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2000-01-16 00:00:00 - HELP!!! (was "Re: 807 messages unread, to zero in 1.46 seconds.") - (Silverhawk <analog-kid@eidosnet.co.uk>)

DBR wrote... >>I second that motion. Does anyone actually have time to read >>and respond to most of the messages on this newsgroup? > >Doubtful.. I try, but I'm fighting a losing battle. Every time I think I'm getting close to emptying the folder, another 500+ messages download and I'm back to square one. Been reading this group today for a solid 7 hours. And I don't really like dismissing posts or indeed entire threads. My way of thinking is, "well if someone's took the time to write it, the least I can do is read it" - common courtesy. Currently on 1100 unread messages at the mo - what's the betting that'll be 1500-1600 tomorrow. Although I *am* getting better. Was 2500+ at one time. Silverhawk -- Sliders: The New Dimension http://jump.to/sliders-rpg Episode 6: "Sweet Dreams" - currently playing. Episode 5: "Terminal Countdown (part 2)" - finished.

2000-01-16 00:00:00 - Re: 807 messages unread, to zero in 1.46 seconds. - (DBR <assman@finalfrontier.com>)

Masked Man wrote in message <38884a9a.52823249@news.mindspring.com>... >Masked Man----->Here's how I do it: > > 1) Download everything > 2) Sort by size and delete the big ones (> 100 lines) > 3) Sort by author and delete about three posters. > 4) Do a search for any that mention me, read and > respond to those first. > 5) Read the others as I can, starting with the smallest > messages first. > > Enh.. Too much work.

2000-01-20 00:00:00 - Re: 807 messages unread, to zero in 1.46 seconds. - (Tinfoil <tinfoil@bigpond.com>)

Shammie <shamtrek@aol.compizzagrl> wrote in message news:20000119001633.02713.00000245@ng-fz1.aol.com... > >"David B." wrote: > > > >> Shhh, don't look now, but I think he's gaining sentience... > > > >In the immortal words of Data as the Enterprise-D saucer crashes in > >'Generations'..."Oh, shit". > > A very wise and eloquent android! > With a profile to make a girl weak at the knees! You threw that in just for me, didn't you? T/f