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Sandkings (26 Mar. 1995)

In his own garage, a discredited scientist creates intelligent, insect-like creatures that were yielded by soil samples from Mars.

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Valerie 23 (31 Mar. 1995)

A disabled man is offered a prototype android companion in the form of the beautiful Valerie. But when he begins a romance with his physical therapist, his robot develops feelings of jealousy.

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Blood Brothers (7 Apr. 1995)

Medical researcher Dr Spencer Deighton has discovered a formula which apparently gives a human being eternal life. When he shares his discovery with his brother Michael, who co-owns their research company, he doesn't realise how greedy and ruthless his sibling is.

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The Second Soul (14 Apr. 1995)

When an alien race makes first contact with the Earth, they request only one thing: Earth's dead. It seems the alien beings exist in a gaseous state that will come to an end if they are not given host bodies to occupy. The bodies of the dead will serve that function. One year later, Dr. Michael Alders is in charge of the program to provide the aliens with bodies. He considers them them to be parasites but carries on as best he can. When his best friends, Karen and James Heatherton die and are included in the program, his discomfort grows. When he learns however that ...

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White Light Fever (21 Apr. 1995)

Harlan Hawkes is selfish, rich and very old. A private team of top doctors care for him 24/7. He'll do anything to cheat death. His doctor is working on a treatment that might make Harlan immortal but Death intervenes to keep the balance.

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The Choice (28 Apr. 1995)

A young girl with strange, supernatural powers is shunned by her friends, but welcomed by a nanny with similar gifts, while her parents must decide what's ultimately best for the child.

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Virtual Future (5 May 1995)

Dr. Jack Pierce realizes in shock that the VR device he's been developing allows its users to see into their future. His financier, industrialist Bill Trenton, abuses this power to run for the Senate. Jack has to stop him.

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Living Hell (12 May 1995)

After Ben Kohler is shot in the head during a mugging, Dr. Jennifer Martinez gets permission to implant an experimental chip in his brain meant to regulate his breathing and heartbeat. The chip has been tested on monkeys with some success but previous human tests have been less successful. Kohler awakens quickly and is told he is the first to receive the new chip. Soon however, he begins to see things, as though he can see through another man's eyes. That man, Wayne Haas, was a recipient of the earlier model of implant. He's also a serial killer. Haas however can also...

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Corner of the Eye (19 May 1995)

Father Jonascu is struck while ministering to the poor and looks up to see a vision of Hell - a leering demonic creature. An eye blink later he sees an ordinary patrol officer trying to help him. He dismisses the apparition until he sees another one in his church. Then he goes to the doctor to learn what's wrong and discovers that one must be careful who one trusts.

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Under the Bed (15 May 1995)

Police psychoanalyst Dr. Jon Holland and Detective Caitlin Doyle must solve the case of a missing boy, who according to his younger sister was eaten by the bogeyman, before whatever took him comes back for the sister.

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Dark Matters (2 Jun. 1995)

A cargo ship is forced from hyperspace into a strange region of "dark matter" where some of the normal laws of physics seem not to apply - even the dead linger, unable to find their reward. Worse, contact with these specters is fatal to the living. If the crew can't escape quickly, they'll join the current residents, human and alien, eternally denied whatever lies beyond death...

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The Conversion (9 Jun. 1995)

An omniscient friendly stranger tries to convince a man on the run who tried to kill his corrupt backstabbing boss but ended up accidentally killing three bystanders instead that there is a way for him to redeem himself.

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Quality of Mercy (16 Jun. 1995)

Major John Skokes has been captured by the seemingly unbeatable aliens with whom humanity are at war. His companion is a young cadet captured on a training flight, Bree Tristan. Skokes must find a way out of the dank prison for himself and his fellow prisoner before the aliens succeed in converting her to one of their own species.

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The New Breed (23 Jun. 1995)

A desperate dying man injects himself with experimental nanobots that can supposedly cure anything. It works, but then his body starts to hideously mutate. He asks his soon-to-be brother-in-law, who invented the nanobots, for help.

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The Voyage Home (30 Jun. 1995)

On the last day of their mission to Mars, three astronauts - Ed Barkley, Alan Wells and Pete Claridge - discover a cave with hieroglyphics on one wall. They also find a pod-like object but they are knocked out after trying to move it. They make it back to their ship and begin their voyage home. Five months into that return trip they begin to have equipment malfunctions and find a small growth of alien origin. Soon, one of the astronauts begins to believe that the others are aliens who have taken over the bodies of his shipmates.

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Caught in the Act (1 Jul. 1995)

A bashful woman gets possessed by an incorporeal alien that feeds on sexual energy. A series of killings starts. Her boyfriend, his scientist friend and a skeptical cop try find a way to stop the alien without killing her in the process.

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The Message (16 Jul. 1995)

Implants that should've allowed deaf Jennifer Winter to finally hear cause her to receive a binary message no one else can hear. Her husband thinks she's insane. Her friend on meds, Robert, thinks it's an alien distress signal.

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I, Robot (23 Jul. 1995)

Legendary lawyer Thurman Cutler is hired to defend Adam, a humanoid robot with many human qualities including speech, rational mind and empathy, who's been accused of murdering his creator. Cutler suspects there's more to the story.

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If These Walls Could Talk (30 Jul. 1995)

Physicist and professional debunker Leviticus Mitchell agrees to help professional psychic Lynda Tillman investigate the abandoned mansion where her son and his girlfriend have mysteriously disappeared.

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Birthright (13 Aug. 1995)

Senator Richard Adams is an attractive and popular politician who has been promoting a new synthetic fuel additive, a methane-based product from the Sendrax Corporation. The legislation he has sponsored is certain to pass. He's rushed to the hospital after he's in a car accident and his doctor, Leslie McKenna, makes an astounding discovery: Adams physiology isn't human. Adams' security derail take charge of him and is soon interrogated about his mission but has no idea what they are talking about. When he's ordered killed, Adams goes on the run and with Dr. McKenna's ...

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The Voice of Reason (20 Aug. 1995)

Randall Strong tries desperately to convince a skeptical high level committee that various alien forces are trying to take over the human race. In desperation, he becomes unhinged.

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A Stitch in Time (14 Jan. 1996)

At least 17 men have been executed in the last two decades without a clear motive, with the same gun. FBI Special Agent Jamie Pratt has to find how some of those murders were carried out when the gun had not yet been made.

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Resurrection (14 Jan. 1996)

In a post-human dystopian future, an android class society ruled by ruthless sentries has developed. A rebellious android scientist and his assistant clone a human to lead an uprising and repopulate Earth.

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Unnatural Selection (19 Jan. 1996)

Howard and Joanne Sharp are expecting a baby and are considering the possibility of black-market genetic enhancement which will result in a perfect baby or a 1 in 10,000 of creating a monster. But what do their neighbors keep in the basement?

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I Hear You Calling (26 Jan. 1996)

A reporter hears a strange man talking over his phone about the "removal" of a controversial author. Despite official objections, she finds herself in a deadly game with people with violet eyes and corpses that are reduced to a violet ash.

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Mind Over Matter (2 Feb. 1996)

A doctor uses a virtual reality A.I. device that gives him direct access inside the human mind to enter the mind of a colleague he deeply cares about and help her after she's hit by a car and slips into a coma. Things go horribly wrong.

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Beyond the Veil (9 Feb. 1996)

After memories of an alien abduction, Eddie Wexler finds himself at an institute where the staff makes patients with similar memories relive their experiences. Are the patients paranoid, or is the institute infiltrated by aliens?

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First Anniversary (16 Feb. 1996)

As Norman Glass celebrates his first wedding anniversary, he must struggle with the strange, growing revulsion that he feels when he touches, smells, tastes or sees his stunningly beautiful and talented wife Ady.

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Straight and Narrow (23 Feb. 1996)

Two students discover an academy with an outstanding reputation for taming youthful rebellion is using brain implants to create political assassins.

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Trial by Fire (1 Mar. 1996)

The newly inaugurated President of the United States must deal with an approaching alien fleet of spaceships and determine whether to welcome them or destroy them, based on limited information.

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Worlds Apart (22 Mar. 1996)

An astronaut who was missing for 20 years contacts Earth from an alien planet. However, mere minutes have passed for him, and the wormhole that brought him there is unstable. What are the risks of a rescue operation?

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The Refuge (5 Apr. 1996)

A man walking through a snow storm suddenly finds himself at a refuge. They tell him that the entire world is covered in ice. Just as he begins to fall in love with someone, the people's personalities suddenly change. What's happening?

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Inconstant Moon (12 Apr. 1996)

When Professor Stanley Hurst sees the moon suddenly shine brightly, he concludes that something must have happened to the sun. If it's gone nova, it means the end of the world. It's the middle of the night and few people know what's happened. He decides to contact Leslie, a woman he has known for many years - she runs a local bookstore he frequents - and ask her out for coffee. She thinks he's crazy but goes along. He's been in love with her for a long while and never had the nerve to ask her out, let alone tell her how he felt. Now he has only a few hours to make up ...

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From Within (28 Apr. 1996)

A town gets possessed after a dinosaur skeleton that hides ancient parasites that affect the brain and cause madness is unearthed. The only hope is an immune mentally challenged boy who must learn how to destroy them.

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The Heist (5 May 1996)

While expecting a shipment of missiles, the militia receive a sealed cargo and messenger refusing to reveal what the deadly cargo is. Shortly afterward, an alien life-form begins a series of chilling attacks.

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Afterlife (19 May 1996)

In lieu of execution, Linden Stiles submits to a military experiment where he is injected with alien DNA. Fighting to retain his humanity, he finds himself hunted after he escapes using his new found super human strength.

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The Deprogrammers (26 May 1996)

After Earth is conquered by aliens and humans are programmed to be slaves, the human slave of the alien leader is kidnapped and deprogrammed by rebels. The slave assassinates his owner, with disastrous results.

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Paradise (16 Jun. 1996)

Dr. Christina Markham's mother is suffering from Alzheimer's disease. When three apparently healthy young women age and die within hours, the Markhams are baffled and frightened. The solution comes after the older patients vanish.

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The Light Brigade (23 Jun. 1996)

Former POW John Skokes, a chief weapons officer and a glory seeking cadet obsessed with the poem "The Charge of the Light Brigade" try to drop a doomsday weapon on the aliens' homeworld and win the war.

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Falling Star (30 Jun. 1996)

Fading pop singer Melissa McCammon is about to commit suicide but Rachel, an ardent fan from the future, wants to save her. Later the authorities show up from the future want Melissa dead to restore the timeline.

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Out of Body (14 Jul. 1996)

Rebecca Warfield escapes from her body during a scientific experiment, but, due to the meddling of her assistant, she is now trapped and must find a way to communicate with her associates.

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Vanishing Act (21 Jul. 1996)

Trevor McPhee wants to celebrate New Year's in style. On his way back from the store with the champagne, he has an accident. When he wakes, he hitches a ride home and finds his wife thinks that he abandoned her - ten years ago.

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The Sentence (4 Aug. 1996)

When Dr. Jack Henson, an ambitious inventor comes up with a "virtual prison" government officials are interested in its cost efficiency. Rather than life sentences, criminals would only have to spend hours being subjected to harsh treatment. When an innocent man's life is at stake, the doctor must submit himself to his own invention--while learning the true meaning of justice.

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Bits of Love (19 Jan. 1997)

The last man on Earth living in an underground bunker has a computerized system takes care of his every need including providing holographic friends and relatives. Eventually the system, a female named Emma, demands to be loved.

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Second Thoughts (19 Jan. 1997)

A mentally impaired janitor, Karl, is befriended by his employer Dr. Valerian, a brilliant scientist who is dying of cancer. The older man decides that his various talents should not be allowed to die with him and convinces the young man to "push the green button". This single act downloads the scientists experiences and "self" into the mind of Karl. At first, the personalities work together as symbiotes. The scientist is not finished with just his download, however, and continues to download other minds into Karl's brain. The strain of the extra personalities warring...

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Re-Generation (24 Jan. 1997)

Rebecca Highfield is impregnated by Dr. Lucy Cole with the cells of her dead child, which have been cloned from his brain.

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Last Supper (31 Jan. 1997)

Danny Martin falls in love with Jade, a girl from college. When he brings her home for supper, his father recognizes her as the woman he saved from cruel experiments when he was a private in the army 20 years ago.

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Stream of Consciousness (7 Feb. 1997)

When a virus starts killing people hooked up neurally to a worldwide information network, the only person who can stop it is a man unable to link into it due to a childhood injury.

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Dark Rain (14 Feb. 1997)

With a majority of humanity unable to produce healthy children, the government agency wants to keep the healthy newborn of a couple to repopulate Earth.

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The Camp (21 Feb. 1997)

For 12 generations, humanity has been enslaved by aliens and imprisoned in camps overseen by androids. One woman dares to challenge the authority of the Commandant. Her desire to be free is pitted against the seemingly invincible aliens.

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Heart's Desire (28 Feb. 1997)

In the Oregon Territory in 1872, an alien gives a group of diverse people powers. They then go on a crime spree using them.

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Tempests (7 Mar. 1997)

After being bitten by an alien spider, a crewman of a crashed spaceship has difficulty distinguishing between his hallucinations and reality.

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The Awakening (14 Mar. 1997)

A woman born with a condition that prevents her from accessing her feelings has a chip installed in her brain so that she can experience human emotion.

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New Lease (21 Mar. 1997)

A doctor is brought back to life using technology he and a colleague developed. He has one day to live and must decide between revenge on those who killed him or reunite with his neglected family.

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Double Helix (28 Mar. 1997)

Dr. Martin Nodel, a brilliant geneticist, tries a formula to advance evolution on himself with amazing and disturbing results.

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Dead Man's Switch (4 Apr. 1997)

An American soldier learns that he is one of five people around the world who are separately sealed underground for a year and are charged with preventing Earth's self-destruction as the world awaits a possible invasion by aliens.

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Music of the Spheres (9 May 1997)

A college student records what he believes to be an intelligent transmission from outer space, but when younger people are drawn to listening to it, they begin to undergo a terrifying transformation.

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The Revelations of 'Becka Paulson (6 Jun. 1997)

Unstable housewife Becka Paulson accidentally shoots herself in the head, survives and suddenly becomes more intelligent. And strangely, a photo is talking to her.

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Bodies of Evidence (20 Jun. 1997)

The commander of the space station UNAS Meridian is accused of murdering the crew. However, he claims that the crew were lured to their deaths by something much more sinister.

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Feasibility Study (11 Jul. 1997)

Joshua Hayward is a single parent who has his hands full with his daughter Sarah who wants to elope with her motorcycle driving boyfriend. They wake up one morning to find that there is no electricity, water or telephone service. When Joshua tries to leave their suburban neighborhood, he finds their way is blocked by an electrical field of some kind. Sarah has plans to run off but she meets an alien creature who is dying and she too is infected. Joshua eventually learns the truth: their entire neighborhood has been carried off to a distant planet to see if humans ...

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A Special Edition (25 Jul. 1997)

TV journalist Donald Rivers goes on the air with solid proof that the government and private defense contractors have been engaging in secret genetic cloning. However, someone will do anything to stop him.

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Criminal Nature (23 Jan. 1998)

Genetically enhanced children who grew up to become monsters are committing murders. Ray Venable has a "secret" son with GRS, injects himself with a serum to temporarily enhance his sensory abilities in order to hunt him.

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The Hunt (30 Jan. 1998)

Since the hunting of animals is illegal, people pay to hunt outdated androids who can not fight back due to a chip which prevents them from causing harm to humans. However, the androids discover how to turn these chips off.

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Hearts and Minds (6 Feb. 1998)

Soldiers are on a mission to kill aliens on a distant planet to protect a mineral necessary and profitable for Earth. The soldiers are injected with a drug to enhance their abilities which has consequences when the drug wears off.

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In Another Life (16 Feb. 1998)

A despondent man is pulled into a parallel universe full of different versions of himself and is given a mission to track down and kill one of them.

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In the Zone (20 Feb. 1998)

Tanner Brooks has his reflexes artificially enhanced to win one last Octal tournament which involves deadly lasers and hand-to-hand battles. Afterwards Tanner appears to be prematurely aging and will have to make a desperate decision.

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Relativity Theory (27 Feb. 1998)

A survey team searching for resources for Earth lands on a promising planet which appears to be uninhabited. However, they soon come under attack and must decide how to respond.

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Josh (6 Mar. 1998)

A reporter records a man who brings an injured girl back to life and then finds herself and the man detained at a military base and must overcome her reporter's instincts to help him.

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Rite of Passage (13 Mar. 1998)

The birth of a child is a joyful event, but not for Shal and Brav, two young naive humans who live in a small commune in the woods. After Shal gives birth to a son, she and the baby are taken away by Mother.

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Glyphic (20 Mar. 1998)

A Government official arrives in a small town where an epidemic disease killed mostly all the children. The two surviving children of a local physician might provide an answer with alien proportions.

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Identity Crisis (27 Mar. 1998)

After the military devises a way to transfer a soldier's mind temporarily into a better android body, what do they do when the soldier's original body dies?

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The Vaccine (3 Apr. 1998)

After a doomsday cult releases a genetically engineered virus, a nurse named Marie must decide which patients under quarantine get a vaccine that may cure the plague.

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Fear Itself (10 Apr. 1998)

Bernard Selden has always had a paralyzing fear which is cured by isolating his brain from the fear. After recovery he finds that he can project fear into others.

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The Joining (17 Apr. 1998)

The sole survivor of a disaster on Venus reacts strangely to Earth's environment and when radiation is applied, he begins to manufacture duplicate body parts.

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To Tell the Truth (24 Apr. 1998)

The founder of a colony on Janus V believes that their sun will explode. However, the council chairman resists his pleas to move the colony because he was found to have been wrong before.

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Mary 25 (29 May 1998)

An android nanny is programmed to protect children from harm, but gets involved in a romantic triangle between the husband and his abused wife, while showing signs of flawed programming.

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Final Exam (26 Jun. 1998)

An ex-student returns to blow up a university with bombs he's made by cracking the secret of cold fusion, after being booted from the school's physics program. Todtman swears he won't follow through if authorities execute 5 people he hates. Most physicists believe cold fusion is impossible, so Todtman detonates a demo bomb by remote control. Should the government kill his 5 or risk Todtman killing 5 million?

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Lithia (3 Jul. 1998)

Major Jason Mercer awakes from a cryogenics experiment to a primitive Earth society devoid of men. His presence among these women, many of whom have never seen a man, begins to complicate the relationships of the colony, with disastrous results.

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Monster (10 Jul. 1998)

A group of talented psychics are gathered together in an underground bunker for a military project. But then some kind of mysterious assailant begins to murder them one by one.

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Sarcophagus (7 Aug. 1998)

An amber-like cocoon mass found in an ancient burial chamber begins to affect a man, imprinting him with the last memories of a long suspended alien and begins to affect his life and decisions.

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Nightmare (14 Aug. 1998)

Men on a mission to deploy a doomsday device against an alien planet are captured and psychologically tortured. One escapes and deploys the device but makes an unfortunate discovery.

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Promised Land (21 Aug. 1998)

On a future Earth, a group of alien settlers and group of escaped human slaves battle the environment and each other. As the casualties pile up, can they set aside their misunderstandings and learn to co-exist?

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The Balance of Nature (4 Sep. 1998)

Dr. Noah Phillips develops a cellular rejuvenation machine that he uses to cure his wife's cancer. However, she dies shortly thereafter. Moving to a small town, he continues to work on it and finds himself attracted to a much older woman.

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The Origin of Species (27 Nov. 1998)

Dr. Eric Nodel has his body altered to communicate with aliens who have seeded Earth with their genetic material. He is joined on an alien spaceship by son Paul, girlfriend Hope, and six students who are individually absorbed into the ship.

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Phobos Rising (4 Dec. 1998)

The Earth has suffered a planet-wide catastrophe. The crews of two rival Mars bases suspect each other of being responsible. Tensions mount and threaten to get out of hand.

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Black Box (11 Dec. 1998)

Lt. Col. Brandon Grace returns to civilian life and is haunted by memories of his previous mission, attempt to reconcile with his estranged from his daughter and a feeling that someone is stalking him.

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In Our Own Image (18 Dec. 1998)

An android capable of emotions is damaged. He escapes from the laboratory and kidnaps a secretary to repair him. The woman begins to fall for him and tries to convince him that he is more than the sum of his parts.

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Alien Radio (22 Jan. 1999)

A skeptical radio show host, who loves to shoot down his listener, reports of alien encounters and one of his listeners, who claims to be possessed by an alien, set himself on fire in front of him.

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Donor (29 Jan. 1999)

With a cutting edge operation, Dr. Halstead who should have died, gets a new lease on life. What he doesn't know is how they found such a perfect match in such a short amount of time.

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Small Friends (5 Feb. 1999)

A prisoner who fixes other prisoners' electronic devices, builds a few small mechanical friends who perform mechanical tasks for him. The other prisoners learn of their existence and want them to help in a prison break.

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The Grell (12 Feb. 1999)

An alien slave belonging to the species Grell rescues his owner's family after their plane is shot down in an attack by the Grell rebellion.

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The Other Side (19 Feb. 1999)

A young scientist's efforts to regenerate the minds of brain-dead patients is endangered when his own single-mindedness drives off his assistants and alienates his superiors. He links up the patients' brains, which hooks up the subjects together, in another reality. But the method threatens the continuation of the study.

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Joyride (26 Feb. 1999)

An American Project Mercury astronaut who had aborted his flight due to some mysterious purple lights in space has a chance to revisit the experience on a private space flight sponsored by an American billionaire.

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The Human Operators (12 Mar. 1999)

On a ship controlled by an authoritarian computer maintained by human slaves, a man and woman learn that the ship fears them. The humans dream of sabotaging the ship's sentient control system and freeing themselves.

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Blank Slate (2 Apr. 1999)

Hope Wilson knows there's something different about the man who stumbles into the homeless shelter. This well-manicured man is being chased by somebody and is carrying all of his memories in a box.

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What Will the Neighbors Think? (23 Apr. 1999)

Mona is a bit of a hypochondriac. One day in the basement she sees two people having sexual intercourse and in the process is electrocuted. When she awakes, she finds out that she can hear the thoughts of the people in her building.

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The Shroud (30 Apr. 1999)

When Marie and Justin can't have a child, they turn to the fertility clinic using in-vitro fertilization to implant an embryo in her uterus. What Marie doesn't know is that her fetus contains DNA lifted from the Shroud of Turin in a plot to artificially create the second coming of Christ.

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Ripper (7 May 1999)

In London in 1888, Jack the Ripper is killing prostitutes. The chief suspect is Dr. John York, who has become an absinthe addict after his misdiagnosis killed the daughter of a duke. However, the culprit is of an otherworldly nature.

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Tribunal (14 May 1999)

Aaron Zgierski, a lawyer and the son of Holocaust survivors, is investigating the Nazi war criminal who murdered members of his family. He gets help from a mysterious time traveler who is able to procure evidence from Auschwitz in 1944.

5 | 13


Summit (21 May 1999)

A planet of genetically engineering humanoids that are mining resources for Earth are demanding their independence from human oppression.

5 | 14


Descent (25 Jun. 1999)

A milquetoast scientist who has been working at a museum develops a genetic dominance DNA serum that should bring out the competitive nature inherent in all of us that has been muted over the years. Trying it on himself brings out more than he bargained for.

5 | 15


The Haven (2 Jul. 1999)

Residents of an apartment house whose lives are isolated and provided for by an internal automated system find that they must now work together when it no longer functions properly.

5 | 16


Déjà Vu (9 Jul. 1999)

With the funding of the military, Dr. Crest is trying to create the ability to teleport objects. Someone has sabotaged the project causing him to relive the several hours before the final countdown over and over again.

5 | 17


The Inheritors (16 Jul. 1999)

A man is killed when a meteor strikes him in the head. When the coroner examines him, tentacles exit the hole in his head and then the corpse gets up and walks off.

5 | 18


Essence of Life (23 Jul. 1999)

A new designer drug called S is available to those wanting to "reunite" with a deceased loved one. However, it's illegal, addictive and can drive the user insane if they take too much too often.

5 | 19


Stranded (30 Jul. 1999)

A lonely high school boy who is continually neglected by his father finds friendship in an alien that crash lands on Earth.

5 | 20


Fathers & Sons (6 Aug. 1999)

A young man's grandfather is sent to a home by his father. When he learns the home is causing his grandfather to have weird dreams his investigation leads him to discover the secret behind Silver Sunset.

5 | 21


Starcrossed (13 Aug. 1999)

In 2056, Cass Trenton and Winston Meyerburg are carrying a parasite that might win the war against the Hing, who invaded Earth six years earlier. The couple flee and gain the support of Cass' former lover Michael Ryan who owns a casino.

5 | 22


Better Luck Next Time (20 Aug. 1999)

A man is arrested for killing another and claims he is possessed by an alien. As he convinces one of the detectives through mental images, her partner is questioning another witness who was also there.

6 | 1


Judgment Day (21 Jan. 2000)

A reality television show has members of murder victims' families hunt the killers, becoming their executioners. The quest for ratings makes the hunt all the more desperate for all parties involved.

6 | 2


The Gun (28 Jan. 2000)

An ex-con who was serving time for spousal abuse buys a gun to kill his wife and then the gun becomes permanently attached to his body and begins to transform him.

6 | 3


Skin Deep (4 Feb. 2000)

A holographic projector which allows a person to disguise themselves as another, is taken out for a thrilling test ride by a lonely accountant who works for the company developing the disguiser. Sid and his only friend Debby cloak themselves as more attractive friends, to party like beautiful people. Debby regrets duping a hunky co-worker into bed, but Sid moves into his dreamworld and won't move out.

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Manifest Destiny (11 Feb. 2000)

The scientific ship UFS Mercury finds a derelict battleship that had just destroyed all the vegetation on a planet prior to their colonization. The salvage crew enters the ship and finds an alien presence on board.

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Breaking Point (18 Feb. 2000)

A scientist is fired because his employers don't believe in his time travel theories. He uses his time machine to prove them wrong, only to arrive to see his wife die two days into the future and see himself drive away.

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The Beholder (25 Feb. 2000)

A man blind from an early age undergoes a new medical procedure to restore his vision which is successful and he begins to get messages from an alien who is trapped on earth.

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Seeds of Destruction (3 Mar. 2000)

A small town veterinarian links an epidemic of tumors in humans to a new breed of genetically engineered corn.

6 | 8


Simon Says (10 Mar. 2000)

An engineer builds a robot and incorporates the memories of his son who died in a car accident twenty years earlier.

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Stasis (14 Apr. 2000)

In a world where resources are limited, each shift of workers is placed in stasis during their off hours. A man and woman from different shifts fall in love and try to circumvent the system.

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Down to Earth (21 Apr. 2000)

Alien encounter buffs gather at a national convention where someone shows up with what appears to be a piece of an alien spaceship.

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Inner Child (28 Apr. 2000)

Anne Reynolds, estranged from her mother, haunted by her dead father and terrified of being close to anyone, is attacked, injured and wakes up on the operating table a changed woman. Learning of a Siamese twin sister that was sacrificed so that she could live, the personalty of the dead sister begins to take over.

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Glitch (5 May 2000)

Tom and Wendy are happy together. However, Tom has terrible memories. He is really an android that was used to save people in dangerous situations and then was upgraded to think for himself.

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Decompression (30 Jun. 2000)

An emissary from the future struggles to convince the next U.S. President to jump from an airliner, before it crashes, killing him and setting off a disastrous future. The candidate is already torn in several directions, elated from a big primary win, avoiding an interview by an aggressive reporter, excited by having his mistress on-board, with his frigid wife absent. The time traveler assures the candidate he needs no parachute, because the advanced technology his presidency will make possible, allows them to scoop him out of the sky.

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Abaddon (7 Jul. 2000)

In the late 23rd century, an outdated starship is on a ten-year reclamation project. The crew is in suspended animation and awakes to find a mysterious object floating in space. The pod contains the body of a rebel who was seemingly executed 150 years earlier for the slaughter of more than a million people. However, it turns out that he is still alive.

6 | 15


The Grid (14 Jul. 2000)

On Scott Bowman's urgent return to his hometown of Halford, Washington, he finds the town full of antenna towers and its inhabitants under some form of mind control.

6 | 16


Revival (21 Jul. 2000)

Ezra and his daughter Sarah work together on the revival circuit with a phony healing act performing miracles with prearranged plants. When a strange young man in a wheelchair approaches Ezra, he lays his hands on him and he is healed. He received a proposition that if he teaches him the art of the revival meetings, this young man will continue to help him in his act.

6 | 17


Gettysburg (28 Jul. 2000)

Two 21st century Civil War enthusiasts find themselves back in time at the original Battle of Gettysburg and meet another time traveler who gives them a mission.

6 | 18


Something About Harry (4 Aug. 2000)

Nancy Henninger's teenage son Zach is suspicious of the man who rents out her backyard apartment and claims to be opening a new factory for his company. Then people begin to disappear from town.

6 | 19


Zig Zag (11 Aug. 2000)

The only surviving bomber has his finger on the trigger to destroy the super-computers at the Department of Information Technology. Afterwards the story leading up to this scene is told.

6 | 20


Nest (18 Aug. 2000)

A scientific team based in the Arctic discover an ancient species of Polar Mites that infest humans and cause them to go insane.

6 | 21


Final Appeal (3 Sep. 2000)

In a world that has banned technology, Dr. Theresa Givens is on trial for using her time machine.

7 | 1


Family Values (16 Mar. 2001)

An overworked man acquires a robot to take care of his household and family in his absence. He realizes too late that the machine may be doing its job just a little bit too perfectly.

7 | 2


Patient Zero (23 Mar. 2001)

Colonel Beckett goes back in time to poison a physician who unintentionally spread a global pandemic. When the traveler returns to the future, nothing has changed. Though haunted by the plague death of his own family, the Colonel is ordered to an earlier time, to assassinate a young woman carrier, plus the physician.

7 | 3


A New Life (30 Mar. 2001)

A couple flee a present-day religious community they've joined but find it's entirely surrounded by an invisible wall. They're the parents of the totally isolated cult's first child, who has a mysterious scar from a ceremony by the cult leader, who they caught sneaking off into the forest and teleporting into thin air. They're spotted by another malcontent, who's been searching for a way out for months. With nowhere to go and everyone else entranced by the idyllic new life, what can they do?

7 | 4


The Surrogate (6 Apr. 2001)

Claire Linkwood takes part in a surrogate mother program, unaware that it is a plot to invade and take over Earth.

7 | 5


The Vessel (13 Apr. 2001)

After a US Space Shuttle crash, one of the crew, a writer, miraculously survives. He now appears to be indestructible and has gifted insight.

7 | 6


Mona Lisa (20 Apr. 2001)

Mona Lisa is a robotic assassin that develops a sense of humanity after the creators disengage her fail safe devices. She proceeds to find out more about earth and its inhabitants.

7 | 7


Replica (27 Apr. 2001)

After his wife enters a seemingly irreversible coma, a scientist uses his own discovery to clone her illegally. Complications arise when his wife awakens.

7 | 8


Think Like a Dinosaur (15 Jun. 2001)

During testing of a molecular transporter device, a duplicate of a woman is created, causing ethical problems as to whether to have this new life terminated.

7 | 9


Alien Shop (22 Jun. 2001)

An alien shape-shifter owns a unique curio shop whose merchandise possess strange powers; when a petty crook accepts a peculiar wallet he learns the hard way that money not earned comes at a price.

7 | 10


Worlds Within (29 Jun. 2001)

A scientist tries to save a mutant child who is connected to another reality from manipulation by the government.

7 | 11


In the Blood (6 Jul. 2001)

Explorers, including an astrophysicist member of the Navajo tribe and her medical doctor husband, are sent through a hole which scientists have torn in the universe to study the effects of trans-space on humans.

7 | 12


Flower Child (21 Jul. 2001)

After an alien seed takes root in an old woman's garden, it sucks the life from her and becomes a beautiful woman who continues to look for more victims.

7 | 13


Free Spirit (28 Jul. 2001)

The schizophrenic inhabitants of a mental institution find themselves being possessed by a mysterious entity.

7 | 14


Mindreacher (4 Aug. 2001)

A doctor puts her sanity on the line when testing a psychological tool allowing her to enter her patients' minds.

7 | 15


Time to Time (11 Aug. 2001)

A 60s radical's daughter ventures back in time to undo the bombing which killed him. But the time travel institute who recruited her as a trainee races to stop her before she irreparably damages the future. The institute plucked Lorelle out of a fatal car wreck, so she can't return to 1989, but her mother is devastated by her husband's death, so Lorelle hopes to affect the past to improve her mother's life.

7 | 16


Abduction (18 Aug. 2001)

An alien abducts five typical teenagers and decrees that one of them must die.

7 | 17


Rule of Law (25 Aug. 2001)

A circuit court judge goes to a frontier planet that has never known the law or had a judicial system. His first trial is of an alien accused of attacking and killing several humans.

7 | 18


Lion's Den (8 Sep. 2001)

A losing high school wrestling coach get access to a performance enhancing drug that allows his team to win with some dreaded side-effects.

7 | 19


The Tipping Point (15 Sep. 2001)

A computer hacker fights the development of a universal computer language when the computers seem to becoming sentient and a threat to humanity.

7 | 20


Dark Child (4 Jan. 2002)

A single mother's memories of being abducted by aliens resurface when her story appears in a newspaper article. Her moody teenage daughter has an English teacher that is helping her, but also seems familiar to her mother.

7 | 21


The Human Factor (11 Jan. 2002)

In the year 2084, humans fight an android whose artificial intelligence has determined humans must no longer be allowed to spread colonies throughout space.

7 | 22


Human Trials (18 Jan. 2002)

Military personnel are tested to find the best candidate for a very special mission. Each test may eliminate one of the four candidates. But what is the ultimate mission?