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1998-04-30 00:00:00 - Labelling posts (was "Re: extreme sacrifice") - (nobody@cyberspace.org)

All I can say is that this particular post "extreme sacrifice" stirred up a real tumult. I wish to say this to: + all Brits, Aussies, and whomever will be getting the 4th season before anyone else (Yanks included) + newbies (or old-bies for that matter) who wish to discuss previously discussed episodes Please label the Subject line appropriately. This is a polite request, not a command, not a directive. Exercise the same consideration you would expect from others if the roles were reversed (whether you have received it in the past or not). Thank you for your co-operation. --------------------------+ On 29 Apr 1998 15:50:51, Michael Friedman My e-mail address is: | <hrivnak@spamsux.eyrie.org> offered up his james.boe AT usa DOT net. | $0.02 (actually worth a bit more) with: If you are going to com- | => plain to my ISP about | => In article <6i8a0a$ps1$1@apple.news.easynet. any derogatory content | => net>, Gareth Kitchener <gareth.kitchener@ from any of my posts, do | => easynet.co.uk> wrote: be sure to tell them that | => >There is nothing *I* particularly want to it was in the Usenet News | => >say about seasons 1/2/3. I just got irri- and NOT by e-mail. | => >tated that the guy who *did* want to discuss --------------------------+ => >an earlier episode got flamed for doing so. => >If you don't want to be bothered to re-visit something you feel => >has been discussed to death - just ignore the thread - is *that* => >so hard? => => I actually agree with this. Why do people think it necessary to read => *all* threads in a group? If they are talking about which Arturo slid, => just skip over the thread. I personally haven't become tired of it yet, => and I've been on this group since the show first aired. I agree with this, too - with the proviso that such posts are labelled in the Subject line. When pickin's were slim, I read practicaly all posts in the group. Now things are jumping, I just read anything that either *seems to be* in a thread that I have followed or that has a Subject line that looks interesting. If it is labelled properly, whether spoilers for the new season or discussion of one of the "old" episodes, then no one should have cause to complain. Oh, they will; they just won't have cause. James ~~~~~ You're not people; you're *Americans*.