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2000-02-19 00:00:00 - Hey Chuck,Strowbridge and the rest. - ("LT.HIT-MAN" <hit_man303@hotmail.com>)

LT.HIT-MAN wrote in message ... Hey,Chuck,Strowbridge and all the rest, as you all know i would love to suck all of your cocks at the same time but, what with me being busy squirting my white wee wee in public toilets i haven't got much time to fit you all into my busy lifestyle. So thats why i've come up with my own personal rota system. It's quite simple really i will start off with the smallest cock that being Chuck(4 inches) and work my way up to the biggest cock that being Strowbridge(5 inches) what do you guys think? Anyone else who wishes to be added to my rota system are more than welcome to Email me. > > > > > > > > >