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1997-03-21 00:00:00 - GREAT NEW COMPUTER GAMES***REVISED - ("David W. Emison" <dlemison@worldnet.att.net>)

Hey everyone..I'm not a dealer or anything but I just wanted to trade or sell some of my used games away...These are great games and I normally wouldn't give let them go but I'm saving up for a new speaker system..... *****IF YOUR INTERESTED E-MAIL ME DON'T REPLY TO THIS***** Here's my list of games(trade or sale) Don't like my prices? Just make a better offer!(YOU MUST UNDERSTAND THESE PRICES ARE VERY, VERY ROUGH! I JUST HAD TO PUT SOMETHING): ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------- GAMES: CONQUEST OF THE NEW WORLD--- $20*** (LIKE CIVILIZATION, BUT BETTER...BY INTERPLAY...IF YOU HAVEN'T HEARD OF IT-WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!?!) PRIVATEER--- $10***(One of the great Wing Commander Series) TROPHY BASS--- $20***(The well know great fishing game by Sierra, this was a hard decision to sell...) TONY LARUSSA BASEBALL 3--- $20***(Very good game! With 3 oldtime annoucers!) EA SPORTS NHL '96--- $20***(Another great EA SPORTS GAME!) KINGS QUEST 7--- $20***(Best Kings Quest ever, thats all I need to say..and the latest Kings Quest) POLICE QUEST:SWAT (4 cd's)--- $30***(4 CD's of the latest Police Quest action, very expencive in stores) CYBERIA 2--- $20(Only the best game!, Everyone wants it from me so far best deal is for $25 so ya gotta beat that, even if by like a dollar) BOOKS: -FLIGHT SIMULATOR FLIGHT BOOK-------(MAKE OFFER) -CYBERIA 2 HINT BOOK-------(MAKE OFFER) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------- Thanks!(remeber all games are full versions and in prime condition, with all manuals) -- dlemison@worldnet.att.net