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1997-04-29 00:00:00 - These readers (was "This newsgroup") - ("j a b o e"@n)

To reach me via e-mail, just make the appropriate adjustments to the From address. Just part of the never-ending battle against Spam. << Any names included in this Usenet posting are included >> << only for purposes of attributing quoted material. >> On 27 Apr 1997 21:46:40 GMT, "Kerr Avon" <kerravon@ptd.net> rang the doorbell and started the whole thing off with: => => I think this newsgroup should just be re-named alt.tv.sliders. => bitch => => All anyone on here seems to do is complain how they hate the => show. The amazing thing is if you hate it sooo much why do you => keep watching it? Well, bunky, I will tell you since you asked. I have been here since the original two-hour pilot movie aired way back on Wednesday, March 22, 1995. I'm sure that many of the other people that are still here complaining came in along the way. It was an entirely different show then. Picture it this way: Imagine you are a fan of MELROSE PLACE or BEVERLY HILLS 90210 or one of those sorts of shows. Now imagine that the producers suddenly transform it into a sort of BRADY BUNCH type of show, only without any of the sort of charm that such a show pos- sesses. Aren't you going to complain and find fault? Yes, you probably are. => => I for one like the show. It's entertaining and fun to watch. => I don't over-analyze the episodes or try to pick out every little => detail that didn't make sense, I just sit back and enjoy it!!! Well, good for you. I happen to like watching the show, as well, when it is WELL-MADE. DE GUSTIBUS Flies eat manure. Gourmets eat filet mignon. NON EST Each is happy with its respective meal and each DISPUTANDUM. simply can not understand the other's eating habits. It is quite obvious that the content of the 'average' episode has degraded significantly. It used to be that following the airing of a non-repeat episode, the group would be filled with posts discussing such. Now we attack each other while waiting for news of whether the series will get the ax. James -- "When you find yourself on | Fortunately the majority and I have the side of the majority, | had as little to do with each other it is time to reform." | as possible. We have been mutually -- Mark Twain | satisfied with this arrangement.