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2000-02-08 00:00:00 - Manifesto - October 1998 - 1 Year Anniversary (cntd.) - (Matthew Good <matthewgood@my-deja.com>)

filled glass thingy and it's supposed to go down certain slots that are worth points and you win more little metal balls Marianne. 13] Megan. Your answers are: a) Talk Talk b) yes c) the Budweiser Girls d) if you want to pay for the airfare, maybe. e) no, sorry, I don't. f) it's like the saying goes. If we do it for you then everyone's gonna want it done for them. 14] Shosh and Steph. My answer is Jennifer Connelly and Julie Delphie. 15] Kirstyn Brown. Night's always the best time. That's when the demons come. 16] Cassie. Nope. Fated will probably not be on our next record. 17] Annemarie. This is your note. 18] Lacey. Of course you can be in Waterworld 2. The Big Survey. The results of a recent poll taken in Vancouver. Matt Good is a: Genius 1% Retard 99% Matt should get a job at: The United Nations 7% Burger King 93% Matt should have been a: Dictator 97% Exotic Male Dancer 3% Matt should write more: Happy Songs 2% Songs about talking monkeys 98% Matt should learn to: Throw his voice and use puppets on stage 100% Love his fellow human beings and end world hunger 0% If Matt were an animal he would be: A Monkey 1% Extinct 99% Note: Some of these results were tampered with by Matt Good. Specifically numbers 4 and 5. ---------------------------- VICTORY THROUGH SHEER VOLUME ---------------------------- Sent via Deja.com http://www.deja.com/ Before you buy.