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1997-04-18 00:00:00 - Universal and Science Fiction was (Re: SLIDERS report in 4/17 USA TODAY) - (airmenlar@aol.com)

>Universal hasn't had much of a track record with high concept >science-fiction shows. Remember SeaQuest? >They murdered Sliders as well it seems. Okay, now in defence of seaQuest I never watched the show when it was new on NBC however, now that it is on the Sci Fi channel I find myself enjoying it emmencely. Then again, right now it's only in the first season. Sliders first season ruled. I remember posting on local bullitan boards about B5 and Star Trek and starting many word wars but when Sliders was mentioned, everyone thought that bringing it back was a great idea. Now, the problem with seaQuest and Sliders is Universal decited to fix something that wasn't broke by, in the case of Maggie, copying Star Trek: Voyager. To fix the show is simple. Have all the Sliders except Maggie suddenly wake up right when the show started to plumet in enjoyment with all the orginal writers and staff back.