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2000-03-04 00:00:00 - Personality Analysis: Neelix and Tuvok - (Robrey <robrey@mailbag.com>)

OK, I was getting spooked at this point, so I plugged in someone completely different into the Myers-Briggs personality analysis which is based in part on the theories of Carl Jung. Here's Neelix: Extrovert/Introvert= Extrovert. Easy one. Sensing/Intuition= Sensing. I see Neelix as a 'hands on' type. Thinking/Feeling= Definitely a Feeler Judging/Perceiving= Perceiver, overall. That makes him a ESFP "Extra Special Friendly Person" Here's his profile: You're a fun-loving outgoing person and are naturally drawn to people...you are quite enthusiastic and exuberant...and usually well-liked by others.. you're good at meeting people and helping them enjoy themselves...you are sympathetic towards people and generous with your time and money. You wanna be where the action is and will see things in your own special way... You're aware what is going on around you and notice stuff that others miss. You're popular and gregarious and are often busy in social stuff...you are instigators of activity and like to be "where the action is..."...you like laughing at yourself and others....you like to help others and often join organizations that letcha do that..if you work as a teenager, chances are that you'll take a job that lets you interact with others (gift shop, waiter, anywhere you can charm or shmooze)....you're "on stage" often... You're the eternal optimist, and always seem to land on your feet, somehow. (gee, all this stuff shows you might be good in the Storm Palace pubs..) you can interact with people of all ages, backgrounds or types with no problem.. you learn best when you can interact with others and DO things, not just observe or listen about 'em... Teachers are the key to your success.. they have to care about you for you to want to do well.. You don't like conflict or intellectual arguments...you don't like learning by sitting quietly by yourself and reading some boring abstract stuff..."how does it relate to my day-to-day life?!" You know how to motivate others to get the job done...you can link together people and resources...you'd probably be happy being a coach or a receptionist or a therapist...anywhere you could help people and be responsive to 'em...you don't impose your will. You like teamwork...you can get caught up in others' emotions.. your style is inclusive and allowing others to participate in the decisions..you don't need to suck up all the glory...you like to take breaks and relax..you love being active and going out and doing things with friends... You're fun to be with and bring enjoyment to situations...you find fun in the moment...your friends are VERY important to you, and I'll bet you tell 'em so and let 'em know it somehow...you like to reach out and touch the lives of others...you like to share your values with those you love... you might move in or out of a relationship depending if it "feels" comfortable..you get kinda hampered with disapproval.. you can overwhelm your partner with all this affection and stuff...when there's a breakup, you can move on and get over it quickly, surrounding yourself with your friends... Be careful on these: don't spend too much time socializing and not enough on the task at hand. You'll probably talk on the phone rather than work. Also, don't forget to finish what you start..get some planning skills and time management...don't ignore the logical facts, as much as you'd rather go by subjective stuff...finally, don't be so action-oriented that you forget to plan ahead... Well outside the "well liked" part, that would be a spectacular description! <g> OK, let's try Tuvok: Extrovert/Introvert= Definite Introvert. Easy one. Sensing/Intuition= Sensing. Thinking/Feeling= Definitely a Thinker Judging/Perceiving= The very *definition* of Judger! That makes him an ISTJ "I see the justification" Here's the profile: You're systematic, thorough, painstaking, and hardworking...You get the job done and complete it on time...you are serious and sincere in whatever you do..you work well within a structure...follow the hierarchy...and are particularly strong and careful in keeping track of facts and details... Cautious...generally seeking to maintain the status quo...you are at your best getting things to the right place at the right time.... Serious, responsible and sensible stalwarts of society...trustworthy and honor your commitments...your word is your solemn vow. Practical and realistic, you have great powers of concentration....hard to distract once you have embarked what you believe is the best course of action.... .. You like to apply past experience to present decisions...you can cite accurate evidence to support your views...you're down to earth and seek to do the right thing at the appropriate time...you find it hard to understand people who start an education but don't finish it... You are diligent and persevering in your efforts...whether it be school, or work, or love...A half-finished job is not a job well done...you probably believe in "Say what you mean and mean what you say." Private by nature, you appear calm in moments of crisis... You believe in work before pleasure...(gee, like posting before playing the online games on Storm Palace?)..while you don't SEEK leadership positions, you might find yourself in one...you build a reputation for reliable, stable and consistent performance... You like to schedule....even your LEISURE time! It helps to you if it has a purpose, even if that purpose is sociability...to you, love means bigtime commitment, steadiness and consistency...you behave appropriately for what the situation demands (for example, romantic in the beginning, and so on).. When you give your word and are ready to settle down, you follow-through... you expect your partners to act in a similar manner...you may stay in a poor relationship because of a sense of duty...you might have strong but unspoken reactions under that cool facade... Logical and analytical...quick to point out flaws in other people...when you feel scorned in a relationship, you may not let your partner know it..when it's obvious that the relationship is really over, ending it is just the practical thing to do... Things to look out for: you could immerse yourself in details...you could become rigid in your ways and be thought of as inflexible... don't forget to compliment people and be so concerned with getting the job done....you might overlook the long-range implications of your actions today...don't get stuck in a rut...recognize your emotions, and the values they represent... others might see you as insensitive... Also, you're skeptical of new ideas you don't see immediate and practical applications for...you may impose judgments on others...expect others to be the way YOU'd be...become more tolerant of difference between people. Wow, that must be the best one so far! (and noticeably, the easiest to categorize) It works on Vulcans, too! Cordially, Robrey -- "...We dare not forget today that we are heirs of that first revolution. Let the word go forth from this time and place, to friend and foe alike, that the torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans-born in this century, tempered by war, disciplined by a hard and bitter peace, proud of our ancient heritage-and unwilling to witness or permit the slow undoing of those human rights to which this nation has always been committed, and to which we are committed today at home and around the world. Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we will pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to ensure the survival and success of liberty. This much we pledge-and more." --John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Inaugural Address, 1961.