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2000-02-10 00:00:00 - DAWSON'S CREEK - EP #104 : "BloWn AWAy" - ("Mista E. the Trekkie Supafreak" <chandler342@my-deja.com>)

#104 : "BloWn AWAy" (The wind knocks over a picture of Steven Spielberg in Dawson's room.) Dawson: Whoa. Well, so much for Twister. What's next? Joey: I vote for the Poseidon Adventure. Dawson: Yeah, but Towering Inferno has a higher body count. Joey: They just burn. In the Poseidon Adventure, the deaths are much more interesting. Everything's upside down. Dawson: Hey, it's time. Let's see if our disaster movie s���ance worked. (Dawson turns to watch the news.) Reporter: (on the TV) Good evening from the Weather Center, where we continue to track the progress if hurricane Chris, gaining momentum as it heads up the coast. Warnings for several local areas and even school cancellations. Local officials have gone ahead and cancelled classes for tomorrow in Yarmouth, North Falmouth, and Capeside. (Dawson and Joey give each other high fives.) Dawson: Score! (Back on TV.) Gail: Well, Bob, it looks like tomorrow would be a good day just to stay in bed. Bob: You've got that right, Gail. Dawson: God, could they be anymore obvious? So, Gail, what are your current views on the situation in Bosnia? Will you be jumping my bones after the broadcast? (Dawson turns the TV off.) Joey: Does your mom know you know? Dawson: No. Joey: Your dad? Dawson: Profoundly clueless. Joey: So. Paul Newman or Gene Hackman? Dawson: You know, Jo, I'm a little tired, do you mind if I sack? (Joey puts on her shoes.) Joey: You know you're going to have to deal with this, Dawson. Dawson: Everything's postponed because of the hurricane, my life included. Joey: Your life is a hurricane. Dawson: No metaphors Joey, it's too late. Joey: Later. Dawson: I'll see you tomorrow, Joey. Joey: Dawson? Dawson: Yeah? Joey: Fasten your seat belt, it's going to be a bumpy life. (Dawson watches the TV, which is still showing the news with Gail and Bob.) (In the Leery's kitchen.) Gail: (on the phone) Well, I guess if it was the Capeside bake-off then I would be your man. No, I'm not trying to be sarcastic I'm trying to be a reporter. Fine, Jim. If anybody needs be I'll be right here...darning my husband's socks. (She hangs up.) Unbelievable. Mitch: I take it they're not letting you cover the hurricane. Gail: Of course not. I'm missing a certain appendage between my legs that apparently uniquely qualifies someone to cover inclimate weather. Mitch: Well, me & my appendage are both thrilled that you will be here safe, where you belong. (dawson walks in on them kissing.) Dawson: Alright, flashlight, candles, cold shower, and batteries. Mitch: Thanks, Dawson. I'm going to run next door and check on Jen and Mrs. Ryan, extend an invitation to them to ride out the storm. Dawson: Okay. (Mitch leaves.) Dawson: Dad's a great guy, isn't he? Maybe on the Tom Hanks/Harrison Ford idealistic side, but solid like a rock. Gail: Without question. Dawson: And faithful. Even to a fault. Gail: Mmmhmm. (agreeing) Dawson: So who's covering hurricane Chris? Gail: Bob got the gig. Dawson: Ah, that Bob. He's on top of it. Gail: He's a great guy. Dawson: Dad's a great guy. Bob's the anchorman. Gail: Um, honey, did you secure the front porch? Dawson: I'll get right on it. Gotta get ready for hurricane Bob. Gail: Hurricane Chris. Dawson: Oh, that's right. Chris is the hurricane, Bob's the anchorman. (Dawson leaves) Gail: Oh, boy. (The beach. Pacey and Doug are heading towards Tamara's house.) Pacey: I just want it noted that I am here under complete diress. Doug: Oh, just stop your punk ass whining. Pacey: School's out today. It's my one chance to sleep in, catch up on my soaps, enjoy the storm. Doug: Hey, Dad's orders. Pacey: Dad's orders. You say that with such a lapdog enthusiasm. Doug: You know I'm gonna kick your ass. Pacey: Oh, you're so butch, Dougie. Doug: Oh, screw you. Pacey: Doug, you're going to have to learn how to process these hostile outbursts of rage. I mean, any therapist is going to tell you that these a re just mere repression tactics to mask your true homosexual desires. Doug: Just because I'm pretty, doesn't mean I'm gay. I happen to be the straightest guy I know. Pacey: Oh, really? I think your CD collection would contradict that. Barbra Streisand, the soundtrack to Les Mis... Doug: I have any interesting and soft complexity. Pacey: You know what, Doug? You don't have to defend yourself to me. I'm on your side. I just want you to live a happy and, uh, fruitful life. Doug: You know, women happen to love my CD collection. Pacey: Answer me this, why did you choose a profession that requires you to dress like one of the Village People? Doug: I choose to wear a badge because our father, the chief of police in Capeside, instilled in me a sense in duty and a belief in justice. Pacey: Right. Which makes it all the harder for you to come out, I understand that Doug. You know I'm sure there are support groups for gay officers. Doug: Listen Pacey, I am not gay. (Joey's house.) Bodie: You're wobbling. We already agreed on this. Bessie: It's mutilation. Bodie: Yeah.. Bessie: Studies show that the trauma of having your genitals sliced can have a lasting effect until adulthood. Bodie: Trust me. If I was conscious of it, I would most definitely remember it. Joey: You know, Junior's circumcision will be a non-issue if we all blow away in a typhoon. Bodie: It's just a warning. These things never come this far north. Joey: Well, I vote we go to Dawson's. Bessie: Hey, actually, that's not a bad idea. Bodie: Don't change the subject. This kid is being circumsized. Bessie: No, he's not. Bodie: Just because you're pregnant, don't think you're going to get the last word on this. Bessie: Watch me. (Pacey sees Tamara in front of her house.) Pacey: Tammy! Tamara. Tamara: Hi! (Pacey tries to get closer to her but she pushes him away.) Tamara: No, don't! (Doug comes up.) Doug: Backside's all done. Yo, Pace, give me a hand here. Tamara: It's good to see you, Pacey. Your brother was kind enough to help me secure the place. Pacey: Oh, yeah, he's a great guy. Tamara: So, how's your homework coming? Hope this bad weather's giving you a chance to catch up on your reading. Doug: Are you kidding? The guy's a goof. He hasn't cracked a book since third grade. Tamara: Oh, really. Then, you'd be pleased. Your brother's doing quite well, Officer Witter. Doug: Oh, please, call me Doug. Tamara: Okay. Doug: And I can call you? Pacey: Miss Jacobs will be fine. Tamara: Or Tamara, whatever you like. Doug: Tamara. (Lightning sounds.) Tamara: Ahh. I'm sorry. I hate storms. I really don't do well at all in bad weather. Doug: Well, we'll have to do something about that. (Pacey gives him a look.) (Mrs. Ryan and Jen are on the Leery's porch.) Mrs. Ryan: I've weathered more storms in my time than you can count. Mitch: Humor me. I'll feel a lot better if you guys are over here with us. Mrs. Ryan: If the Lord decides to blow my house away, so be it. Jen: Oh, Grams, I forgot to tell you. The Lord sent a fax when you were out. Something about the armageddon... Jen: Hey stranger. Dawson: Hey. I heard your Grandfather's back in the hospital, I'm sorry. Jen: Oh, yeah, they're just running some tests, he'll be okay. Makes Grams kind of anxious though. Well, how are you doing?? Dawson: Good. Jen: Okay. Can I give you a hand with something? Dawson: No, I'm cool, thanks. Jen: You're being cold to me Dawson. Dawson: No, I'm-- Jen: I mean, it's not judgement or anything, it's just an observation. Do you want to talk about this? Dawson: It's got nothing to do with you, us, I've just got a big to do list in my head. Really. Jen: Sure. (Jen walks inside the house. In the living room, the TV is broadcasting the news coverage.)) Mitch: Alright, everyone. Make yourselves at home. I'm gonna fix up some lunch. Bessie: That's so kind of you. We really appreciate it. Mitch: No problem. Mrs. Ryan, do you know-- Mrs.Ryan: We've met. You're Bessie, Joey's unmarried sister. Bessie: And this is Bodie. Mrs. Ryan: Mmmhmm. Bodie: Mmmhmm. (Mrs. Leery is sitting on the porch steps talking to Bob on the phone.) Gail: Thank you, Walter Cronkite. May I remind you who won the local Emmy and the Golden Desk award, hmm? (Dawson watches her from inside.) Gail: Bad boy. You just be careful out there. I'd like you back in one piece. Okay. (kissind sounds are made into the phone) (Dawson comes downs the stairs, purposely being loud.) Gail: Um, I'll call you back. (hangs up) Dawson: Got a new award for you Mom. It's not a trophy though. It comes in the form of an A. And you have to stitch it right here. Congratulations. (Mrs. Leery follows Dawson as he begins to leave.) Gail: Dawson, honey, we need to talk. Dawson: About what? The weather? Gail: Honey, um, I know you must be really angry right now. And it is completely justifiable. Dawson: Save it. Gail: Honey, please, hear me out. Dawson: Mom. Gail: I love your father. Now I know that may seem a little hypocritical at the moment but what is happening between Bob and I... Dawson: Bob and me. Bob and I is gramatically incorrect. Gail: If you let me, I might be able to help you understand this. Dawson: Understand what? The complicated mind of an adultress? Do you have some new earthshattering rationale on why you're breaking the sacred vows of marriage? It's pretty straight forward, isn't it? Gail: No it isn't. There are reasons. Dawson: Reasons? Boredom maybe? Look, why don't you pull the "I'm 40 now, it's time to be selfish, life has passed me by" crap. Gail: Would you let me explain? Dawson: What? Mom, go for it. Explain purge. But purge the right person. I'm the son. There's a whole missing element here, I think it's downstairs, and it has a name. Husband, spouse, mate, better half. Any of those ring a bell? (He goes to his room, slams the door, and sees Jen.) Jen: Are you okay? Dawson: I don't get it. I have these two adolescent parents that bump like rabbits everyday of their life. You'd think that would be enough. Evidently Dad couldn't keep up and Mom just said 'Hey!' Jen: Don't Dawson. These things have very little to do with sex. Dawson: Is the proposition of monogamy such a Jurassic notion? I mean, is it no longer reasonable to think that two people can be enough for each other their entire lives? Jen: I don't know. Dawson: Maybe it's chemical. Maybe it's some kind of hormonal imbalance that causes one to fornicate with their coworkers. Maybe it's not just Bob. Maybe it includes the whole 6 and 11 action news team. Jen: Your mother is a good woman. Dawson: You defend her, you would it makes sense. Jen: Excuse me? Dawson: You heard me. Jen: Yeah and you better clarify yourself right now before I rip your head off. Dawson: I'm simply remarking, who better to understand a woman's need to have multiple partners? Jen: Being that I've slept with half of New York? Dawson: I didn't say that. Jen: We're not all as perfect as you Dawson. Some of us aren't imaginary characters in a Spielberg film, some of us live in reality. (Jen leaves his room and Dawson sits down. He hears a sneeze come from inside his closet.) Dawson: Don't even tell me. (He opens the closet door and sees Joey.) Joey: Don't mind me. Just passing through. Dawson: I can't escape. What are you doing in there? Joey: Just regressing for a moment. Remember how we used to play in there when we were kids? We'd re-enact the whole third act from Jaws. Dawson: Not now, Joey. Joey: Come on, you'd be Captain Quinn, and I'd be Cooper and Sheriff Brody. We knew all the lines by heart. Dawson: We're not kids anymore Joey. Joey: But wouldn't it be nice? Oh, right, it's up there with sleeping over on the we're too old for this list. I see. Look I know you're still mad at me for lying to you. Even if you won't admit it, there's residue all over your face. Dawson: Look, maybe you better go, Joey. My verbal vomit's out of control today. Joey: I know what you're going through Dawson. You're struggling to find answers. You want to know why she's cheating but it's all perception Dawson. Let me just offer the one ounce of wisdom I can bring to this table. You know instead of asking why your mother's doing all these horrible things, may I suggest that you get down on your knees and thank God that you have a mother! (Joey starts to leave.) Dawson: Joey... Joey: Sorry, Dawson, I forgot for a second. This isn't about me. (Everyone else is still in the living room watching the local news.) Bob: (on TV) Winds are now racing at 50 mph and steadily climbing. Now it's still undetermined whether hurricane Christopher is going to make landfall here and Capeside I can tell you right now... Bodie: I'm just saying, a little fresh rosemary, some ground pepper... Mrs. Ryan: I think I know a little bit more about the culinary art. Bessie: It was just delicious, Mrs. Ryan. Mitch: It's pretty messy out there. I hope Bob watches out for himself. Joey: I wouldn't worry about Bob, Mr. Leery. (Joey and Mrs. Leery are having a conversation.) Mrs. Leery: I guess I, this is really, every sentence that comes to mind ends with the f-word. Joey: Well, don't hold back on my account. I've heard it. Mrs. Leery: I'm an adult, Joey. I'm supposed to set an example. Joey: I'd stick to the f-word if I were you. Mrs. Leery: I've been very selfish. Joey: Seems to run in your family. Mrs. Leery: But I'm ending it. (Tamara's house.) Tamara: It was nice of you guys to stay. Doug: Oh, let me get this. Tamara: I didn't realize... Doug: I got it. Tamara: ...how scared I was. I never expected a hurricane to come this far north. Doug: Well, I'm an officer of the law and it's my job to protect people so Tamara: Well, as long as I'm not keeping you guys from anything. Doug: No. (A crash comes from outside.) Tamara: What was that? Doug: I don't know. I'll be right back. Tamara: Should you go out there? Doug: This is my job, Tammy. (He leaves the room to go check it out.) Tamara: Your brother is very nice. Pacey: He's a closet case. Tamara: What? Pacey: Oh yeah, full-blooded 100% gay man. I mean, he likes to keep it quiet being an officer of the law in a small town. Tamara: Does your dad know? Pacey: Ah, my parents are in denial about this. It's really, it's an ugly situation. Where have you been? (He gets closer to her.) Tamara: I don't think so, not with your badge brother right outside. Quick reminder, this is a felony. Pacey: That's the attraction, isn't it? I've been missing you... Tamara: I've missed you too. (They share a kiss.) Tamara: There. You happy? Pacey: Get over here. Tamara: Oh, no, no, no, no, let go Pacey, I mean it! I mean it! (The table cloth falls off and Doug walks back in.) Doug: It was nothing it was just the -- (Mitch is workingon his model of the aquatic restaurant.) Mitch: Dawson, do you realize that if the Kelp takes off, we'll have a whole chain of Leery family restaurants coast to coast? Dawson: That's great, Dad. Mitch: Something wrong, Dawson? (Gail walks in.) Gail: Something very wrong. Mitch, there's something that we, I mean, there's something that I have to tell you. Dawson: I'll leave you two alone. Gail: No, Dawson. We're family, this falls on all ears. (Dawson closes the door.) Mitch: Honey, what is it? Gail: Wow. Where do I begin? Um, you know that I love what I do. That I always wanted to be a Diane Sawyer or a Barbra Walters. Um, Mitch, it's twenty years later and I am never going to be Diane Sawyer or Barbra Walters. I know that. I mean, I gave up that dream. It's okay. I've accepted it. I mean, I still would like to be a Jenny Jones or a Sally Jesse Raphael... Mitch: What's wrong Gail? Gail: Oh God, I'm digressing. I mean, who watches those shows anyway? I mean, they're all the same. Somebody does somebody wrong and then they go on TV with their IQ of 3 and bitch and moan about it for the whole world to see. And I know this is a judgement but, I have always prided myself on not being that kind of person. You know the kind of person who would wind up on a panel of cheaters and lowlifes... Mitch: Gail. Gail: ... and liars. Mitch: What are you saying? Gail: What I am saying is for the past two months, the past 62 days, everytime that I've come home late, everytime that I have made an excuse to leave this house, everytime that I haven't been with you, I've been with someone else. Another man. Having sex with another man. Now I won't be so insulting as to offer an apology. This is, after all, on the other side of forgiveness. I just thought that you should know, Mitch. Mitch? (A power failure causes the lights to go out.) Mitch: Batteries. I knew I should have gotten more batteries. Dawson! Gail: Mitch.. Mitch: Dawson, take these candles and flashlight into the other room right now. Where is that lantern? I filled it with kerosene this morning and now it is gone. Gail: Mitch, please talk to me. Mitch: I had it in my hands and now it's disappeared. Where is it? Where'd it go? (Gail starts crying.) Don't you cry! You don't get to cry! (Mitch leaves.) Mrs. Ryan: Is everything okay? Gail: Oh, yeah, everything's fine. Um, I think there's more candles upstairs. (Tamara's house.) Doug: You know he's such a clumsy idiot. Tammy, I am really sorry about my brother. We've had to put up with this pinhead imbecile for years now. He's kind of the family airsman. I'm really sorry. Tamara: It's okay, Doug, really it was my fault. I ran into him. I'm the clumsy one. Doug: What do we got here? Tamara: Oh, just some possible riding out the storm entertainment. Doug: Well, have you ever played the "If" game? Tamara: No, how do you do that? Doug: Oh, it's a really good way to get to know each other. I ask you a question like, "If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?" And then you answer and ask me something. Tamara: Okay. Who's first? Pacey: I vote for Monopoly. That game has a point. Doug: It's just a really good way to get to know each other, that's all. Okay, let's see, ummm, if you had to pick one city that you had to live in for the rest of your life, what would it be? Tamara: Easy, New York. My home town. No other place like it. Doug: So why'd you move? Tamara: Uh, well, because I needed a change. I have a dysfunctional ex-husband and New York wasn't big enough for the two of us. Doug: Well, I tell ya, if I was your ex-husband, I'd be full of regret right about now. Pacey: Okay, my turn. Dougie, if you could star in any Broadway musical, which one would you choose? Doug: Easy, Tony, West Side Story. Tamara: I love that. Doug: Yeah? Tamara: "Somewhere" is my favorite. Doug: Mine too. Tamara: I must have watched that movie 10 times when I was a kid. Doug: 10 times? Try 15. (The Leery's loving room.) Bodie: A million babies are circumsized every year. Bessie: It's a human rights issue. It's a harsh and barbaric example of child abuse. Bodie: We don't even know if it's going to be a girl or boy. Mrs. Ryan: Or black or white. Bodie: Heh, she's off and running. Bessie: Don't. Mrs. Ryan: It's not a judgement, Bodie, just an observation. Bodie: Which do you object to more Mrs. Ryan? The fact that I'm black and she's white or that we're unmarried and about to have a child in sin? Mrs. Ryan: What I object to most, Bodie, is when children raise children. Get ready, Bodie. That child will be identified as different. Bessie: Part black, part white, it doesn't matter, Mrs. Ryan. This child will be 100% loved. (Jen walks over to Joey on the porch.) Joey: What are you doing out here? You know, it's pretty cold. Jen: It's pretty cold in there, too, and I needed a little break. So what are you doing out here? Joey: Just watching Mr. Leery. Jen: Mmm. Guess it really hit the fan today. Joey: Where's Dawson? Jen: Don't know, don't care, I'm taking a break. Joey: You know, it's just an ego thing. I mean, "How could there possibly have been anyone before me, you know, how can I measure up?" Jen: Is he really that trite? Joey: I'm sure there's a measuring tape sitting in his bathroom right now. Jen: What do you think it's marked up at? Joey: What do you mean? Jen: Oh come on, do you think Dawson's got a pistol or a rifle? Joey: How would I know? Jen: Oh, come on. Joey: Dawson was wrong to spew his anger on his mom onto you. Jen: So you heard. Joey: Involuntary eavesdropping. Jen: Well, I guess I'm no longer the virgin queen of Dawson Leery's handheld fantasies. Joey: Yeah, I think Dawson's having a life-defining turning point in his life right now. Jen: Aren't we all? Joey: You know, taking into consideration his height, weight, feet and hand size, I'd say he's slightly above average. Jen: Oh, so you have thought about it. (They laugh.) (Dawson is pickingup the pieces of Mitch's model when Mrs. Ryan comes in.) Mrs. Ryan: Can I help you with that? Dawson: No, I'm fine, thanks. Mrs. Ryan: Mr. Ryan used to say, "If you want the rainbow, you've got to put up with a lot of rain." Dawson: So you know, too? Mrs. Ryan: I used to be a big fan of motion pictures. Frank Capra, "It's a Wonderful Life", "Mr. Smith Goes to Washinton", "Pocket Full of Miracles." Simple desires fulfilled, aspirations realized. Dawson: Fears of abandonment turned into fantasy spectacles of security and joy. Frank Capra and Steven Spielberg were often compared for their thematic content. Mrs. Ryan: What I like most about those movies is the fact that no matter how far off the pedestal the character fell they always got a second chance. Forgiveness is one of the greatest gifts the Lord has given us with it comes understanding. Dawson: Same way rain brings a rainbow. Mrs. Ryan: From what I've seen of you so far, you better buy yourself a good umbrella. (Tamara's house.) Pacey: St. Charles Place with a hotel. $750. Doug: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Pacey: Ha, ha! Doug: Oh, so now what about Gypsy? Tamara: Oh, I love that. Did you see the Bette Midler TV version? Doug: I know she was great. You know, I still love Ethel Murman. Tamara: Yeah...Chorus Line! Doug: (singing) Kiss today goodbye Tamara: (sings too) The sweetness and the sorrow. Pacey: It's your turn. Tamara: Oh! Doug: Listen, Tamara, would you like to go out with me sometime? You know, maybe catch a movie. The Rialto has got this whole oldies classics thing on Wednesday night. They play a lot of the old MGM musicals, it's really great. Tamara: Sure. I'd love to. Doug: Yeah? Great, okay. We'll make a whole night of it. Nice romantic dinner, leave baby brother here at home, just give us a chance to, I don't know, get to know each other a little more intimently. You know, make it a real date. Tamara: Well, not really a real date. Doug: Why not? Tamara: Well, you know, because I know. Doug: It's not because I'm too young, is it? I mean, please, don't pull the age thing on me. I'm 24 soon to be 25. Tamara: No, it's not that at all, it's just that I know that you're gay. Doug: What? Did you tell her I'm gay? Tamara: No, I guessed it. When I lived in New York I lived on Christopher Street, I have good gay-dar. Doug: You told her, didn't you? Tell her I'm not gay. Pacey: She has gay-dar! Doug: Tamara, I am not gay. Tamara: It's okay to be gay. Pacey: That's exactly what I've been trying to tell him, Tamara. (Dougs pulls a goun on Pacey.) Doug: Alright, you tell her, right now, that I am not gay. Tamara: Guys, guys, hey! Pacey: It's okay Tamara. He does this kind of stuff all the time. Doug: Tell her, right now. Pacey: Okay, alright. He's not gay. Doug: Alright then. So who's turn is it? (Mitch is sitting in the 4-wheel-drive. Gail opens the door and gets in.) Mitch: It's Bob, isn't it? The first time I saw you, it on the pier at the marina and you were with that girlfriend of yours, that woman who would never shut up. Talk, talk, talk all the time. I can't remember her name. It was one of those soap opera names, you know like, I don't know, like, Lexus, or Dorian. Gail: Phoebe. Mitch: Ah, Phoebe. And from the minute Phoebe introduced us, I knew that I loved you. I mean, it was that quick, you know, because love comes that quick. It's like a decision. Love is a decision that you make and I made it, right there on the spot. What I need for you to know is that our love came quick and it's lasted. It's weathered the storm. But as quickly as I made that decision 20 years ago to love you, I'm taking it back. I don't want to love you anymore. I choose to hate you now. Gail: No, Mitch, don't. Mitch: It's already done just like that. So I suggest that you get out of the car before I physically remove you from it. (Gail gets out, crying, and he drives off.) (The hurrican is over. Cut to Tamara's house.) Tamara: Once again, thank you very much. It's been a very interesting day. Pacey: Oh, anytime. Doug: Sorry about the gun thing. Tamara: Hey... Doug: I'd still like to take you out. Tamara: You know, I have to be honest with you, Doug, I'm seeing someone right now. (Pacey smiles.) Doug: Well, fair enough, let's go squirt. Pacey: Sure, Deputy Doug. (Dawson and Jen are talking in the hallway.) Jen: I'm leaving, Dawson, um, but before I go there's-- Dawson: But Jen I'm-- Jen: No, no, hear me out, Dawson, please. Okay? Because this seems to be the day of truths, and I'm taking my turn. I lost my virginity when I was 12 to some older guy who got me drunk, I don't really remember his name but after the first pregnancy scare I went on the pill, and I used condoms most of the time, some of the times, I don't know, it's kind of blurry. I was really drinking a lot and having blackouts and stuff, um. I was sexualized way too young, and I don't wish that on anybody. I mean, sex at such a young age, more often than not, is a bad idea. I finally got caught having sex in my parents' bed. Daddy's little girl fornicating right before his very eyes. He still can't look me in the face but then again he shipped me 200 miles away so he wouldn't have to, but Dawson I'm not that girl anymore. I never really was, and I'm not that white-as-snow image you've got either, I'm somewhere in between and I'm just, I'm just trying to figure it out. Dawson: Jen. It's not you. It's my own stupid hang ups. My parents have this raging sex life and I just, I secretly used it as their measure of happiness. Jen: Well, sex doesn't equal happiness. Dawson: Yeah, I know. I know that now. Jen: I'm sorry about lying to you, but I can't apoligoze for my past. I mean, I've learned from it, I'm a better person, it's gotten me here. And this is my chance to start over. It's my chance and it would be really nice if you'd be a part of that. Dawson: On one condition? Jen: What? Dawson: That you'll have me. Jen, because my behavior has been unredeemable and I don't deserve someone as impassionate and open and honest and beautiful as you are. (they hug each other.) Dawson: Take 2? Jen: Mmmhmm. (Tamara's house.) Tamara: What are you doing? Where's your brother? Pacey: Ah, I circled back. Tamara: It's late, Pacey. Pacey: I just have one more "if" question. I got it, I got it. If you could do any one thing in your life again, what would it be? Tamara: Well I wouldn't have married an abusive, fat stock broker. Same question, back at you. Pacey: Well, I'd be older, so I could tell the world about this wonderful woman who I am rapidly falling in love with. Did you really think that it was going to make me jealous by flirting with Deputy Doug? Tamara: Flirting? I don't flirt. Pacey: Because if you did, it's succeedingly unnecessary. I'm already jealous of every guy who's ever been in your field of vision, who's known the smell of your hair, who's held your body against his. Tamara: We're getting sloppy, Pacey. You know we're going to have to end this. It's getting too dangerous. Pacey: Tell me that isn't a turn on. Tamara: Oh, Pacey. Pacey: Wait, just one more question. If you could do any one thing right now, what would it be? (She pulls him into her house.) (Mitch drives back to the house. He sees Gail sitting in the rocking chair on the porch, dazed. He goes and sits on the porch.) Mitch: So why'd you do it? Gail: Get ready Mitch, because if you think it can't get worse, it c -- "A place without shame is where I belong" Sent via Deja.com http://www.deja.com/ Before you buy.