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1996-12-09 00:00:00 - The Fire Within - (whtreslr@ix.netcom.com)

My family and I just started watching 'Sliders' four weeks ago. I'm curious as to how the duration of their stay on each alternate earth is determined. On the fire world in "The Fire Within", it seemed like they were able to jump out of it before they burned up. I didn't know they were able to leave a world whenever they felt like it. I'd appreciate any answers and would welcome any mail to my e-mail address. Thanks ahead of time.

1996-12-11 00:00:00 - Re: The Fire Within - (jpnewbold@aol.com)

As far as the time window in the worlds, I think there is an actual explanation from the show. It has something to do with each world, I believe, that causes the timer to open the ERP Bridge. Or else, it's determined by which worlds make the best story lines. :) I haven't understood why they haven't ended up in a world for a year or two, or for like one second. Seems like they could end up in a world, for example, without oxygen or the fire world for a long time and die, but of course, that would be the end...I wish they would explain it or do something with stuff like that. It's already been established that there are other slides we don't see. -John