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1996-10-02 00:00:00 - To Flame or Not To Flame? (long) - (klaudem@aol.com)

Greeting everyone! I have been a regular reader of this newsgroup for the last three months. I find that it is not only informative and helpful, but also very amusing. However, there are some comments that really got my attention and I feel that someone needs to address them. A message was posted asking the question as to why people nit-pick about a show they like so much. A very good and honest question! I myself have asked that very question in another newsgroup/mailing list that I belong to. They politely pointed out the reason why they nit-pick via private e-mail. If they did post a reply to the list, it was a good explanation. Isn't it funny, that in this day and age of free speech, that there are still some unwritten rules that most newsgroups abide by: Thou Shalt Not Flame!! (You do know what it means to Flame, don't you?) >> I have had to put up with this drek before. I'm sorry to hear that you had to put up with this drek. (And what is drek, anyway?) I thought that this was the alt.tv.sliders newsgroup and not the alt.(your name) newsgroup! It's a shame that you have to take stuff like this so serious. After all, wasn't it you who said: >> You can check out the Subject line of posts to the group. They usually >> say if there is comments and/or nitpicks within. Just avoid those. Just a thought, but wouldn't this work both ways? You could avoid those messages that are bringing up an honest question and only pay attention to those that contain comments and/or nit-picks. This would also keep you from putting up with the drek. >> How about "These insults are a little TOO (not the correct spelling) >> much for this true Slider fan to bear." Forgive us for not being as intelligent as some folk out there. I no that I sometime have a problem with typeing things. I sure that you have nevr done that befour. NOw have you, Mr. Purfect?! I guess some of us have alot of free time to belittle others. (And just so you know, everyone says that I belittle to. <g>) >> I find it interesting that the last time I had to rebut someone on this >> issue..... I'm sorry, is this your job? You had too? Is someone twisting your arm? Don't you know what delete is for? It is wonderful, if you don't like a message you can just get rid of it! >> It is a forum for ALL comments and critiques on the show. If you have >> good things to say, you are welcome here and this is the place to say >> them. If I (or someone else - and I have seen PLENTY of someone >> elses) has negative or critical things to say, I (and he/she/they) are >> welcome here and this is the place to say them as well. I AGREE! Everyone has the right to post their opinions of the show whether good or bad. If you start reading a message and don't like it, you can skip right over it and then delete it. It's that simple! I would like to applaud the actual response to the message about nit-picking. The author actually seemed like a different person then in his previous message. I can see why people nit-pick. I am not one of them though and I don't critisize them for it. I read the messages and go on. Although I enjoy watching the show and don't pay attention to every little detail, sometimes I am glad that others do. Their comments are interesting and make me think about what I did see in the episode. >> BrianaMJ@aol.com >> >> Note that I didn't say a single thing about your on-line service. I >> don't automatically assume that folks from one service or ISP are >> inherently unintelligent any more thatn I think that someone from >> some other service or ISP is inherently intelligent. I figuere that >> each individual can prove him/herself by his/her words and deeds. Was this really necessary? I think you aught to heed your own words! If this is truely how you feel, then count me in as one of the inherently unintelligent. And you descide who is inherently unintelligent from the asking of an honest question? Thanks for reading my beef! If it offended you, tough luck! I was offended by someone elses remarks and now it's my turn. Please direct all replies whether good or bad to me at KlaudeM@aol.com. Kellie KlaudeM@aol.com >> It is better to be seen and not heard, then to speak and remove all doubt!