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2000-02-15 00:00:00 - BG in ENG - (-Sir Matthew Good- <m_g_b_f_c@hotmail.com>)

Seven of Nine is at work on some panel or other in engineering with young Harry Kim nearby, fighting to hide a youthful, raging hard-on. Seven glances over as Harry adjusts his crotch yet again. "You are aroused. May I be of assistance?" Seven deadpans. Harry blushes as Seven kneels before him & begins to undo his pants. His pulsing cock burst forth & slaps Seven across the cheek, bringing just a hint of a smile to her Borg face. Seven pushes her lips down on the head of Harry's cock as the he gasps in terror & awe at the tongue-lashing assimilation of his manhood. B'elanna wanders by & observes the union of man & Borg & begins to finger herself & lick her lips. She reaches over & pushes a button on the nearby keyboard. The holographic Doctor pops up. He says, "Please state the nature of your emergency!" Then noting the flush on Belanna face & hearing the groans & slurps of the Borg cocksucker, he says, "Oh." He drops his pants to reveal an enormous holographic wang. Belanna rolls over onto her face & hikes her ass in the air & the Doctor spits on his hand, massages his dick & then splits her tight little asshole. Harry begins to whimper with pleasure as B'elanna lets loose a long sigh. The Doctor begins to push his cock deeper into her ass & her head lashes back & forth, the ridges on her forehead rippling. Seven pulls her liplock loose from young Harry & lays down on the deck next to B'elanna, an inviting pink butthole just a-winking at Harry with his humongous hardon. He doesn't think twice & slides his pecker into her pucker and he & the Doctor synchronize slam these two horny alien star chicks. From the intercom, we hear Janeway's voice, "Seven of Nine?" "Yes!" cries Seven. "'Belanna?" "Yes" "Seven?" "Yes, Yes, Oh yes! "B'elanna?" "Yes, yes oh fuck yes!" The Doctor is schooling young Kim in the proper way to reach around & diddle the clitoris as he pumps away at Torres. Harry holds his own several inches deep in Borg bunghole. Seven & B'elanna begin to kiss as their bodies writhe from the pounding of the Doctor & Harry against their hard asses. Janeway darts in with Neelix, who immediately slides between B'elanna legs & begins to lick at her cunt as the potent and longlasting Doctor continues to ream her ass. Janeway licks her forefinger & runs it up Harry's ass on a thrust. "EEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Harry yelps! "Captain's prerogative," Janeway grins. "Oh Kes," the Doctor moans. Neelix reaches up & grabs him by the balls. "Doctor! Were you fucking Kes?" "Only in my dreams, Mr. Neelix," the Doctor grins. B'elanna pulls Neelix's furry little cock to her mouth. "Whoop," Neelix gasps. "Careful Ensign Torres, the last time you almost bit it off!" "Wronlf" says Torres. Smack! Janeway hits Seven of Nine in the ass & cause the soporific Borg beauty to jump & flare in anger. "If you were a man, I would make you pay for that Captain." she growls. "Assimilate this, Borgy," Janeway shouts as she pushes her bush into Seven's face and grabs a double handful of tit. "Fuck 'er, Harry. Give her a go!" A shimmer in the room as Tuvoc and Paris beam in. "Captain, I think it is time for the Vulcan Cocklock. My cock to your mouth. Your mouth to my cock." Janeway's eyes gleam as she licks her lips. "Oh Tuvoc....mmglgmgmmphfff!" Paris grabs his cock & begins to stroke it as he watches the incredible scene in front of him. The holographic doctor & Harry Kim are simultaneous fucking Seven of Nine & B'elanna in the ass. B'elanna sucks off Neelix while Seven chews the cunt of Janeway. Janeway has a mouthful of Tuvoc's cock & double handfuls of Seven's tits while Neelix gobbles away at B'elanna cunt. "Urf" groans Belanna. "Ooomphf" moans Seven. "Urf uffuh" groans Belanna. "Ooomphf fuh" moans Seven. "Urf ummah mmuffah" groans Belanna. "Ooomphf affah fuffuh" moans Seven. "Urf yommah fyuh" groans Belanna. "Ooomphf feeyuah ah" moans Seven. "Gnug" says Janeway. "Uhn" says Harry. "Ohnnnn" says the Doctor. "Ah, yesssss" says Neelix. "Captain! My warp core is about to breach!" yells Paris. "Mine as well," says Tuvoc. "Me too!" yelps Harry. "I, also!" says the Doctor. Neelix jumps up. "Get ready for the tachyon barrage!" "Align the main deflector dish," Paris screams. Belanna, Seven and Janeway fall together on the floor a quiviering mass of fucked womanhood while the male members of their group begin to come all over them. The Doctor spews holographic come and young Harry bolts & spurts. Tuvoc spends his copiuos slightly grayish come on Janeway. Paris sprays his come over Belanna & Seven. Neelix shoots his pinkish wad over the three women & giggles with glee. The intercom whistles. "If you people are all fucked out down there, we have a ship to fly." It's Chakotay, sounding none to happy about missing the gangbang. "Set a course for the Alpha Quadrant, Commander. Warp Factor 2. Engage." said Janeway into the com and then cocking an eye at Ensign Kim, "Nice fucking, Harry, you might get the hang of it yet." ---------------------------- VICTORY THROUGH SHEER VOLUME ---------------------------- Sent via Deja.com http://www.deja.com/ Before you buy.