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1996-02-11 00:00:00 - Sliders back? - (benv@accessnv.com)

So Slider's is coming back huh? Hmmmm. I liked this show, and watched it, but about 10 min. after it was over I started sifting through the loopholes in the plot until I thought each episode was entirely silly and stupid. Are they going to have new writers? I"m kind of torn, I liked the writing, but it was the world's they went to and how they just didn't seem to hold water that got to me. Oh welll, either way, happy to see it's going to be back. What is UP with that time slot before X-Files? I think they should bring Brisco County back personally, if they're going to bring anything back. Or at least Alien Nation. Fox seems to put stuiff in this time slot and then cancel it hoping someting better will come along, but it keeps getting worst! Oh well, I'm done babbling. I'll be watching the season premiere though!