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1998-02-14 00:00:00 - gratituitous eye-candy (was "Re: Kari WOO-HOOOOOO ROCKS") - (jamboe@cyberspace.org)

To reach me via e-mail, my | On Fri, 13 Feb 1998 09:13:48 GMT, mcginn@ address is jaboe<AT>nyx<DOT> | direct.ca (Joe) showed himself to be a net. The address in the From | real team player (and, girls, he does field belongs to an actual | windows - what a catch!) with: username on an actual system. | => However, I lost the password | => Me <me@whereveriwant.com> wrote: so any messages going there | => will NEVER be read by anyone. | => >I don't really give a crap about whether Names are included in this | => >or not she can act. She's a babe, and I posting to the newsgroup, | => >hope she sticks around, wearing all sorts alt.tv.sliders, for purposes | => >of skimpy outfits. Good riddance to old of proper attribution of | => >flat-chest, flat-ass Sabrina. quoted posts. | => ------------------------------+ => "Your defense of WooWoo is indeed stirring, => but she still won't go to the prom with you!" (tm) => => (Ha, I beat ya'll to it!) Yes, yes, you did. (Drat!) But he can still get his rocks off by watching and touching... <hee-hee-hee> Maybe he can coax her into a hand job behind the 7-11.... James ~~~~~ "You have not taken the time to think your words through and it shows. Go over there and do not speak again." -- Vincent Renspear to Deadly Duck