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2000-02-09 00:00:00 - HI! I'm Lewis Giles! - (LWG5@webtv.net)

Young 20's loud-mouthed faggot with a shitty attitude and general contempt for apathetic, Lexus-worshipping, Republican pretty boys seeks same or younger GWM for obnoxious fun times. I'm not a '10' and am not seeking one. In fact I despise such creatures unless you're married and there's a remote chance that I can ruin your marriage. General interests include church vandalism, fucking and then 'outing' closeted members of the clergy, burning tires on the lawns of politicians, nice long walks on the beach with a gun, late-night camp fires on the front steps of trendy night clubs, fucking with cab drivers, making fun of hippies and playing "scratch the Mercedes." The possibility of a companion is not as interesting to me as the idea of a fuck-buddy who's into face-sitting, cock-slapping, butt-licking, ball-chewing, hair-pulling good times with a scratch or two to remember each other by. Sitting on someone's face is one of my favorite yoga positions. All things sexual are negotiable. I live in the center city area (Philadelphia PA) and would prefer not to travel much outside of the Philadelphia area. However, if you have red hair I'm willing to travel to say, Prague. Twinks, gym bunnies and other Narcissistic body nazis please don't bother responding to this ad as I will only laugh at you and make you feel even more inadequate. If this 'no bullshit' attitude of mine sounds interesting to you then I encourage you to drop me a line and we can discuss things further. Lewis Giles LWG5@webtv.net