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1997-05-17 00:00:00 - Remmy and Wade 5/16 ep. - (--- <---@---.com>)

Okay I just saw the part where Quinn tries to hand the timer to Rembrandt actually saw it 4 times just to make sure. Rembrandt never grabbed the timer. Quinn pushed them thriught the wormhole and when he turned back around he still had the timer in his hand. Maggie had the other timer so we know that Quinn definately had what was supposed to be Wade and Remmy's timer. However, when they show him again as he runs forward to help Maggie the timer has magically disappeared. I looked closely at Quinn's pockets to see if maybe he had slipped the timer back into his pockets but I didn't see it. So I am concluding (hopefuly cause I like Wade and Remmy) that there was simply a continuity problem. We did lose sight of Quinn for a few seconds during which hopefully he threw the timer through the wormhole where it will catch up with Remmy and Wade later. Just MHO M