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1998-03-24 00:00:00 - Episode info and such (was "The NEW sci-fi episode I WON'T GET") - (nobody@cyberspace.org)

Yeeee-haaaaa!! Western | On 24 Mar 1998 04:26:35 GMT, jpnew- motif month! Okay, so | bold@aol.com (JPNewbold) rent his/ it's NOT APRIL - sue me. | her garments and wailed aloud: Should you want to con- | => tact me (so very few do) | => I don't get sci-fi around here but I via e-mail, the address | => want to keep up to date with what's is (HEY, PAY ATTENTION) | => going down on the show...so what's the james.boe AT usa DOT net. | => new season going to look like? have If you are going to com- | => we heard anything about the new epi- plain to my ISP about | => sodes. I hear wade leaves and quinn's any derogatory content | => brother joins? Will we see any new plot from any of my posts, do | => twists or old twists tied up? Will they be sure to tell them that | => wrap up the futuristic city quinn and it was in the Usenet News | => maggie slid into. is there a good site and NOT by e-mail. | => for this to check out? --------------------------+ => thanks.....jpn Well, little JPNewbold, two things: First, the URL you seek is http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Lot/9053 and for info on the plots of the new episodes, use http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Lot/9053/year4.html This is the Expert's page and his info is usually spot-on. Second, have you considered asking someone to tape the episodes for you? That's how I will be able to follow them. Just a suggestion. James ~~~~~ WESTERN | "Find yourself | "Well, how did I MOTIF | in Wyoming." | get *here*?!" MONTH | - tourism ad | - from a Talking Heads song