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2000-02-15 00:00:00 - Alpha Centauri - (-Sir Matthew Good- <m_g_b_f_c@hotmail.com>)

Personal Log, Ensign Harry Kim, Stardate *****.** Due to the latest Kazon-Nistrim attack Voyager has needed nearly an entire week of repairs, and probably will need even more. Because of my injuries ----here Harry flexed his arm once again, as if to convince himself that the bones were no longer shattered---- it seems to me as if only four days have passed; the Captain has put me on indefinite medical leave so that the Doctor would not have to. ----Harry frowned impatiently. He felt fine. True, he'd been in a coma for two whole days after his skull was all but knocked in by a piece of flying debris; however, now he felt like his twenty-three-year-old self again, and in need of something to do, someone to talk to. Unfortunately, all of his close friends were still working feverishly to repair their ship, B'Ellana especially. Feeling the impatience surge through his blood, Harry decided to go call up a holodeck exercise program. _I probably could use the exercise_, he thought as he finished off his log and all but ran out of his quarters. An hour later, Harry called up a hot tub and wearily dropped himself into it, his arm throbbing. _Maybe I'm not as recovered as I thought_, he ruefully mused, soaking away his aches in the warm water, his eyes closed against the grassy field he'd been running through, one reminiscent of the North American Plains. The hot tub was a small one so deep that Harry could stand up to his neck in water in the center, with a raised ledge all around to sit on; in this program it was at the junction of that field and a Southern European hardwood forest. This holoprogram had been his birthday gift from Tom, from Harry's descriptions of what he *would* create if he were good enough at holoprograms. However, having been written by Paris, it *had* had to have the woodland nymphs deleted. _Tom_, thought Harry, with a sudden stab of loneliness. He missed his friends, and especially his two lovers. B'Ellana would be hopelessly busy right now, but Harry did have to resist the temptation to go find Tom. "I wish I could," he said aloud. "You wish you could what?" asked a voice from the fields, a voice that made Harry's heart rise with joy as he spun to greet the speaker with an enthusiastic "Tom!". Harry started to climb out of the tub, but Tom forestalled him, running the rest of the way to fling himself in, uniform and all, with a tremendous splash that made Harry laugh; he was still laughing when Tom pulled him underwater to kiss him. A few moments later, both men bobbed to the surface and let go of each other, and Tom stretched and shook the water from his hair like a dog that has been swimming. "What are you *doing* here?" Harry demanded as he wiped his eyes, a bit worried that Tom was playing hookey. This *was* Paris, after all. "I was excused. There's nothing else I can possibly do right now except fly Voyager when B'Ellana gets through fixing her." Tom pulled his uniform shirt up over his head as he spoke, wadded it up, and hurled it across the tub to the far bank with the exuberance of freedom. "So I came looking for you. I haven't seen you in *days*". Harry marveled at Tom's energy. "Shouldn't you be---" Harry forgot the question when Tom lunged forward, pulling him into a tight embrace and kissing him so hard he stumbled backwards into the corner of the tub. After a moment's shock Harry squeezed him back, feeling the two of them pressed together, heating the water, and feeling Tom, already hard, poking him through the uniform pants. Harry pushed Tom away with an effort; when Tom looked at him with puzzlement he hoarsely replied "you're still dressed," running his hands down Tom's warm, taut skin to the fastening of the pants. Tom helped him, working feverishly, their faces inches apart, until all his clothes lay sodden on the bank; as soon as the last boot left his hand Harry grabbed him around the waist and started kissing him again, and began kissing his jaw and down his neck as his hands slid down over the small of Tom's back. "Let's get to the bank", Tom murmured into Harry's hair, between gentle bites to his ear. "Otherwise I think one of us is going to drown the other." __________ "I didn't think that would work", gasped Harry only a little later. Tom smiled, lying beside him on the grassy bank of the tub, his head in Harry's lap. He was still so _innocent_ in so many ways...."It tends to," Tom said aloud. "That's why it even has a name: a 69. Some of the things in those vids actually work." "Well, yeah, but I hadn't thought this would." Harry sat up, looking slightly dizzy, to smile down at Tom. "What other depravities do you intend to entangle me in?" "I haven't even thought them all up yet," replied Tom, sitting up to kiss Harry once more, then spinning around so they were sitting side by side. "Computer, cue sunset. I missed you," he added, more quietly. "You gave us a scare." _The worst one I've had since that day our ship was nearly destroyed, when B'Ellana reported you dead._ "I know. I'm sorry." Harry leaned against Tom, and drew his knees up to encircle them with his hands, and the two friends sat together as the hologrammatic sun began sinking over the plain and the air grew moist and cool. "Tom, you're a helluva programmer," said Harry, taking a deep breath that slid his skin across Tom's so that Tom trembled a bit, beginning to be aroused again. "That air is wonderful. It smells like the hills above San Francisco...." he trailed off, his voice tinged with sadness. "Yeah," said Tom in reply, putting his arm around Harry. Sex could wait, he thought, waiting for Harry to start speaking, knowing what troubled him. Harry had a life on Earth to get back to, had a family who loved him and a fiancee....Tom felt a jolt of panic when he thought about *her*. Could he and B'Ellana lose Harry after all? Harry turned his head to look at Tom. "You shivered. Are you cold?" "Not with you here," Tom flirted, smiling. Harry smiled back, then settled his chin on his hands. "Last night, because of...this week, I was thinking about my family," he said softly, "about my parents, and about Libby. I wish I knew if they know I'm alive....I almost....I realized I hope they don't." "What?" asked Tom, shocked despite himself, but Harry took little notice of his comment. "I hope....if they think I'm dead....my parents will never get over losing me to the Delta Quadrant either way, I know, but at least that part of their lives would be *over*, closed. And Libby would be free." Tom stopped himself from opening his mouth again as Harry went on. "She's such a warm, loving woman; if she thinks I'm gone she'll have found someone to love again by now." "I don't think she's forgotten you," said Tom soothingly. _How *anyone* could forget Harry Kim is beyond me._ "Forgotten? No, she wouldn't forget me. At least, I hope she hasn't," said Harry more archly, turning his face to look at Tom sidelong. Tom smiled back to cheer him. "But, she's young, she has to go on...and so do I." Tom swallowed a cheer; he'd been waiting two years for Harry to say these words, and patience was never his strong point. Quickly, Tom tried to think of something to say aside of "Took you long enough!", but he lost that train of thought entirely when Harry lifted his head from his hands, and then put a hand on Tom's cheek, looking at him with that wordless, breathtaking stare that seemed to go through to the soul. Tom looked back into fathomless dark eyes, unable to breathe until Harry, liking what he saw, smiled. "I'm glad I have you to go on with," he said, and Tom thought his heart would burst with joy as Harry kissed him deeply. Then Harry lowered his head to Tom's knee, and Tom held him, stifling a groan of disappointment. _There is a time to talk_, he thought,_and then there *isn't*_.... "I'm not boring you, am I?" said Harry, dispelling Tom's thoughts into a slight smoke of self-pity that wafted away. "After all, of all of us you're the freest. You have the least to go home for." "No, you aren't boring me," said Tom absent-mindedly, reminded of what he *did* have in the Alpha Quadrant. One brother and two sisters, their spouses and their families: three cards every Christmas, three on his birthday, and nieces and nephews he'd never see lest he be a "bad influence on them". His mother's grave, with the rosebush he'd planted. And, his father, who was all but reason enough to defect to the Romulans. He looked at down at Harry in his arms; his skin tinged rosy by the sunset, his large, heavy-lashed eyes closed, he looked so young and innocent, yet he was such a wise man, such a good friend, and now such a lover.... As Tom tightened his embrace, he thought that he had, perhaps, at least gotten the most out of the Delta Quadrant. "Sometimes...." continued Harry, as he snuggled into Tom. "I...I'm sorry I nearly died, you know." "I thought Starfleet officers were supposed to be suicidal." "No, no, I mean...I am sorry I hurt you and B'Ellana by nearly dying." "I don't know about B'Ellana, but *I* was sure you got your head knocked in for the sole purpose of annoying me." Harry laughed. "Really, though, I am. You two care about me so much. If my parents knew what good hands I'm in they'd almost stop worrying about me." He smiled up at Tom, who smiled back, restraining his snort of disagreement. _They'd probably be horrified_, he thought darkly, as Harry went on. "I feel bad that I can hurt you, and I worry about being able to do my job if something happens to either of you. Sometimes I wonder if it would just be easier to not care." "It *wouldn't*." Tom surprised himself with his vehemence, and Harry looked up at him, rather startled, but he realized he ought to say something, that he had to try tell Harry what a privilege it was to be *able* to care about people as wonderful as he and B'Ellana. "I *tried* not caring, remember? You, and B'Ellana and Captain Janeway, actually rescued me from that trap. I was barely living that way. I was breathing, and all, but not really *alive*, until I met you three, until you gave me back myself..." Tom paused for a breath and only then noticed the glowingly happy look on Harry's face; distracted, he tapered off with "I...I'm glad I was forced to care again," growing self-conscious with his philosophy. Harry seemed to like it, though; instead of replying, he smiled more sensually, turned over, and put his arms around Tom's neck. "I *know* it's time to go back to sex when *you* start philosophizing," said Harry archly, and Tom, smiling as he leaned forward to kiss him, was,indeed, very happy to find other uses for his mouth. _________ Two days later, Voyager was finally fixed enough---and the repair crews rested enough---to have a party in Sandrine's. Chakotay was sitting with the captain, relieved to be able again to talk to Janeway about something other than repairs, when Harry came in, pausing only to kiss Ensign Wildman's baby as she left before joining Tom and B'Ellana at the pool table. "The Centaurids," said Janeway softly, with a smile; because of their inseparable nature, the trio had garnered a few nicknames, this one likening them to the triple star Alpha Centauri, the nearest set of stars to Earth. Chakotay smiled only politely, hoping Janeway didn't notice. Ever since they had apparently "made up" a week ago, just before the last, disastrous Kazon attack, Paris had flirted with B'Ellana every chance he had, although, Chakotay grudgingly reminded himself, only when their respective duties allowed. It wasn't as if Paris was posing a danger to the ship. However, Chakotay was worried that he might be posing a danger to B'Ellana and Harry's relationship. What puzzled him the most was that neither of them seemed to mind; in fact, Paris's flirting amused B'Ellana. _If Paris were doing that to my Captain *I* sure as hell would mind, and so would she_, Chakotay thought, and then smiled a real smile as he realized that he still thought of Kathryn Janeway as "his Captain", even though she'd given him her name to call her by and even after the reason she had. As Chakotay mused, Harry walked over to the pair and greeted them, squeezing Tom's hand and putting his arm around B'Ellana's waist. With most men, that would have been a possessive gesture B'Ellana never would have allowed, but with Harry it was just his warmth, which shone through more and more as their relationship deepened. Tom stood on Harry's other side, only a hairsbreadth away from him as they watched B'Ellana take her next shot and he winced as Harry cheered; a careful observer could notice that Tom was including himself in his friends's affair. Chakotay noticed, misinterpreted, and had to suppress an uncharacteristic, but none the weaker for it, urge to go over and smack some sense into the irritating young man. Leaning forward, he asked Janeway, "Did you notice---" Tom chose that moment to moan aloud as B'Ellana finished demolishing him, and Chakotay bit his lip in annoyance as all eyes, including Janeway's, turned to the pool table. "B'Ellana, that's my morning coffee!" Tom complained, loudly and melodramatically. "Can't you just take it out in trade?" Chakotay would have rolled his eyes at that had he not been surprised that B'Ellana didn't knock Paris into the next star system; instead, she actually laughed with him. "I tell you what, Paris", she said, placing her pool cue in his dramatically outstretched hand, "I'll take some pity on you, and retire early tonight. Harry, finish stripping him for me?" "She'll have to feed and clothe you next week, Harry" bragged Tom, handing him B'Ellana's pool cue. Chakotay didn't hear Harry's reply because Janeway rose gracefully from her seat, catching his eye; as she rose, she smiled and explained, "I think Harry might need my help impoverishing Tom," and strolled over to get her own cue. _Oh, that *walk*_, Chakotay thought, and smiled to himself. B'Ellana, meanwhile, was looking for a seat where she could watch the pool table; seeing Chakotay, whom she wanted to ask for advice about (and, truth be told, a blessing on) her new relationship, she slid into the newly vacant seat across from him. "Not playing tonight?" "No, I don't think so," said Chakotay. "You and Harry make a splendid couple," he added, and smiled at her. "You've been very good for him already, and it's only a month." "He's been good for me, too." B'Ellana wondered if Janeway had told him about their threesome, what with the attack and all. Apparently, the captain hadn't, she found, as Chakotay went on. "Paris looks a bit too fascinated with you, though. Is there anything I can do about him?" B'Ellana stared at Chakotay, shocked, and a bit disappointed. _Why would I want you to do anything about him?_ she thought, rather outraged. _If he were a problem, which he is *not*, you of all people should know I can take care of myself._ She was about to say this, and more, when she saw Chakotay's expression begin to change, confusion welling in those dark eyes, as if he were beginning to realize that he was wrong.... ...and she smiled sleekly, as a thought came to her. "Oh, no, don't worry about *him*," she said. "It's OK." After a few more moments of small talk, she said, "Oh, Tom's shot looks too good," and got out of her seat, watching Tom as he leaned over the pool table, eyeing the line between the balls. Tom was so absorbed in aiming that he barely noticed B'Ellana as she sauntered up beside him; just as he pulled the cue back she pinched him solidly on his behind. Tom reared up and yelped, as his stick connected with nothing but air and Harry all but giggled. Summoning up his deepest air of mock-outrage he slowly turned to B'Ellana, who shrugged and innocently said, "well, you *were* sticking it out, and it *is* such a nice behind..." Tom looked mollified. "Well, if *you* say it is..." Harry, Janeway, and the other onlookers all burst into laughter. Laughing with them, B'Ellana tossed back her hair to cast a glance over her shoulder at Chakotay; he was laughing also, but at himself, his eyes wide with surprise. ______________ In Lieutenant J.G. Paris's quarters, a little while after the party ended, B'Ellana rolled off of a happily exhausted Tom to snuggle backwards into Harry, draping an arm across Tom's chest. "Mmmm. I missed you two." Tom smiled at her, still too breathless to respond. "I thought you'd dumped us for Carey," said Harry, wrapping his arm around B'Ellana's waist. "Nah. It was those seductive warp coils," replied Tom, interlacing his fingers with hers. B'Ellana smiled at that, put her head down, and lay silently. Tom lay peacefully beside her with his eyes closed, feeling B'Ellana next to him and Harry beyond her, glad beyond words to lie still and quiet and safe next to people who wanted him there. He hadn't been able to do that for far too long, since--- Tom pushed those thoughts away, not wanting to bother going back through a long list of bad memories, and concentrated on the woman lying warmly beside him. _Finally still_, he thought drolly, opening an eye for a moment to look at her face in repose. _She isn't even still when she sleeps_, he went on, remembering the week they had, a week where they hadn't slept until they knew Harry was going to live and then they'd been so busy they'd fallen asleep in their uniforms as often as not. Overworked beyond human endurance and yet so unwilling to rest that Tom had had to make a practice of dragging her from Engineering after his own bonecrushingly hard days, B'Ellana had thought aloud about engineering problems in her sleep, as well as wriggled, kicked, and once had a loud argument with [presumably] her mother that she didn't remember when Tom woke her up. But, now, after Voyager was nearly as good as new---Tom marveled at the shape the ship was in, considering their two-year solo jaunt, which had hardly been a pleasure cruise---she was giving herself a rest Tom thought she had more than earned. Well, that and a rematch at pool, after that pinch tonight... Jumping up, Tom flipped over to face B'Ellana, making her raise her head with mild surprise. "Why'd you pinch me?" B'Ellana laughed, propping her head up on her free arm. "I had been talking to Chakotay, and apparently the Captain hasn't updated him on the ship's gossip, so he thought you were bothering me. He even asked if there was, um, 'anything he could do about' you. I had to show him I didn't need his help dealing with you." Tom and Harry started laughing at that. "I'd say you two do a fine job of dealing with me," said Tom, and happily watched two pairs of dark eyes twinkle back at him. "Besides, he should know you could knock anyone who was 'bothering' you halfway back to the Alpha Quadrant." "Maybe further," added Harry. "Remember what we both looked like last week." "Last week?" asked Tom, pointing to his ear, which was purple with a ring of toothmarks. "Look at me now!" "Oh, come on," B'Ellana protested cheerfully. "I'm only half Klingon. It's you two who bruise too easily." "We're only human," said Harry, with a suddenly sad tone to his voice; he restlessly got up and went to Tom's bookcase, surprising his friends. So puzzled he was at a loss for words, Tom merely watched Harry walk across his room, until he realized that, paradoxically, the three-way pillow talk was somehow more awkward for Harry than the three-way sex was. _Harry got B'Ellana into pillow talk but is starting to get out of it himself_, he thought, with a slight twinge of guilt as he continued with, _not that how B'Ellana and I are positioned makes things easier for him_. B'Ellana, evidently thinking similar thoughts, asked, "You OK, Harry?" in a concerned voice. "Oh, yeah," Harry absently replied, looking through the books. "Tom, can I borrow one of your books? I need it to work on a project." "Sure, but come back to bed," called Tom. "You can read all you want when I'm out cold tomorrow morning, unless anyone has any reasons for me to be up then...." Harry smiled at Tom's cheerful suggestiveness; seeing that smile, Tom silently breathed a sigh of relief. "Actually," he replied, as he pulled his chosen book from the shelf, "I have to go back on duty tomorrow. The Doctor said that my arm is basically healed and my neurological recovery is proceeding faster than normal. He sounded annoyed at that," he finished, and laughed. "I guess that means you're stuck with just me," Tom said to B'Ellana, who promptly hit him with a pillow. Then she got out of bed herself, leaving Tom too busy watching her behind move as she walked to protest, and went to Harry, who turned from the books in surprise. "Let me see that arm, Harry?" she asked, the reedy burr in her rich voice sending a thrill down Tom's spine and making Harry's eyes widen. Harry gave her his formerly broken arm, and she supported it in one hand and ran the fingers of the other over it gently, stroking every inch, as if she were making sure the Doctor put all of it back together. Then she lifted his hand to her mouth and firmly sucked on his index finger. Harry nearly stopped breathing, letting out a strangled little moan and staring at his finger encircled by her lips. Tom, watching this from the bed, settled back to enjoy the scene and tried to keep his grin within the bounds of decency. B'Ellana was so tightly controlled that watching her let a bit loose was fun, he thought, even if he wasn't on the receiving end. After a sensually long moment, B'Ellana let Harry's finger be and laid her hands on his upper arms."If you're on duty in the morning, we have to pay you extra attention tonight," she purred in answer to his unasked question. "But, you're the exhausted Chief Engineer." "Overworked, yes. Exhausted, no." B'Ellana looked into Harry's eyes for a long moment, and both men froze; then she let out a little growl as she kissed Harry so hard he dropped the padd in his hand, shoving him back against the bookcase. Tom gasped, watching B'Ellana kiss Harry with a fervor that made his own groin ache. _Ten minutes ago, she was fucking *my* brains out,_ he thought with wonder, as he watched Harry tremble in her grasp. Still, after a little while, Tom started feeling left out, watching Harry start to kiss B'Ellana back nearly as hard as she was kissing him. He cleared his throat twice before B'Ellana pulled back her head to look at him questioningly, while Harry leaned his head against the books, closing eyes too glazed to focus. "Save some for me?" Tom asked as innocently as he could manage. Harry's head popped up as he and B'Ellana looked at each other---and laughed uproariously. "What, didn't you just get enough?" asked B'Ellana, grinning and letting go of Harry, just before they both threw themselves on Tom. A long and breathless moment later Tom surfaced from the jumble of bodies to find himself half atop Harry, chest to chest, and B'Ellana draped warmly over his back, looking down over his shoulder. For a moment, he thought how, a long time ago, he would have minded the fact that B'Ellana was smiling at Harry and not him, but now he was more than eager to help her surpass every expectation in the large dark eyes that looked back up at the two of them, full of desire, wonder, and.... Then B'Ellana pulled herself across Tom's back so that he gasped, feeling her smooth skin and her soft breasts sliding across his hypersensitive skin, and kissed Tom's cheek, her lips warm on his cheekbone. Tom turned his head to hers and she kissed him warmly for a long moment, and then gave *him* a smile as she finished sliding off him to lie down beside Harry, slipping one arm under his neck and one around Tom's. Harry held the two of them to him, one arm around each waist, and smiled. "So, what are you two going to do to me now?" Tom thought for a moment. "A lot," he finally said, and kissed Harry firmly as B'Ellana bit his neck with measured ungentleness. As she pushed the two men before her onto their sides, she slowly increased the pressure of her teeth till Harry suddenly arched his neck and moaned into Tom's kiss; Tom, thinking _I like that sound_, kept kissing Harry as he slid one hand across his washboard stomach and past the already tautly hard penis to cup Harry's balls, gently pressing his fingers in. Harry arched his back so that Tom nearly lost his hold on his mouth and moaned again, digging his fingers into Tom's shoulder to hold him. B'Ellana had let go of that patch of Harry's neck to bite his shoulders as she reached around him to pinch his nipples; now she leaned forward to bite his cheekbone and then kiss it, and Harry pulled his mouth away from Tom's to kiss her back. Tom, putting his head down on Harry's shoulder, could almost feel Harry's hand brushing over the ridges on her forehead when he caressed her face and smiled at her. Then Harry turned his head to smile at Tom, who smiled back to see his friend so disheveled, flushed, and deliriously happy; it seemed to him he could spend years looking at that face. "Hey, B'Ellana, I have an idea," he said, still looking at Harry. "Let's switch places." "I just had the same idea. How'd you know?" she asked teasingly. "Oh, I'm a Vulcan touch telepath." Tom raised his head to smirk back at her; he was about to make a smart mock-Tuvockian remark when Harry made a noise between a moan and a chuckle---after all, Tom hadn't relinquished his hold. "With you two having the same idea I'm frightened," he said, in a voice that was hoarse around the edges. "If you can think enough to be frightened," said Tom, "we aren't doing this right." He finished the statement off with another kiss as he climbed over Harry; then, as he settled behind him, B'Ellana kissed him as she settled onto him and wrapped her legs around his waist, using them to rhythmically pull him into her. Harry let out another moan, audible through the kiss, and Tom laughed gently in his ear as he slipped his hands between his friends' chests, feeling B'Ellana's breasts against the backs of his hands and Harry's nipples under his palms. "Like this, huh?" he asked, as he slipped them back out to rake his fingernails down Harry's stomach and sides. For answer, Harry arched his back, trembling. He tried to grasp B'Ellana's shoulders for leverage to match her thrusts, but she grabbed his wrists and pulled them behind her head. Tom frowned with sudden worry, but Harry relaxed when B'Ellana soothingly whispered "No, *we're* doing this, for you". Then, firmly wrapping Harry's arms around her neck as if to say, "and keep them there", she set her chin on his shoulder, and smiled reassuringly at Tom, but the light in her eyes was distinctly wild. And catching. Tom winked back and rolled over to rummage in a drawer, rolled back with a small tube of lubricant in one hand, and raised himself on one elbow to look into Harry's face as he concentrated on what B'Ellana was doing to him, eyes closed and lips parted. "OK?" Tom inquired. Apparently unable to trust his voice, Harry grinned. "OK," Tom whispered, as he opened the tube one-handed. "Trust me." Harry opened his eyes at that, and Tom nearly laughed as he kissed him again, and felt B'Ellana wrap one hand around the arm he was leaning on. Tom pressed so closely against Harry's back that B'Ellana's knees pressed into his stomach, and, very slowly, in pace with B'Ellana, pressed one finger into Harry as he stroked his neck with his other hand, kissing him all the while, feeling him trembling tensely and forcing himself to relax, listening to him breathe and moan and looking down into the wide dark eyes. Harry trembled harder and harder as Tom gently began thrusting with his finger, and B'Ellana was squeezing his arm in time, so he decided to be daring, and, on the next thrust, added another finger. It worked even better than he expected. Reflexively closing his eyes, Harry gasped, madly rolling his head from side to side, and managed to cry out, "Tom, I---" before his voice rose to an unintelligible shout and he came, pressed between his two lovers, clenching so hard around Tom's fingers Tom thought he might break them. Then he slumped bonelessly between them, beaming glassy-eyedly at B'Ellana as his eyelids fell shut. ______________ "Well, *that* worked", whispered B'Ellana proudly. Harry had smiled at her---a real smile, that lit up his whole face---just before he all but fainted. Tom held her hand across Harry's chest, and smiled at her when she raised her eyes to his. "Yeah," he agreed. "I think Harry liked that...if he didn't blow a blood vessel." "If he did the Doc will kill us," she replied softly, and suppressed a sudden giggle. Tom didn't, laughing quietly, blue eyes twinkling. Then he started to get up. "Where are you going?" asked B'Ellana, with a stab of real fright. _Not *him*, now. We just got Harry cheered up..._ "Oh, I was just coming around to your side." _Good._ "Why don't you stay there? When Harry wakes up I think it would be good if we were both next to him." Tom understood, as if he knew what she ---------------------------- VICTORY THROUGH SHEER VOLUME ---------------------------- Sent via Deja.com http://www.deja.com/ Before you buy.