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1996-10-21 00:00:00 - Dream Masters comments - (tsbrueni@wheel.dcn.davis.ca.us)

Spoilers below: In this episode, one of the Dreaded Dream Masters gives Wade psycotropic drugs via the pentagram on his hand. He and his fellow Dream Masters are thus able to invade Wade's dreams and nearly kill her. However, the other three Sliders enter the dream world and defeat the Dream Masters. Great moments include: Arturo apologizing to Rembrant (who had fallen asleep on duty) after he learns that Rembrant was drugged. The Sliders confronting three Dream Masters in Dreamland. Rembrant wishing he had a gun, finding a gun in his hand, and shooting one of the Dream Masters (Why didn't he shoot all three? Why didn't the entire Dream Master membership participate in the final confrontation?) Quinn catching a fireball thrown by the last standing Dream Master, then throwing the ball back, setting the Dream Master on fire. Back in the real world, that Dream Master beats out a fire on his sleeve. This episode has given us some information on the nature of Arturo's disease. Since Arturo donated blood to Wade, the disease must not affect the blood or be transmissible via blood transfusion. Otherwise, Arturo would not have dared donate blood to her. Nits: Why is the shelter for Dream Master victims located only a few blocks from the Dream Masters' headquarters? (Why make it easy for the Dream Masters to come physically to the shelter to kill the inhabitants?). At the end of the episode, the Sliders fall asleep with 12 hours left until they Slide. I bet that the Dream Masters will invade the shelter and attempt to kill everyone inside in a desperate attempt to maintain the climate of terror which is their real source of power. -- Timothy S. Bruening (tsbrueni@wheel.dcn.davis.ca.us) Davis Community Network