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2000-06-16 00:00:00 - Starfleet SpecOPs fleet looking for recruits - (Capt_Larson <gmcchd3@hotmail.com>)

Traitors and Patriots: Star Trek RPG During the Dominion War, the Federation Security Council and the Commander in Chief of the Starfleet formed a shadow organization within Starfleet, a Special Operations Fleet; SpecOps. This small group of advanced Starships would report only to them and would be run by one man under virtual anonymity. The SpecOps Fleet's responsibility is to defend the Federation from its enemies, internal and external, no matter what the cost. SpecOPs Officers bend and even break Federation law in order to defend the Federation. After the Dominion War was over, the SpecOPS Fleet continued to operate and run covert and undercover operations with full support of the Federation. They do what Starfleet can't or won't do, then live to tell about it.sometimes! !. The SpecOps Fleet now has openings for Officers and Operatives. After a brief training in Covert Operations and Intelligence work you will be put into a Mission. Traitors and Patriots has immediate openings for Security Officers, Operations Officers, Medical Officers and CONN/Helm Officers Intelligence Officers among others. To be recruited check out the Traitors and Patriots home site at http://www.telusplanet.net/public/mcdnld/talons.htm Contact the SpecOps fleet director for immediate training at gmcchd3@hotmail.com Edward T. Bulwer, SpecOps Fleet Admiral Avery B. Larson, Captain USS Steel Talons Traitors and Patriots: Star Trek RPG http://www.telusplanet.net/public/mcdnld/talons.htm Scott McDonald gmcchd3@hotmail.com