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2000-01-07 00:00:00 - "Please State The Nature Of The Psychological Emergency (Was: 7 Blacklight, GlowInTheDark "Protection") - (Bozo the Proctologist <cuerwer@juno.com>)

Pagtakhan doth write thus: >She agreed, I just hope she is willing to share her experiences with me. She's putting the speculum in the freezer even now...... >She has a video in her catsuit, making love? in the dark with a blacklight. As tight as that catsuit is, a single frame of film- let alone a whole videocassette- would tend to stick out (recalling that James Bond line: "Your troubles are all behind you now."). >The male(s)? has glow in the dark protection. ;-( . . . i really hope >she shares this with me!... i'm sorry... but put yourself in my place... >Suze Randal hooked some guy up who didn't even know who Jeri was! They always hook the bodies up to life support prior to harvesting them, to keep the organs from going bad. >I need the "Jeri Ryan Experience" . . . she's the prototype woman! Go down to an open-minded kind of store, ask for a silver catsuit that you can only barely breathe in, get one two sizes smaller, and a corset, some strategic padding and high heels. Take a sledgehammer to a walkman for some electronic bits you can glue to your face and you'll be all ready for Mardi Gras. He-Who's-Evil-Side-Is-Feeling-Its-Cheerios-Today If ignorance is bliss, some people have lifelong orgasms. ________________________________________________________________ YOU'RE PAYING TOO MUCH FOR THE INTERNET! Juno now offers FREE Internet Access! Try it today - there's no risk! For your FREE software, visit: http://dl.www.juno.com/get/tagj.