------------------------------------------- This only lists the titles of the shows, so there are no spoilers other than what might be contained in the titles. This list is posted about every week, with the season to date titles list posted roughly once a month. If you have access to info that I don't have, please email me at leew@indirect.com so I can include it here. The syndicated shows I should have up to a months worth (at least) of upcoming episodes. For the network shows, it is limited to what info is listed in various tv listing sources and what people post to the net. Satellite Feed Information is contained at the end of this listing. Any updates to that info would be appreciated. As always, these schedules are subject to change by the producers and networks and local stations at any time. ==================================================================== Star Trek (Info from Mike Brown) WWW: http://www.ftms.com/vidiot/ Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 3/04/95 447R The Search Part I 3/11/95 448R The Search Part II 3/18/95 451R Second Skin 3/25/95 452R The Abandoned 4/01/95 455R The Defiant 64 4/08/95 464 Distant Voices 65 4/15/95 466 Through the Looking Glass 66 4/22/95 465 Improbable Cause [Part 1 of 2] 67 4/29/95 467 The Die Is Cast [Part 2 of 2] 68 5/06/95 468 Explorers 69 5/13/95 469 Family Business 70 5/20/95 470 Shakaar 5/27/95 457R Past Tense, Part I 6/03/95 458R Past Tense, Part II Note: the date listed is the first day the episode is transmitted over the Paramount sat feed. Paramount's official "week of" starts two days later on the following Monday. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Star Trek: Voyager (United Paramount Network) (Mondays at 8 pm ET/PT, 7 pm CT/MT on most stations, repeat showing on most stations later in the week) Week of Prod No. Title -------------------------------------------------------------------- 3/06/95 104R Time and Again 3/13/95 109 Emanations 3/20/95 110 Prime Factors 3/27/95 103R Parallax 4/03/95 105R Phage 4/10/95 111 State of Flux 4/17/95 106R The Cloud 4/24/95 112 Heroes and Demons 5/01/95 113 Cathexis 5/08/95 114 Faces 5/15/95 115 Jetrel 5/22/95 116 Learning Curve ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Babylon 5 (Syndicated) WWW: http://www.hyperion.com/lurk/lurker.html Week Of Prod # Title --------------------------------------------------- 3/13/95 201R Points of Departure [no episode if showing HoR&R this week] 3/20/95 202R Revelations 3/27/95 203R The Geometry of Shadows 4/03/95 204R A Distant Star 4/10/95 208R Soul Mates 4/17/95 206R Spider in the Web 4/24/95 215 There all the Honor Lies [Peter David] 5/01/95 214 And Now For A Word [JMS] 5/08/95 217 The Shadow of Z'ha'dum [JMS] 5/15/95 216 Knives [Larry DiTillio] 5/22/95 218 Confessions and Lamentations [JMS] [tentative schedule] TBD 219 The Long, Twilight Struggle [JMS] TBD 220 Divided Loyalties [JMS] TBD 221 Comes the Inquisitor [JMS] TBD 222 The Fall of Night [JMS] Many PTEN stations air Babylon 5 on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. (E/P), 7 p.m. (C/M) with other stations airing the show wherever they decide. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Season Two (ABC) (Sunday nights at 8 p.m. Eastern/Pacific 7 p.m. Central/Mountain) WWW: http://www.creacon.com/LNC/index.html 3/12/95 Lucky Leon 3/19/95 Resurrection 3/26/95 Tempus Fugitive 4/02/95 Target: Jimmy Olsen 4/09/95 [pre-empted by "The Ten Commandments"] 4/16/95 Individual Responsibility [Joey The Bug] 4/23/95 That Old Gang of Mine (repeat) 4/30/95 [pre-empted by "The Bodyguard"] 5/07/95? Whine, Whine, Whine 5/14/95? The Answer Is... [Season Finale] ------------------------------------------------------------------------ seaQuest DSV (NBC) (Sunday nights at 8 p.m. Eastern/Pacific 7 p.m. Central/Mountain) WWW: http://www.mca.com/tv/ 3/12/95 [pre-empted by "Earth 2"] 3/19/95 Something in the Air 3/26/95 [pre-empted by "Backdraft"] 4/02/95 Dagger Redux 4/09/95 [pre-empted by "The Sound of Music"] 4/16/95 Dead End (repeat episode) 4/23/95 [pre-empted by "Earth 2"] 4/30/95 The Siamese Dream ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Earth 2 (NBC) (Sunday night at 7 p.m., Eastern/Pacific 6 p.m. Central/Mountain) WWW: http://www.mca.com/tv/ 3/05/95 Grendlers in the Myst 3/12/95 The Greatest Love Story Never Told (at 8 pm ET/PT) 3/19/95 A Memory Play (repeat) 3/26/95 Brave New Pacifica 4/02/95 After the Thaw 4/09/95 [pre-empted by "The Sound of Music"] 4/16/95 [pre-empted by NBA basketball] 4/23/95 The Boy Who Would be Terrian King 4/23/95 Survival of the Fittest [8 pm ET/PT] 4/30/95 [pre-empted by "NBA Playoffs"] TBD Natural Born Grendlers ------------------------------------------------------------------------- X-Files (Fox) (Friday nights at 9 p.m. Eastern/Pacific, 8 p.m. Central/Mountain) WWW: http://www.rutgers.edu/x-files.html 3/03/95 Ice (repeat) 3/10/95 43 Dod Kalm {Norwegian o} 3/17/95 Sleepless (repeat) 3/24/95 Firewalker (repeat) 3/31/95 44 Humbug 4/07/95 Excelcius Dei (repeat) 4/14/95 45 The Calusari {Romanian s} 4/21/95 Red Museum (repeat) 4/28/95 46 F. Emasculata 5/05/95 47 Soft Light 5/12/95 48 [new episode] 5/19/95 49 [new episode-Season Finale] ----------------------------------------------------------------------- VR.5 (Fox) (Friday nights at 8 pm Eastern/Pacific 7 pm Central/Mountain) [Some info via the Pyrdonians of Prynceton] 3/10/95 Pilot 3/11/95 Pilot (late night repeat) 3/17/95 Dr. Strangechild 3/24/95 Love and Death 3/31/95 5D 4/07/95 Escape 4/14/95 Facing the Fire 4/21/95 Simon's Choice 4/28/95 Control Freak TBD Send Me An Angel TBD The Many Faces of Alex TBD Reunion TBD Sisters ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sliders (Fox) (Wednesday Night at 9pm Eastern/Pacific, 8 pm Central/Mountain) http://www.best.com/~edhall/sliders/ 3/22/95 Pilot (2 hours, starting at 8 pm E/P) 3/29/95 Fever 4/05/95 Last Days 4/09/95 Fever (repeat at 7 pm Sunday) 4/12/95 Prince of Wails 4/19/95 The Summer Of Love 4/26/95 Eggheads 5/03/95 The Weaker Sex 5/10/95 The King is Back 5/17/95 The Luck Of The Draw ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Highlander (Syndicated) (Info from Helva Peters) http://www.seachange.com/highlander/ (airs on WGN at 9:00 pm ET Sundays the week following "Week Of" with a repeat at 11:30 pm ET the following Tuesday) Week of WGN Prod # Title 03/13/95 3/26/95 94309(R) Shadows 03/20/95 4/02/95 94310(R) Blackmail 03/27/95 4/09/95 94301(R) The Samurai 04/03/95 4/16/95 94302(R) Line of Fire 04/10/95 4/23/95 94303(R) The Revolutionary 04/17/95 4/30/95 94304(R) Cross of St. Antoine 04/24/95 5/07/95 94317 Take Back The Night 05/01/95 5/14/95 94318 Testimony 05/08/95 5/21/95 94319 Mortal Sins 05/15/95 5/28/95 94320 Reasonable Doubt 05/22/95 6/04/95 94321 Finale Part 1 05/29/95 6/11/95 94322 Finale Part 2 06/05/95 6/18/95 94305(R) Rite of Passage 06/12/95 6/25/95 94306(R) Courage 06/19/95 94307(R) The Lamb 06/26/95 94308(R) Obsession 07/03/95 94311(R) Vendetta 07/10/95 94312(R) They Also Serve 07/17/95 94313(R) Blind Faith 07/24/95 94314(R) Song of the Executioner 07/31/95 94315(R) Star-Crossed 08/07/94 94316(R) Methos 08/14/95 94317(R) Take Back The Night 08/21/95 94318(R) Testimony 08/28/95 94319(R) Mortal Sins ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Forever Knight Season Two (Syndicated - First Season aired on CBS Late-Night) Week of Prod # Title ------------------------------------------------ 3/06/95 204R Bad Blood 3/13/95 211R Can't Run, Can't Hide 3/20/95 206R Capital Offense 3/27/95 217R Amateur Night 4/03/95 220R Beyond the Law 4/10/95 218R The Fix 4/17/95 215 Partners of the Month 4/24/95 221 The Queen of Harps 5/01/95 225 A More Permanent Hell 5/08/95 224 The Code 5/15/95 219 Curiouser and Curiouser TBD 212 Near Death TBD 213 Crazy Love TBD 214 Baby, Baby TBD 222 Close Call ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Space Precinct 2040 (Syndicated) [Info from the Prydonians of Prynceton] Week of Title ------------------------------------------------------- 3/06/95 Body and Soul (repeat) 3/13/95 Seek & Destroy (repeat) 3/20/95 The Snake (repeat) 3/27/95 Time to Kill (repeat) 4/03/95 The Power (repeat) 4/10/95 Divided We Stand (Repeat) 4/17/95 Illegal (Repeat) 4/24/95 The Witness 5/01/95 Hate Street 5/08/95 Friends 5/15/95 Smelter Skelter 5/22/95 Two Against the Rock (Repeat) 5/29/95 Flash 6/05/95 Takeover (Repeat) 6/12/95 Predator and Prey (Repeat) PLEASE NOTE: THE FOLLOWING IS TENTATIVE AND SUBJECT TO CHANGE! 6/19/95 Deadline (Repeat) 6/26/95 The Fire Within, Part I 7/03/95 The Fire Within, Part II 7/10/95 Forever Beetle 7/17/95 Graveyard, Part I 7/24/95 Graveyard, Part II 7/31/95 The Witness (Repeat) 8/07/95 Hate Street (Repeat) 8/14/95 Friends (Repeat) 8/21/95 Smelter Skelter (Repeat) 8/28/95 The Fire Within, Part I (Repeat) 9/04/95 The Fire Within, Part II (Repeat) 9/11/95 Forever Beetle (Repeat) 9/18/95 Graveyard, Part I (Repeat) 9/25/95 Graveyard, Part II (Repeat) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Tek War (USA Network) (Saturday nights at 7 pm E.T./P.T., repeats at 9 pm E.T./P.T. Sundays) Date Title -------------------------------------------------------------------- 3/06/95 Unknown Soldier (repeat) 3/13/95 Alter Ego (repeat) 3/20/95 Tek Posse (repeat) 3/26/95 Alter Ego (repeat] 3/26/95 Tek Possse (repeat) 3/27/95 Deadline (? - shown on Monday after all) 4/01/95 Deadline (New time slot) 4/08/95 TekWar [5 pm, 11 pm] , TekLab [8 pm, 3 am], TekLords [1 am] 4/08/95 Carlotta's Room [7 pm Sat, 9 pm Sun] 4/09/95 Tek Justice [Marathon starts 1 pm] 4/09/95 Unknown Soldier [3 pm], Promises to Keep [4 pm] 4/09/95 Alter Ego [5 pm], Stay of Execution [6 pm] 4/09/95 Killer Instinct [7 pm], Chill Factor [8 pm] 4/15/95 Tek Lord Part 1 (repeat) 4/22/95 Tek Lord Part 2 (repeat) 4/29/95 Tek Justice Part 1 (repeat) 5/06/95 Tek Justice Part 2 (repeat) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (Syndicated) First WGN airing is 1:30 am ET Late Sun/early Monday, also airs on WGN at 1:30am pm ET Late Wed/early Thursday, and 7 pm ET Sundays WWW: http://www.mca.com/tv/ Week Of Title ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 3/13/95 The Warrior Princess 3/20/95 The Gladiators 3/27/95 The Wrong Path (repeat) 4/03/95 Eye of the Beholder (repeat) 4/10/95 The Road to Calydon (repeat) 4/17/95 The Festival of Dionysus (repeat) 4/24/95 The Vanishing Dead 5/01/95 The Gauntlet 5/08/95 Unchained Hearts 5/15/95 Ares (repeat) 5/22/95 As Darkness Falls (repeat) --------------------------------------------------------------------- Vanishing Son (Syndicated) WWW: http://www.mca.com/tv/ First WGN airing at 2:30 am ET Late Sun/early Monday, also airs on WGN at 12:30 am ET late Wed/early Thursday, and 8 pm ET Sundays. Week Of Title -------------------------------------------------------------------- 3/13/95 Two Guys with Guns 3/20/95 Win, Place or Dead 3/27/95 Dance of the Dust (repeat) 4/03/95 Holy Ghosts (repeat) 4/10/95 Birds of Paradise (repeat) 4/17/95 Single Flame (repeat) 4/24/95 Jersey Girl 5/01/95 Long Ago and Far Away 5/08/95 Land of the Free 5/15/95 Sweet Sixteen (repeat) 5/22/95 Miracle Under 34th Street (repeat) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- The Outer Limits (Showtime) 10 pm ET/PT Fridays, repeat the following Sunday NOTE: The Outer Limits will be syndicated in the fall First Air Title Time (ET/PT) 2nd Air Time 3/26/95 Sandkings (movie) 8:00 pm 3/28/95 9:45 pm 3/31/95 Valerie 23 10:00 pm 4/02/95 9:35 pm 4/07/95 Blood Brothers 10:00 pm 4/09/95 10:10 pm 4/14/95 Second Soul 10:00 pm 4/16/95 9:30 pm 4/21/95 White Light Fever 10:00 pm 4/23/95 10:30 pm 4/28/95 The Choice 10:00 pm 4/30/95 9:30 pm 5/05/95 Virtual Future 10:00 pm 5/07/95 9:35 pm 5/12/95 Living Hell 10:00 pm 5/14/95 10:10 pm 5/19/95 Corner of the Eye 10:00 pm 5/21/95 9:35 pm 5/26/95 Under the Bed 10:00 pm 5/28/95 9:35 pm TBD I, Robot [Leonard Nimoy] TBD Voyage Home [Michael Dorn] ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Gargoyles (The Disney Afternoon) Airs Fridays as the third segment in the Disney Afternoon. WWW: http://www.castle.net/DAlist/gargoyles/gar.html 2/24/95 Awakenings Pt. 1 (repeat) 3/03/95 Awakenings Pt. 2 (repeat) 3/10/95 Awakenings Pt. 3 (repeat) 3/17/95 Awakenings Pt. 4 (repeat) 3/24/95 Awakenings Pt. 5 (repeat) 3/31/95 The Thrill of the Hunt (repeat) 4/07/95 Temptation (repeat) 4/14/95 Deadly Force (repeat) (assumed schedule) 4/21/95 Enter Macbeth (repeat) 4/28/95 The Edge (repeat) 5/05/95 Long Way to Morning (repeat) 5/12/95 Her Brothers Keeper (repeat) 5/19/95 Reawakening (repeat) Legend (UPN) Tuesdays 8 pm ET/PT 7pm CT/MT 4/18/95 Birth of a Legend 4/25/95 Mr. Pratt Goes to Sheridan ======================================================================= Other science fiction shows and/or movies NICK: Nickelodeon has the New Tomorrow People at 1:30 pm Sundays. Sunday March 19th starts the newest episodes with part 1 of The Rameses Connection. The Living Stones starts the last Sunday in April. USA Network Weird Science (USA Cable Network, Saturdays at 7pm and 10pm EDT) Duckman - Monday 10:00 pm ET/PT, repeats at Saturday Nights 10:30 pm ET/PT --------------------- Sci-Fi Channel Specials and Info The March SFC schedule is now available at ftp.hyperion.com A block schedule is available at their new WWW site, http://www.scifi.com/ On the Sci-Fi Series Collection (9 pm & 1 am ET/ 6 pm & 10 pm PT Mon-Fri) Something is Out There - starts 4/5 The New Dark Shadows - starts 4/27 Stephen King's Golden Years - starts 5/23 Fantastic Journey - starts 6/5 ====================================================================== SAT FEED INFO SECTION - All times listed are Eastern NOTE: With the start of the new season, a lot of these have changed and may not be as listed. Any updates would be appreciated. Those with a "?" at the front may no longer be valid. Paramount sat feeds (ET): Saturday 0900 Entertainment Tonight 1000 STAR TREK: Deep Space Nine 1500 Entertainment Tonight 1600 STAR TREK: Deep Space Nine Sunday 1600 STAR TREK: Deep Space Nine All are on T401, transponder 3 (2V) 5.8 mono (SAP for ET) 6.2 left 6.8 right (wideband) United Paramount Satellite Feed Schedule (Star Trek: Voyager is the first hour of Monday's prime time feed) Satellite - Telstar 401, Transponder 19 Audio - 6.2 Left, 6.8 Right, 5.8 Mono Monday & Tuesday Night Prime Time Programming: Pre-Feed - 5:30 - 7:35 PM ET [no UPN Logo onscreen] East Feed - 8:00 - 10:00 PM ET West Feed - 11:00 - 1:00 AM ET Weekend Movie (Saturdays) Pre-Feed - 7:15 - 9:15 AM ET East Feed - 9:30 - 11:30 AM ET West Feed - 2:45 - 5:00 PM ET Monday is Voyager, Platypus Man and Pig Sty Tuesday is Marker and The Watcher Voyager also feeds at: Monday 3:00am ET T1/03 with no UPN logo! Babylon 5 Sat Feed Info BABYLON 5: THE SERIES -- SATELLITE DOWNLINK INFORMATION All feeds are Galaxy 4, Channel 21. Audio is 6.2 left, 6.8 right, 5.8 mono. Satellite feed times (Eastern) are as follows: STANDARD VERSION -- Friday 10:00 am Friday 1:30 pm B5/KF:TLC COMBO VERSION -- Saturdays - 5-7:30am Sundays - 8-10:30am The two-hour 30-minute feed includes a seven minute reel change between shows - BABYLON 5 followed by KUNG FU: THE LEGEND CONTINUES - the combo feed is for stations showing theses shows *in that order*. NOTE: PTEN airs it's sat feeds "real-time" in that when there is a two minute local commercial break, there is two minutes of black video. Highlander Wednesday 9:30 am Galaxy 4, transponder 11 Sat 10:00 am Galaxy 4, transponder 9 Thu 10:00 pm F1/19 Lois and Clark (new episodes only) Friday 4:45pm ET G1/09 Sunday 1:00am ET G4/21 Sunday 1:00pm ET AD/16 seaQuest DSV (new episodes only) Friday 3:30 pm ET T1/19 X-Files Fri 1:00 pm ET T1/7 new episode Friday 6:00pm T1/04 Friday 9:00pm T1/13 (east coast normal FOX feed) Friday midnight T1/14 (west coast normal FOX feed) VR.5 Friday 5:00pm T1/04 Friday 8:00pm T1/13 (east coast normal FOX feed) Friday 11:00pm T1/14 (west coast normal FOX feed) Sliders Tue 9:00am E2/15 Wed 6:00pm T1/04 Wed 9:00pm T1/13 (east coast normal FOX feed) Wed 12:00am T1/14 (west coast normal FOX feed) Forever Knight Monday 3:00 am EST G4/21 Tuesday 7:00 pm ET T1/01 Sunday 11:30PM PT S3/15 (KTLA) Gargoyles Fri 3:30 am ET T1/06 Tue 4:00 pm ET T1/06 Wed 1:00 pm ET T1/06 Space Precinct Thu 4:00 am EST T1/03 Sound is L 5.8, R 6.2, M 6.8. Hercules/Vanishing Son Sun 7:30 am ET G4/09 (with a reel change break in the middle) Fri 10:00 pm ET F1/19 (Vanishing Son) Sat 10:00 pm ET F1/19 (Hercules) Earth 2 Fri 3:00 am T1/05 Sat 4:00 pm E2/21 (NTV/CJON) Sun 4:00 pm Anik E2/20 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ANNOUNCING the SFTV Mailing List! If you would like to get this list mailed to you when I put it out (and also get updated info between editions), I've got a moderated sftv mailing list set up now. I will post this list and the full season list as well as forward other SFTV related info posts that I receive. Here's the basic instructions: To subscribe: send email to listserv@starbase.niehs.nih.gov with a message containing the instruction "subscribe sftv" on the first line of the message. To unsubscribe: send email to listserv@starbase.niehs.nih.gov with a message containing the instruction "unsubscribe sftv" on the first line of the message. For help with the listserv: Send email to listserv@starbase.niehs.nih.gov with "help" on the first To submit an article: send the article to sftv-l@starbase.niehs.hin.gov and I will forward it to the list. I've made the list moderated so that it will be used primarily as an information list. NOTE: Please make sure your address is a valid one. If you aren't certain about it, or you send a subscribe request and never get anything, it is likely your address is not workable. -- Lee Whiteside leew@indirect.com, 76044,502 CIS, L.WHITESIDE GEnie Magrathea/SFTV Web page at "http://www.indirect.com/www/leew/index.html" "Hey Pizza Man, I'm Space Ghost, I'm hungry, I've got a talking voodoo doll taking chunks out of my horse and I WANT MY PIZZA!" -Space Ghost