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The Killer (23 10 1988)

When Jim Phelps' protégé is murdered, he comes out of retirement to catch the killer and organize a new team of IMF agents.

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The System (30 10 1988)

To shut down a major crime syndicate, the team tries to turn a high-profile mobster against his boss

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Holograms (6 11 1988)

The team must ry to extradite an international drug lord who's running a worldwide trafficking ring

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The Condemned (20 11 1988)

The team works to free a former IMF agent who was faces execution. This mission hits falsely imprisoned for murder, and now close to home, as the agent is Jim's ex-colleague and Grant's father Barney Collier.

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The Legacy (27 11 1988)

The grandsons of four Nazi officers congregate to collect stash of gold hidden by Hitler, and to create the Fourth Reich. Now, Jim Phelps and his team are on a mission to stop this new wave of terrorism.

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The Wall (11 12 1988)

German doctor and colonel team up for a very lucrative human trafficking scam. Jim Phelps and the IMF team have to destroy their black market operation.

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The Cattle King (18 12 1988)

Jim Phelps and the IMF team join forces with group of aborigines to put an Australian international arms dealer out of business.

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The Pawn (15 1 1989)

A chess tournament in czechoslovakia is a perfect ruse for the IMF agents to smuggle a European chess master rogue Russian a scientist, and his daughter out of the Soviet Union

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The Haunting (28 1 1989)

The police think the son of a wealthy and influential lawaiian family is responsible for a slew of murders in the U.S. Jim Phelps his team get the mission to find the evidence that will prove his and guilt...or innocence

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The Lions (4 2 1989)

A prince and his uncle battle it out for the throne. Jim Phelps and the IMF Agents get the mission to make sure it's not a battle to the death.

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The Greek (11 2 1989)

Jim and his team must neutralize a Greek tycoon who runs international black market drug ring

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The Fortune (18 2 1989)

A dictator seeks asylum in the United States the after money stealing all of his country's funds, the team must locate and steal it back

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The Fixer (25 2 1989)

A Washington columnist uses information he's gathered blackmail government officials. When he's brought before over his career a grand jury, Jim phelps and the IMF agents are assigned to make sure he's indicted and to destroy his secret records

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Spy (18 3 1989)

Rumors spread that an MI 6 agent, and former spy, has begun to manufacture his own chemical weapons. The team must seek and destroy the hidden chemical plant

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The Devils (25 3 1989)

The IMF Team gets the mission to investigate the mysterious and deadly events happening around the country estate belonging to a member of the English House of Lords

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The Plague (8 4 1989)

A Parisian nightclub owner is suspected of stealing lethal bacteria that promotes rapiä aging. NOW, the IMF team must find and neutralize the biological threat to prevent a global outbreak

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Reprisal (15 4 1989)

When an ex-IMF agent begins murdering retired colleagues, he frames Jim Phelps for the crimes. NOW, Jim races the clock to prove his innocence

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Submarine (29 4 1989)

When a computer virus capable of sinking any naval vessel is unleashed, the IMF hunts for the creator of the virus and its antidote program.

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Bayou (6 5 1989)

The team stages a voodoo ritual to create distrust between a man and a woman operating a white-slavery ring

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The Golden Serpent: Part 1 (21 9 1989)

The IMF targets a drug-running operation with the aid of Grant's father

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The Golden Serpent: Part 2 (28 9 1989)

The IMF team's web of deception pits the Golden Serpent drug cartel against selimun while the fate of an agent hangs in the balance.

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The Princess (5 10 1989)

In order to protect princess from a high-priced assassin, Jim and his team must infiltrate an international film festival to track down the militant group that hired the killer

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Command Performance (12 10 1989)

When only a jailed priest knows the whereabouts of an artifact with the proof of a top official's act of atrocity, Jim and his team must navigate a booby-trapped prison while seeking the lost relic.

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Countdown (26 10 1989)

A treacherous general convinces a religious terrorist to steal a nuclear weapon resulting in a countdown that could end in international war unless the IMF team stops it.

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War Games (2 11 1989)

An Eastern European nation's military training exercises will be used as cover for an actual invasion unless the IMF team can expose the plot.

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Target Earth (9 11 1989)

A possible terrorist takeover of the first privately launched manned space venture sends the IMF to the launch site, where Shannon (Jane Badler) gets an unexpected boost.

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The Fuehrer's Children (16 11 1989)

In order to undermine the kingpin of an international neo-Nazi coalition, Jim and his team must expose the secret weapon that the fascist leader has been cultivating for years

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Banshee (30 11 1989)

In Ireland, Jim and his team tackle the case of a black-market weapons trader who intentionally incites violence to keep business booming.

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For Art's Sake (14 12 1989)

After foreign country's most priceless work of art is stolen during an exhibition in the U.S., Jim and his team must recover it to avoid an international incident

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Deadly Harvest (6 1 1990)

Nicholas takes the place of a terrorist scientist who's accidentally disfigured while working on a genetic virus that could destroy the entire American wheat harvest.

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Cargo Cult (13 1 1990)

A sudden wave of dead bodies of South Pacific tribesmen leads Jim and his team to uncover an illegal gold-mining operation that callously exploits the tribal religion

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The Assassin (20 1 1990)

Nicholas poses as an alcoholic journalist to enter a stress clinic, the thread linking a number of assassins who died after killing high-level officials with whom they worked.

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The Gunslinger (3 2 1990)

Phelps takes a seat across from a card-cheating former congressman whose Old West theme park serves as a cover for an operation aimed at arming terrorists

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Church Bells in Bogota (10 2 1990)

Shannon's mission against a Colombian drug lord sends her to Bogota in a plane, which crashes, leaving her with amnesia---in enemy hands.

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The Sands of Seth (24 2 1990)

Jim and his team discover that the strangulation murders of several top Egyptian officials are tied to the revival of an ancient Egyptian cult