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Pilot (12 Sep. 1993)

After Clark gets a job at the Daily Planet, he joins Lois in investigating space shuttle sabotage, which he must thwart as Superman.

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Strange Visitor (From Another Planet) (26 Sep. 1993)

A paranoid rogue Federal agent's investigation of Superman leaves Clark wondering about his true origins.

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Neverending Battle (3 Oct. 1993)

Even as Lois tries to learn about Superman, Lex Luthor decides to test the superhero himself for his threat level.

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I'm Looking Through You (10 Oct. 1993)

Superman is feeling profoundly uncomfortable becoming a celebrity, while there is a wave of crimes apparently committed by an invisible man.

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Requiem for a Superhero (17 Oct. 1993)

Lois and Clark are assigned to cover a large boxing match in the city and find that several of the fighters seem stronger than the average mortal man. They begin to investigate only to have a dear family friend of Lois' killed for knowing too much and then discover that the man behind it all is Lois's estranged father, Dr. Sam Lane a legend in the world of sports medicine.

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I've Got a Crush on You (24 Oct. 1993)

Lois decides to go undercover at a club which is a front for crime family. Clark decides to go undercover as well. When the sister usurps her brother, she makes a move on Clark. And to stay on her good side he outs Lois.

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Smart Kids (31 Oct. 1993)

A group of kids chemically enhance their intelligence, escape their boarding school and cause disruptions throughout Metropolis.

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The Green, Green Glow of Home (14 Nov. 1993)

While investigating a mysterious government operation in Smallville, Clark gets his first exposure to its true goal, kryptonite.

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The Man of Steel Bars (21 Nov. 1993)

During an unnaturally extreme winter heat wave, Superman is accused of being the cause.

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Pheromone, My Lovely (28 Nov. 1993)

A series of romantic complications unfolds as a chemist sprays the newsroom with a pheromone induced perfume.

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Honeymoon in Metropolis (12 Dec. 1993)

Lois Lane takes a vacation and happens to spy a congressman possibly making a dirty deal involving a top secret government project. Back at the Daily Planet, Perry White decides to send his two best reporters to keep spying. The catch, however, is that Lois and Clark has to pretend to be a newly married couple during their stay at the luxurious hotel. While on the story, they experience what it is like to live with someone else.

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All Shook Up (2 Jan. 1994)

An asteroid is headed for earth and it becomes Superman's mission to stop the impending disaster. He flies into space and intercepts the asteroid at high speed to destroy it. This attempt is only partially successful, and worse Superman seems to be missing and Clark is found with amnesia.

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Witness (9 Jan. 1994)

During an interview with an eccentric scientist, Lois unwittingly learns of a great conspiracy to destroy the environment and becomes a witness to her interviewee's murder. Once her story is published, she becomes the target that must be eliminated at all cost. Lois and Clark must race against time to unearth the conspiracy while evading the assassin who has been ordered to kill Lois.

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Illusions of Grandeur (23 Jan. 1994)

Lois and Clark believe that a string of kidnappings is linked to a magical box decorated with moons and stars. They decide to investigate a magic club where they meet the self-proclaimed greatest magician in the world. Things begin to get serious when the kidnapper manages to hypnotize Superman.

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The Ides of Metropolis (6 Feb. 1994)

Eugene Laderman, convicted of murdering Henry Harrison, escapes. Then he kidnaps Lois at gunpoint and convinces her he did not commit murder. But if Laderman didn't kill Harrison, who did? The answer lies in a sinister piece of software called The Ides of Metropolis, and in the curious change of personality Harrison's wife experienced after Laderman's conviction.

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Foundling (20 Feb. 1994)

Clark discovers that the Kryptonian orb contains recordings made by his father, Jor-El. But he has barely begun to explore them when a young thief steals the artifact and sells it to the worst possible buyer: Lex Luthor.

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The Rival (27 Feb. 1994)

The Metropolis Star seems able to scoop the Daily Planet on every story. Lois and Clark cannot discover how, until Clark embarks on a plan to investigate the Star and its publisher Preston Carpenter, a man in the mold of Charles Foster Kane.

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Vatman (13 Mar. 1994)

Superman saves a crippled jet near Paris - while Clark Kent is in the newsroom of the Daily Planet. How can Superman be one place, and Clark another, since they are the same man? And yet, this new Superman seems to have the costume, the powers - everything Superman has. Except, perhaps, the solid moral background of Jonathan and Martha Kent. What he does have is a quite different set of moral codes, taught to him by an old adversary of Superman's who means to use the young look-alike to end Superman's career permanently.

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Fly Hard (27 Mar. 1994)

Criminals burst into the Daily Planet offices and take most of the employees there prisoner. Only Jimmy manages to escape, eventually finding his way into the ventilation ducts. The criminals want to plunder the secret vault of Prohibition era racketeer Dragonetti, and they'll do it thanks to a set of old blueprints and the information provided by their mysterious boss. Superman risks nuclear catastrophe if he attempts to intervene!

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Barbarians at the Planet (1 May 1994)

Lex proposes to a surprised Lois. This in turn also prompts Clark to confess his love for her. Lois on the other hand confronts Superman about her love for him. Someone detonates a bomb at the Daily Planet forcing the paper to its knees, Perry White to early retirement, Jimmy to unemployment, Jack to jail and Lois into the arms of Lex Luthor.

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The House of Luthor (8 May 1994)

Clark, Perry, Jimmy and Jack start investigating the bombing and sale of the Daily Planet. Meanwhile, Lois and Lex prepare for their big day.

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Madame Ex (18 Sep. 1994)

Lex Luthor's ex-wife comes to town determined to avenge the fall of her ex-husband. The target of her revenge is Lois Lane and Superman who in her mind is the two foremost responsible for the fate of Lex Luthor. With her she brings an impostor who through plastic surgery looks exactly like Lois.

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Wall of Sound (25 Sep. 1994)

Lois gets a bit jealous and insecure after Clark is nominated for a journalism award and she is not. A villain using sound waves as a weapon, is trying to extort the city of Metropolis for half of the money in its banks.

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The Source (2 Oct. 1994)

Lois fights a hard struggle to protect one of her sources. When it looks like the source has been murdered as a result of having provided Lois with information Perry feels he has no choice but to suspend her. After some encouragement from Superman it now becomes Lois mission to solve the murder and find out what really happened.

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The Prankster (9 Oct. 1994)

Lois starts to receive gag gifts from a "secret admirer." She and Clark begin to investigate these pranks and discover that behind them is a man who Lois helped send to prison 5 years earlier. He is now out of jail and looking for revenge.

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Church of Metropolis (23 Oct. 1994)

While visiting Lois' Uncle Mike, she and Clark witness gang intimidation and discover that "Intergang", a new criminal organization has moved into and begun to control south Metropolis. Superman becomes powerless to help because of their threats against everyone closest to him. Lois gets jealous when the investigator in charge, Mayson Drake, begins to show interest in Clark.

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Operation Blackout (30 Oct. 1994)

A general is killed at a demonstration of the army's latest weapon, by that weapon. As Lois and Clark investigate they discover a terrorist plot to high-jack a satellite and that the person behind the plot just might be Lois' best friend from college and her supposedly dead boyfriend.

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That Old Gang of Mine (13 Nov. 1994)

A scientist who believes he can alter people's personalities using their DNA brings Bonnie Parker, Clyde Barrow, John Dillinger, and Al Capone back using a special cloning process. When Clyde shoots Clark during a confrontation, he must fake his death in order to hide his dual identity.

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A Bolt from the Blue (20 Nov. 1994)

Superman is struck by lightning while stopping William Wallace Webster Walldecker from committing suicide and his powers are copied into Walldecker, transforming him into Respendent Man. Superman must now contend with figuring out how this happen and teaching the newest superhero how to use his powers responsibly. Meanwhile, Dr. Gretchen Kelly, Lex Luthor's doctor, witnesses the power exchange and becomes obsessed with getting powers for herself.

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Season's Greedings (4 Dec. 1994)

After Mr. Schott is fired from his toy making job, he decides to get revenge and make a lot of money by creating Atomic Space Rats, which spray a substance that causes everyone to be more greedy. It also makes adults, including Clark, act like children.

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Metallo (1 Jan. 1995)

Lucy Lane moves back into town with her boyfriend Johnny. After Johnny is shot by police during a robbery attempt, two scientists transform him into a cyborg that is powered by Kryptonite. After he discovers this he decides to use his new powerful body to be a more prolific criminal and try to defeat Superman.

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Chi of Steel (8 Jan. 1995)

After Perry's men's club is robbed and all his savings taken, Lois and Clark begin to investigate and find that the same martial arts expert who robbed the club is responsible for several other robberies. The thief uses special power totem bracelets which allow them to use Superman's strength against him.

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The Eyes Have It (22 Jan. 1995)

Dr. Faraday creates a device that can transmit information to someone's brain through a beam of light and uses it on Lois before he's killed. Two scientists, who are trying to get their hands on the device, make Superman blind with a beam of light shone into his eyes. Lois takes care of him at her apartment, while everybody thinks that Clark is in the mountains with Mayson Drake.

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The Phoenix (12 Feb. 1995)

Clark finally asks Lois out on a date, which she accepts after thinking about it for a while. But before they can go out on their first date, Dr. Gretchen Kelly brings Lex Luthor back to life and he begins to work toward getting back his fortune and Lois, by force if necessary.

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Top Copy (19 Feb. 1995)

Television news reporter and Intergang assassin, Diana Stride, decides to find out and expose Superman's secret identity. At the same time, her former partner, Mr. X, decides to turn states witness and she is attempts to silence him before he can name her. Clark must try to protect both himself and Mr. X from her deadly games.

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The Return of the Prankster (26 Feb. 1995)

Kyle Griffin (a.k.a. The Prankster) escapes from jail using a new weapon that freezes people using a yellow beam of light and resumes harassing Lois. This time he has an added goal: kidnapping the President while he is visiting Metropolis.

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Lucky Leon (12 Mar. 1995)

Jimmy is arrested for murder and Superman is wanted for stealing nuclear warheads. Lois and Clark go out on their first date. Mayson learns Superman's identity.

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Resurrection (19 Mar. 1995)

Lois and Clark investigate the death of Mayson Drake and find dead men are being brought back to life. Lois is attracted to Dan Scardino, a government agent investigating the same case.

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Tempus Fugitive (26 Mar. 1995)

Lois and Clark meet H.G. Wells, who has traveled on his time machine with a companion from the future. This companion named Tempus roams the city robbing people of gold, which is needed to fuel the time machine. Wells tells Lois and Clark that future's Utopia was founded by Superman descendants. Tempus wants to destroy Superman, because he finds the future boring. Tempus kidnaps Wells, as he doesn't know how to use the time machine himself. Wells is supposed to take him to 1966 Smallville, where infant Kal-El arrived on Earth. However, they travel to 1866 and not 1966...

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Target: Jimmy Olsen (2 Apr. 1995)

Jimmy Olsen becomes a deadly threat to everyone around him when a mind-controlling virus is activated in his system. Lois and Clark risk their own lives to save their young friend.

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Individual Responsibility (16 Apr. 1995)

A payroll truck is hijacked, Perry is kidnapped and Superman doesn't even care. The strange effects of a new red kryptonite forces the Man of Steel to visit a psychotherapist about his bizarre apathy.

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Whine, Whine, Whine (14 May 1995)

Superman is forced to get a lawyer when someone he saves sues him for damages incurred during the rescue. Lois discovers a secret about Dan Scardino's livelihood, and she and Clark decide to have a romantic relationship.

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And the Answer Is... (21 May 1995)

Clark is ready to tell Lois that he's Superman when he is interrupted by Jason Mayzik who has obtained a diary written by Tempus which reveals, among other things, that Clark is Superman. Mayzik kidnaps the Kents who are in Metropolis to celebrate their anniversary, and blackmails Clark into stealing $20 million in diamonds from Mayzik's brother's jewelry store. Mayzik is also working with Lex Luthor's former accomplice, Nigel St. John, who has the Kryptonite that he took from Lex, so that he can kill Superman. Clark robs the diamonds but Lois, who had followed him, ...

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We Have a Lot to Talk About (17 Sep. 1995)

Clark asks Lois to marry him. Lois asks "Who's asking Clark or (taking his glasses off) Superman. The secret is out. Lois tells Clark that she figured out his dual identity when he caressed her face the night before. How mad was she? Lois tells Clark she wasn't mad, she was hurt. But then, the more she thinks about it the more she realizes she was mad. Clark tries to explain his reasons for keeping his secret and Lois says she understands but then tells him that he made her think he was two people by lying to her. They hear someone calling for help and Lois tells ...

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Ordinary People (24 Sep. 1995)

The Daily Planet receives an invitation to visit an island resort for a review. Perry White decides to send Lois and Clark there. The two lovebirds make a bet to behave like normal people for the weekend. Clark will not use his super powers and Lois will stop working. Things work out fine and the two begin to have real fun until the true intentions of the owner of the resort are unveiled.

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Contact (1 Oct. 1995)

On her way home, Lois Lane is abducted and injected with a chip that can order her to do anything. Someone has decided to use her to distract Superman, while he steals scientific gadgets. Clark Kent makes the hardest decision of his life. He confronts Lois and says that they must break-up because being with him makes her a target of Superman's enemies.

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When Irish Eyes Are Killing (15 Oct. 1995)

An old Irish friend of Lois shows up in Metropolis and it is clear that he is head-over-heel in love with her. At the same time, antiques are being stolen from museums and safety deposit box. Clark thinks that Lois Lane's old friend is up to no good while she thinks he is just jealous, but this situation is soon revealed that he is planning to use her in a Druidic sacrifice.

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Just Say Noah (22 Oct. 1995)

A couple who lives next door to Lois Lane disappears. After a bit of investigation, Lois and Clark find that more couples who have been to Larry Smiley's couple camp have also disappeared recently. Perry White decides to send the two reporters to the camp. The situation gets more intense when Perry and Alice also disappear. They have also been to see Larry.

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Don't Tug on Superman's Cape (5 Nov. 1995)

Lois and Clark agree to stop thinking of marriage for the time being as it seems that the idea is causing the two to have nightmarish fantasies about it. Meanwhile, Bad Brain Johnson has escaped jail and is targeting Lois. In reality, someone else is using him and his inventions to capture Superman. Lois is just a bait.

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Ultra Woman (12 Nov. 1995)

Two sisters try to make Superman apathetic with red kryptonite by shooting its red beam at him so that they could steal $20 million. Because he is hugging Lois, trying to protect her from the beam, his powers are transferred to her. The Kents help create a secret identity to the powerful Lois so she could help people without exposing her real self. This experience opens Lois' eyes to the struggles Clark has been going through all his life trying to save as many people he could and dealing with the ones he wasn't fast enough or strong enough to save.

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Chip Off the Old Clark (19 Nov. 1995)

Just as Lois and Clark are getting romantically closer together, a woman claims on national TV that she is the mother of Superman's son, Jesse. The two reporters, against Clark's wishes, pursue the story and find out that Jesse has super powers just like Superman's. Meanwhile, a criminal known as Anonymous is rumored to be in Metropolis.

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Super Mann (26 Nov. 1995)

Two years ago, three Nazi officers woke up from a long sleep to find that they had lost the war to the US. Now, they are trying to set up a new Nazi country in the US as the first step to begin world domination.

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Virtually Destroyed (10 Dec. 1995)

Lois and Clark are invited by a computer geek billionaire to experience his new virtual reality program. He manages to trap the two inside the program in order to extract information from Lois about Lex Luthor.

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Home Is Where the Hurt Is (17 Dec. 1995)

It's almost Christmas and Lois decides not to visit her mother, telling her that she has to cover for Clark who's going to spend Christmas with his parents. It turns out that the Kents are coming to visit their son in Metropolis. Things get very complicated and chaotic when Dr. Sam Lane and Mrs. Ellen Lane pop up at Lois's door. Meanwhile, Mindy Church, the new head of Intergang, is set on killing Superman with a deadly flu from Krypton. Clark becomes really sick from the virus and there are no cure from it on earth. Lois asks her father to help her beloved. The ...

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Never on Sunday (7 Jan. 1996)

Clark has nightmares about being enclosed in a tight space. At the same time, two other people who once worked with him on a story die with no apparent injuries as they are killed by their own fears. At the same time, a magician called Baron Sunday appears in Metropolis.

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The Dad Who Came in from the Cold (14 Jan. 1996)

Collins from the NIA hands Lois a burned notebook computer just before he dies from a car accident. Right after that, a woman named Sweet Tart shows up and demands to know what Collins has told Lois. Jimmy is asked to retrieve information from the fried hard drive. At the same time, Jack Olsen, Jimmy's dad, shows up in town after having been gone for over 4 years.

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Tempus, Anyone? (21 Jan. 1996)

Lois Lane, who has no memory of her previous encounter with Tempus, is kidnapped by him and brought to a parallel universe. There, she meets an older H.G. Wells who helps her remember their last encounter. Metropolis in this universe is a very different place filled with guns and violence. To her dismay, Lois discovers that there is no Superman. She decides to teach the Clark Kent of this universe how to become the hero he's meant to be while also trying to return to her Clark Kent.

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I Now Pronounce You... (11 Feb. 1996)

After all the obstacles, it finally seems like Lois and Clark can finally tie the knot. However, Lois, being the neurotic Lois Clark dearly loves, can't stand around doing nothing while waiting for her big day. She asks Perry for a simple assignment to take her mind off of the wedding. Together with Clark, the dynamic duo investigate the stealing of a type of exotic frogs from a pet store. These frogs have been known to be used for cloning. At the same time, the president is in town so all the hotels in Metropolis are fully booked. Lois's parents have to stay at her ...

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Double Jeopardy (18 Feb. 1996)

Clark waits for Lois in bed on their wedding night. Instead of finally making love, Lois tells him that she's tired and goes straight to sleep. The disappointed groom can do nothing but also go to sleep. It turns out that the Lois Clark married is a clone while the real Lois is with Lex Luthor, recently granted a pardon with parole from the cloned president from the previous episode. When Lois finally manages to escape Lex, she hits her head and loses her memory.

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Seconds (25 Feb. 1996)

Lois's clone falls in love with Clark and decides that she has to kill Lois so that she could be with her beloved forever. Meanwhile, Lois, who thinks that she's Wanda Detroit, a fictional character she created in her novel, thinks she's in love with Lex, who she believes to be Kent, the love of Detroit in the story. However, Lois has dreams about her real identity which greatly troubles Lex, who's afraid that she'll soon fully recover her memory.

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Forget Me Not (10 Mar. 1996)

Clark Kent puts Lois Lane in a clinic for people with memory loss. She now knows that she's Lois but remembers nothing of her work or her relationship with Clark. Her doctor, Dr. Maxwell Deter, forbids Clark from revealing to her that they were in love and engaged to be married, saying that this will shock her. However, he has a hidden motive, as he is beginning to fall in love with Lois himself.

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Oedipus Wrecks (24 Mar. 1996)

Lois is back to work at the Daily Planet. Although she has regained much of her memories, she doesn't remember anything about her love for Clark. Worse, Dr. Maxwell Deter, now completely in love with her, has hypnotized her into believing that she is in love with him. Lois and Clark team up again to investigate a phenomenon happening in Metropolis which makes everyone easily influenced by anything, be it a written sign, a verbal command, or lyrics to a song. For Lois, this shock wave stirs up her memories of her relationship to Clark and Superman.

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It's a Small World After All (28 Apr. 1996)

Lois and Clark go to Lois's high school reunion. There, she learns that her friends' spouses have disappeared. She decides to investigate this when something starts happening to Clark. He is beginning to shrink in size.

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Through a Glass, Darkly (5 May 1996)

Two people appear in Lois and Clark's lives. Ching and Sarah are testing Superman's strength and morals. The results are satisfactory and they conclude that he is worthy to be 'the one.'

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Big Girls Don't Fly (12 May 1996)

Ching and Zara are revealed to be Kryptonians who are here to bring Kal-El back to New Krypton. A handful of Kryptonians have managed to escape before their planet blew up and have settled on the new planet. However, the ruling families are in conflict and Lady Zara and Lord Kal-El, already married at birth, must go back to New Krypton to rule over the planet. If not, Zara will be forced to marry the evil Lord Nor. Clark and Lois must decide together whether he would go back to save his people, an action which would mean that he might not see Lois again, ever.

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Lord of the Flys (22 Sep. 1996)

Lois and Clark miss each other dearly. En route to New Krypton, Clark learns that the evil Lord Nor is out to conquer earth, starting with Smallville, Kansas. The military has no way to thwart his plans. The Kryptonians head back to earth. Clark briefly meets Lois after he lands, after which the two decide to go to Smallville to rescue the Kents and the rest of the world.

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Battleground Earth (29 Sep. 1996)

Lord Nor still has Smallville under his control. Worse, he has managed to take Clark prisoner for treason, as he purposefully never consummated his marriage to Zara and has no intention to ever fulfilling his duty. The council sentences him to banishment. Just as he is about to be gone for good, a loophole in the system is found which states that Clark can challenge Lord Nor to a duel. While all this is going on, the military has other plans. They are convinced that the Kryptonians plan to take over earth and they have decided to kill them all, even if Superman might ...

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Swear to God, This Time We're Not Kidding (6 Oct. 1996)

The long-awaited wedding of Lois and Clark is threatened by a vengeful asylum escapee.

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Soul Mates (13 Oct. 1996)

Time traveler H.G. Wells and evil villain Tempus are back for the third time. Lois and Clark are married, and about to consummate their relationship, when they are rudely interrupted by H.G. Wells. Wells informs them, they are soul mates and there is a curse on the love of their souls. The only way to lift the curse would be to travel in time, to the period when the curse was first applied. Lois and Clark accompany H.G. Wells to medieval times, to a land where Tempus is a lord, and Clark, without his powers, is Lord Tempus' most impressive knight. Clark has a secret ...

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Brutal Youth (20 Oct. 1996)

An old man stumbles into the Daily Planet asking for Jimmy before dropping down dead. His ID says that he is only in his twenties, but his looks suggest that he is over 70. Jimmy decides to investigate this himself and gets into serious trouble. Meanwhile, Lois is told that Superman ages much, much slower than humans. She begins to have nightmares where she is an old woman while Superman is still young.

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The People v. Lois Lane (27 Oct. 1996)

When Lois Lane receives a phone call from Elroy Sikes, an ex-snitch, pertaining to have information about a story, she rushes off to meet him. When he starts telling her the "story" he demonstrates by telling her to point a gun at him. Suddenly the gun goes off of it's own accord, though Lois's finger was nowhere near the trigger, killing Sikes. Lois is put in jail, awaiting her trial. Meanwhile Jefferson Cole makes a holographic device, determined to ruin Lois's life.

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Dead Lois Walking (10 Nov. 1996)

Even Superman's powers may not be enough to prove Lois innocent of murder.

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Bob and Carol and Lois and Clark (17 Nov. 1996)

Clark and Lois have a lot in common with their new neighbors, until they find out Bob is an assassin whose next target is an eccentric recluse Lois plans to interview.

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Ghosts (24 Nov. 1996)

A real estate agent's plan to frighten people into selling their homes spirals out of control when he accidentally summons the spirit of a murdered housewife.

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Stop the Presses (8 Dec. 1996)

Lois' promotion causes problems in her marriage to Clark. They have their first major fight after she kills one of his stories, preventing him from uncovering a plot. Two delinquent brothers try to destroy Superman.

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Twas the Night Before Mxymas (15 Dec. 1996)

A mischievous imp with plans to conquer the world puts a spell on the people of Metropolis on Christmas Eve.

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Lethal Weapon (5 Jan. 1997)

A mad inventor plans to blow up the buildings of Metropolis, and Superman can't control his powers in order to stop him.

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Sex, Lies and Videotape (19 Jan. 1997)

A photograph showing Lois and Superman leads the world to believe she is cheating on her husband. To keep Clark's identity a secret, Lois tries to expose the person behind the scandal.

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Meet John Doe (2 Mar. 1997)

A criminal from the future uses a subliminal device to win the presidential election and begins a reign of terror. Attempting to stop the villain, Superman gets trapped in a shattered time window and seems lost forever.

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Lois and Clarks (9 Mar. 1997)

With Superman trapped in a time window, an alternate Superman must save this universe from Tempus, a madman from the future bent on world domination.

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AKA Superman (16 Mar. 1997)

A beautiful woman thinks that Jimmy is Superman. A criminal wants to force Superman to activate a powerful satellite weapons system.

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Faster Than a Speeding Vixen (12 Apr. 1997)

Superman confronts a sexy and reckless superhero. The Daily Planet's new owner Leslie Luckaby may be hiding a secret identity.

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Shadow of a Doubt (19 Apr. 1997)

Lex Luthor's son, Leslie Luckaby, takes over as owner of the Daily Planet and makes a play for Lois. Lois and Clark consider conceiving a child together.

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Voice from the Past (26 Apr. 1997)

Lex Luthor's son wreaks havoc in Metropolis, and in Lois and Clark's marriage. Lois is kidnapped, while Superman investigates whether he can have children.

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I've Got You Under My Skin (31 May 1997)

Woody Samms, who is trying to get a contract taken off of him by the mob, uses a crystal to transfer himself into the body of an unsuspecting Clark, not knowing until it's too late that he is now Superman. Meanwhile, a now powerless Clark is trapped in the body of a mob-hunted man and must convince Lois that it is him to get his own body back.

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Toy Story (7 Jun. 1997)

An angry toy maker starts kidnapping children and Superman and Lois must stop him. Meanwhile, Perry puts a "lonely hearts" ad in the paper and gets interesting results.

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The Family Hour (14 Jun. 1997)

A criminal with telekinetic powers takes Lois and Clark's parents hostage. Clark learns he cannot have children with Lois. However, a baby is left inside their apartment by someone who knows Clark's true identity and their problem.