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1998-03-12 00:00:00 - cartoon fantasies (was "Re: cartoon worlds") - (nobody@cyberspace.org)

To reach me via e-mail, | On 12 Mar 1998 01:41:41 GMT, puz1@ send any messages to | aol.com (Puz1) reminisced fondly jaboe AT nyx DOT net. | about youthful fantasies thusly: The address in the From | => field is one which will | => James started thinking again... automatically discard | => any messages. Any names | => >Since we have seen worlds where magic or addresses are only | => >supposedly works, what about worlds mentioned for purposes | => >where cartoons live? of properly citing quo- | => ted material. | => ***I thought that was called "Live ------------------------+ => With Regis & Kathie Lee". ;-) => => >Well, all righty then. What about worlds where said cartoons are => >actual living beings? => => ***Oh, goody; then I could get me a date with Roger 'Race' Bannon. <g> => The *original* Race, that is, not that 90's version. Does this mean I could snag a date with Jessica Rabbit? Remember that "she's not bad; she's just drawn that way". => >(Sheesh! Tough audience) => => ***Well, m'dear, remember where you are. ;-) Joke. I know. <g> Oh, I'm not complaining. Hell, I have been the tough audience too many times to not take my lumps. <hee-hee-hee> => AnnieM => ONP of a.t.s. James - Official Rottweiler of a.t.s. ~~~~~ "Liberty is better served by presenting a clear target to one's opponents than by joining with them in an insincere and useless brotherliness." -- Benedetto Croce, 1866-1952, Italian philosopher, historian, statesman, and literary critic