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1996-06-16 00:00:00 - concerning "Boy, are you going to hate THIS!" - (jboe@garcia.efn.org)

On Sun, 16 Jun 1996 13:12:29 (EDT), Jim Harris <jharris@cybercomm.net> responded to my post with the following e-mail: => => James, => => I don't think it's out of bounds to express frustration at => seeing rerun episodes when there are yet new episodes to be => aired. We all enjoy 'Sliders', I assume; I think it is => normal to want to see the new before seeing something one => has already seen. That is, new episodes are always preferable => to reruns, unless one has a favorite episode or did not have => a chance to see the rerun the first time around. => => As for the two-week hiatus taken in May, I understand that. => In fact, I composed a FAQ containing information from Tracy => Torme's production company and FOX Programming answering => that question for many people. What I am frustrated with, => at the moment, is that FOX Programming has chosen to re-air => "Love Gods" and "El Sid" while they still have two new => episodes yet to air. => => That decision to re-air reruns before showing new episodes -- => the decision that I am frustrated with -- has nothing to do => with the fact that Britain has seen it already, nor with the => fact that the series took a two-week hiatus during May. You => erroneously brought up both these points in your attack on => my statement. => => As a closing note, I honestly would appreciate a more civil => and much less mocking tone in your reply to this statement, => if you choose to reply. => => Mike => Okay, Mike. You have sent me a very concise and well-composed message and I feel compelled to respond. I apologize for the mocking tone of my earlier posting. Reviewing your original post and my response to it, I realize that I was reading something into it (the whole issue of spoilers) because it was on my mind from other postings. My guess on the two-week (or longer) delay before we see the remaining first-run episodes, "As Times Go By" and the finale "Invasion", is derived from an earlier post to this group. FOX might be wanting to ride the coat-tails of the movie "Independence Day" and thus is delaying the airing of "Invasion" until closer to July 4. By rerunning "Love Gods" on June 14 and "El Sid" on June 21, that means that "As Times Go By" airs on June 28 and "Invasion" will air on July 5. This is just a guess on my part, but it seems to make sense to me. The network could be looking to maximize their ratings in this matter. Of course, the price that we pay is that we have to suffer through two weeks of reruns. Again, my apologies to you for my misunderstanding and consequent inappropriate sarcasm. I am posting this to you as well as sending it via e-mail as I was rude in public and I feel that I should make amends in public. James ===== "One of these days I'm going to | jboe@garcia.efn.org have change my evil ways." | am589@detroit.freenet.org <But NOT today!> | <And not tomorrow, either.> | Send e-mail to both, please.