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1998-03-31 00:00:00 - name of "Sliders episode that starts with a huge tidal wave?" - (nobody@cyberspace.org)

--------------------------+ Yeeee-haaaaa!! Western | On Mon, 30 Mar 1998 21:30:26, "DCD" motif month! Okay, so | <dcdx@bellatlantic.net> went in it's NOT APRIL - sue me. | search of answers, well, at least Should you want to con- | one particular answer with: tact me (so very few do) | => via e-mail, the address | => Does anyone out there have any idea is (HEY, PAY ATTENTION) | => which episode starts with the group james.boe AT usa DOT net. | => sliding into a nighttime San Francisco, If you are going to com- | => only to be greeted by a huge tidal plain to my ISP about | => wave closing in on them, with several any derogatory content | => hours to the next slide? from any of my posts, do | => be sure to tell them that | => dcdX@bellatlantic.net it was in the Usenet News | => and NOT by e-mail. | => P.S. Remove the X when replying --------------------------+ => The group slid into nighttime San Fran with an enormous tidal wave bearing down on them at the END of "Summer of Love". In a rare tie- in, the next episode in production order, "Prince of Wails", started with them clinging to the top of the Transamerica Tower as a huge shark swims past. So one or the other or both titles are the answer to your question. James ~~~~~ WESTERN | What do you mean by the | Things start to get "lively". MOTIF | phrase "going Western", | Example: being in the midst MONTH | such as "things started | of a herd of bulls when they | going Western"? | start fighting. Weird fun.

1998-03-31 00:00:00 - Re: name of "Sliders episode that starts with a huge tidal wave?" - (David Holmes <dholme@ntr.net>)

How about an episode that ends with the group sliding out (with a new companion) just as they're being shot at? When they arrive in the next world Quinn has sustained a gunshot wound to his head and falls over in a puddle of blood while Wade screams. Anyone know which one that is? I remember seeing this much but I think I missed the rest. Was that situation ever resolved? David dholme@ntr.net P.S.: I'm new here BTW.