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2000-04-26 00:00:00 - Lost in space or a waste of space? - (somekindabliss@aol.com)

At Star Trek Central I'll soon be hosting a week dedicated to Voyager, and that very question: are they lost in space or a waste of space? I'm after opposing views. If you hate Voyager and you want all the crew dead, or if you love it and worship the ground Janeway walks on - email me. If you can write a good, well thought out article (it doesn't have to be long) it may be published at the site along with other views and opinions. There'll be a week-long poll on this question. At the end of the week we'll have the definitive answer on what people think of Voyager! The website is at: http://www.fandom.com/star_trek You'll find my email address on the top right of that web page (I don't want to post it in a newsgroup, spammers and all). Thanks.