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1996-05-15 00:00:00 - RATINGS WK8: Bad break for "Sliders". - ("P. Orbach" <pom@grfn.org>)

May 3, 1996 Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome Sorry it's late (my host has been down for a while). Well folks, "Sliders" picked the absolute worst time to get its lowest ever (non-rerun) ratings... Sweep week. Till May 22, Local Stations will price there advertisers based on the ratings. Therefore networks try to get the highest possible ratings. "Sliders" didn't. "Sliders" dropped to a 4.9 rating (% of the nations 95.9 million TV homes). But don't despire! It still earned its usual 10 share (% of TV's on). What does it mean? Less people are watching TV do to longer daylight hours. Thus, LESS PEOPLE ARE WATCHING "SLIDERS" (at least live). The precentage remains the same. "Sliders" returns after Sweep Weeks are over (two weeks), but will they be back next season? Your guess is as good as mine. But one things for sure...letters can't hurt. "X-Files" got 10.2/18. C'ya! POM A word is dead, | Smile... | This is just to When it is said; | Tomorrow will | fill in this Some say. I say | be WORSE. | e m p t y It just began | | s p a c e. to live that day. | -- Murphy's | -- P.M. Orbach --Emily Dickinson | Philosophy | pom@grfn.org

1996-05-16 00:00:00 - Re: RATINGS WK8: Bad break for "Sliders". - (Michael Taylor <MIKE-AMY@worldnet.att.net>)

Do they include people video taping "Sliders"? If not, they should. We never go out on Friday, unless both "Sliders" and "X-Files" can be recorded.