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2000-01-22 00:00:00 - Chat Room!!! - ("Ta'Teria, now in five fresh flavors: Raspberry, Chocolate, Lime, Strawberry and Peach" <tateria@delete.this.you.poo.poo.head.yahoo.com>)

Yes, Chat Time!!! Topi9cs include: 1) Janeway and Seven, who's should be on bottom? 2) Is it coincidence that the Scotish Clone SHEEP? 3) Jeri Taylor, antichrist, or just lowly dipshit? 4) 5er, dumbass, or just slow? 5) Steve C, really old guy, or does he fake the greys to pick up chicks? 6) An increase in the goat population in Ohio... So what DOES flinx do at night? 7) Shammie, Goddes on Earth, or ... well, ok, thats a finished discussion -- Ta'Teria ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ::Lisa starts singing:: no, but you are fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, but the most wonderful thing about Ta' is he's the only one., oh he's the only one. ::Lisa stops singing:: <blush>