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2000-01-28 00:00:00 - Voyager tech - (morphageni@aol.com)

In terms of innovation; have you ever watched the Jetsons; when they wake up from bed and suddenly they are brushing there teeth and in the "sonic showers" and out and out of nowhere there cloth come on them. Well we know they have sonic showers in star trek already, but what if they were to utilize transporter technology to help instantly replicate and transport clothing onto the candidate in no time. I mean they have holodeck tech and replicator tech so how far fetched can that be, huh (for the Star Trek universe)? Also notice how there seems to be no type of internet (or in Voyagers case Intranet) in Star Trek. Specifically I mean for the holodecks. I mean the activities of the holodeck seem to be restricted to computer programmed characters and preprogrammed environments. But what if they used a holoimager (whatever?) to allow you to communicate with other "actual" persons and "actual" places. They did something like this "once" in an episode of DS9 when Sisko had a type of holographic mat that he used to communicate with an admiral and once when an alien used a hologram to sneak unto the Voyager holodeck and interact with the crew. I would be something refreshing to add to the vast technological array in the ST universe. "The quiters are people who have given up, people who make excuses. Quiters are romantics. The losers try to hard to win. The winners have won, they keep running anyway and don't even realize it."