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2000-05-14 00:00:00 - Just saw Good Shepherd - (Cool Ass Pie <sweetiepie_1966@yahoo.com>)

OK, not quite just saw, but I feel like doing some reviews and picking some nits. spoiler space to protect the innocent. p o i l e r s p a c e t o p r o t e c t t h e i n n o c e n t OK, enough of that! Good Shepherd. A simple story of some misfits who get pulled up by their bootstraps to become valued members of the community. Saint Janeway takes a chance and miraculously brings them all on. Three members of the Voyager crew are not pulling their weight and Janeway decides it's time they did. So she plans a mission to an unexplored phenomenon and takes the three of them, all three at once, in the Delta flyer to go have a look. Predictably something goes wrong, and predictably they overcome. Though even that was a little....trite. This episode featured some wonderful FX shots of Voyager and some incredibly bad FX shots of "dark matter" aliens. I watched this episode with a group of friends who are casual Voyager fans. Some of them started out, years ago, with the opinion that Voyager was far superior to DS9, now though they hail DS9 as a masterpiece and Voyager as the Star Trek equivalent of a kindergarten finger painting. Together we wondered about the Delta Flyer's ever increasing size. The escape *pods* were a surprise, as was the piece of deck that detached - we were a bit concerned by the scale of it - and of course the photon torpedoes....*sigh* These friends also previously noted the flyer now has Jeffries tubes, and wondered then about the size of the thing, this latest romp just confirmed for them the utter joke of the flyer. What's the deal with Janeway and Deck 15? She doesn't know the place, nor, it seems the crew. And Please can someone tell me why we missed out on an opportunity to bring back some of the crew of the Equinox? They would surely be mis-fits among the well oiled Voyager machine. How come the poor slobs on Deck 15 share tiny quarters while ensigns live in multi room palaces on the upper decks, is this a caste system in the utopian Federation? Why do we need to pass around specs for a power transfer on a padd, from hand to hand? Couldn't we just tap our comm badges and speak? Or perhaps use the computer system to send the 24th century equivalent of an email? Oh, I forgot, we needed to introduce some characters so we'll do it anyway. Um, a hypochondriac? On Voyager? Shouldn't this be known to the captain? It's a debilitating mental condition. Shouldn't the regular crew appraisals pick up this stuff? Shouldn't the captain already know? Shouldn't the Doc's counselling sub-routines have been used already? I'm sorry to jump straight in with all the nits about the episode, but the plot was full of holes, the ending was contrived and the action strained. The aliens were made from dark matter? And the dark matter was attracted to the anti-matter in their warp engines?? What on earth!? BTW what is it with Voyager? The only characters on Voyager that act normally and interact with each other like friends and fellow crew or family are the guest stars!!! This entire season we've been treated to example after of example where external characters are used rather than our own heroes. These guests invariably have more chemistry than the stars of the show. Perhaps the writers could put the same effort into the main characters on the show? *sigh* I didn't like Good Shepherd. Neither did my friends, they got bored and we switched it off before it finished. I'd already seen it so I was able to tell them what they'd guessed, Janeway and crew get rescued. A very poor episode, though not as poor as previous stinkers such as 11:59. I'll give it a score of......3��� out of 10. And that's being generous.