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1996-12-09 00:00:00 - Explaining the difference (was "Re: Hows this for an idea?") - (jboe@mailhost.efn.org)

On 09 Dec 96 18:09:39, Rodney Norton <rodneyn@aic.net.au> squirmed in his chair, waved his hand frantically, and when called upon, blurted out: => => On 07-Dec-96 04:08:06 Seth Argabright couldn't help but dribble: => >On 5 Dec 1996, Angus MacGyver wrote: => >> => >> Seth Argabright (sa228595@oak.cats.ohiou.edu) wrote: => >> => >> : I don't buy into that "every decision we make creates an => >> : alternate universe." I think that it may be possible to => >> => >> In H. Beam Piper's story collection "Paratime", the => >> theory goes that all possible timelines already exist, and => >> that you don't so much create a new universe as switch into => >> it (like train tracks). => >> Stephen Baxter has another interesting take on alter- => >> native universes in his novel "The Time Ships", but that's => >> too complex for me to summarize from memory. :-) => >> => => >Yeah, that's basically what I was saying. Thanks for backing => >me up. => => >--Seth => And here's where Rodney chimes in: => Okay guys whilst I understand the concept of what your saying, => I must be either a: Brilliant, or B: stupid. For this reason.... => => "All possible time lines already exist" and you "Switch into => them". Um slap me for being stupid but whats the difference => between creating a new time line when making a decision or => having the timeline already there & just "swicthing" into it ? => Both ways you have an infinite number of universes, just a => different method of jumping into them.... This is going to be tricky so please pay close attention. From your and my perspective, it would be pretty much the same. But let's take the Sliders' perspective. Let us call their home plane Earth Prime. Okay, they slid from Earth Prime BEFORE the O.J. criminal trial. Now, using the theory that two new timelines are created at each juncture, then there would be a timeline created in which O.J. was convicted and one where he was acquitted. Now, if these branch off AFTER the Sliders had slid, then Earth Prime would now be Earth Prime-1 (O.J. guilty) and Earth Prime-2 (O.J. innocent). But since the Sliders were not on Earth Prime at the time, there would be only one set of Sliders from the original Earth Prime but two new Earth Primes. In the "all possible time lines already exist" theory, these two timelines would each have a group of Sliders which would have slid from each respective world previously. I'm not sure if I put that clearly enough. I hope so. => => Just my 5c worth. => And I certainly hope that the explanation was worth every penny. James ~~~~~ "The trick is to assume that your life is going work out. Of course it never does. So you do the next best thing: take it one disaster at a time." -- Chuck Fishman, "Early Edition"