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2000-01-08 00:00:00 - Star Trek: Beyond the Frontier RPG - (Joey Jolley <boyd@slkc.uswest.net>)

At the distant edge of the Federation is a region of space known as the Typhon Expanse. Far from populated areas and Klingon and Romulan borders, this area is isolated and remote and to reach it would take six months at maximum warp. Because it is so distant, the Typhon Expanse has been a mysterious and dangerous area for over a hundred years. It is the home of the planet Phylos VII, a world inhabited by intelligent plant beings. Phylos VII is the most distant Federation member world. Also located in the area is a Ferengi colony, trading stations, science ships, research posts and small police action capable vessels one size bigger than runabouts called the "Aphrodite"-class. The Federation has no major starships in the area. Also located in this region of space is the First Federation, an alliance of peace-loving worlds that bears a resemblance to the European Community of the twentieth century with which the Federation has encountered but has never established formal contact with. Until now..... The USS Stephen Hawking and the USS Cochise, two Starfleet science vessels, are on research missions when they make contact with the Guinerius, a vessel of the First Federation. The encounter is peaceful and the First Federation desires further contact. The captains of the two vessels contact Starfleet Command and a First Contact and cultural exchange program is arranged. To represent the Federation, Starfleet dispatches the USS Yellowstone, a Sovereign-class starship commanded by Captain George Zinn, to make official contact with the First Federation. The Phylosians wish to take part in the contact as well, so Agmar, a Phylosian diplomat and former Phylosian ambassador to the Federation is assigned to lead the diplomatic team. Aboard the Yellowstone is Lwaxana Troi. When the Yellowstone arrives at the border of the First Federation, the First Contact and cultural exchange programs go well but then are thrown into disarray when the First Federation is attacked by the Son'a, the ugly aliens from Star Trek: Insurrection who tried to destroy the Baku. Captain Zinn learns that the Son'a have been in this region for several years and have been slowly conquering the First Federation. They have been using Jem-Haddar soldiers that they purchased from the Dominion during the Dominion War. The First Federation's ships are no match for them. Meanwhile on Phylos, an Earth scientist researching the science of genetic cloning accidentally releases a deadly virus into the Phylosian ecosystem, which slowly kills all life on the planet including the Phylosians themselves. Captain Zinn and the crew of the Yellowstone have two crises they are facing. Far from the main populated areas of the Federation and the only Federation starship in the vicinity, Captain Zinn and the crew of the Yellowstone must both join forces with the First Federation, the crews of the Federation outposts in the area, and the USS Stephen Hawking and Cochise to stop the Son'a and save a dying world. But there is something Captain Zinn and the Federation don't know. The scientist on Phylos is actually a follower of Khan Noonien-Sing who has hid out on the planet for over a century and his research is actually the first step in a plan to destroy the Federation...... Join Captain George Zinn and the crew of the USS Yellowstone as they seek out new life, new civilizations, and boldly go where no one has gone before. The sim includes an old friend from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine who is sent by his Grand Nagus brother to open a trading relationship with the First Federation. The following positions are available: 1. The USS Yellowstone- all positions except Captain available including Lwaxana Troi and Quark who becomes the Yellowstone's bartender during the long journey 2. The USS Stephen Hawking-all positions available 3. The USS Cochise-all positions available 4. The Federation outposts (their names will be up to simmers)-all positions available 5. The First Federation- all positions available 6. The Son'a-all positions available 7. The Phylosians-all positions available 8. The Researcher on Phylos If you want to join, send a character biography to boyd@slkc.uswest