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1997-05-23 00:00:00 - F*CK FOX-THEY DON'T CARE! - (nitekatt@webtv.net)

The title says it all-FOX felt they had nothing to gain in keeping SLIDERS- UNIVERSAL makes all the money-in what FOX pays for the show,and in Syndication in what the stations/ cable channels pay. FOX only makes on what advertisers pay for time. USA is still co-owned/afiliated with UNIVERSAL,and all around,they win and play with it on the channel- and in syndication. I figure they need atleast 13 shows to get a good re-run package of around 58 hours. FOX doesn't care about any Sci-Fi show that isn't from Chris Carter- I suggest hate-mail to FOX,and support mail to USA. Heck,The SPACE CASES fans convinced SCI-FI to look at that series for possible movies,so anything is possible. Don't Give up hope-F*CK FOX!