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1996-07-18 00:00:00 - Sliders: It's starting to SUCK! - (ajd3@zipnet.com)

I hate to use such vernacullar for lack of better word, but it befits the subject. (English Translation: Pardon my French, but...) - It seems to me like in a despirate and oh so typical maneuver by FOX, they've taken a show that was very healthy, basic, and high in quality, and flushed it down the toilet in persits of ratings. They did it with every other series, and now Sliders is Victim #0090781: - Sliders used to have a very good, generic plot structure. Simply, what would YOU do if the world were a different place? What would the world be like if we didn't invent the steam engine? What if you were suddenly a movie star? Now the theme of each show seems to be whatever recent hit movie can be cheaply knocked off by the series. Compare: Cromags vs Independence Day. Meteoric Appocoypse vs the "War of the Worlds" like broadcast on NBC. - Some of the best first shows were such as the role-reversal of the sexes. Wile the plots were obvious enough, they were still done very well. After all, what made the Mona Lisa famous was a beutiful painting of a simple woman. Here we see a simple, "Trading Places" done in a subtle and dazzling fasion. But now, we find more Good vs Evil then Man vs Man. - What's worse is that now, we feel the show need's reccuring villians? How utterly cliche' and totally wrong! If we were to have an enemy, why not be more interesting? Maybe have evil sliders from another world? A Quine from a nearly dead world, hoping to kill and replace an original. That wold an interesting premise, "What is your worst flaw, and what if it were personified?" Such intriging plots would give s a real sense of a three dimentional character, not a vehicle to action/adventure (see my next point. - Ripping holes in the time space continuum? How Star Trek! Sliders is quickly decending into the lowest common denominator that ruined other would be X-Files compadres like VR5. Sliders seems to be pulling from the stalest of Sci-Fi plots for it's stories. The show is excessive in closre in that no matter WHAT the danger, there is always a qick fix at the end. It's becoming a Sit-Com, not a "Drama." - In short, a good show sold out.